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I live in a batty town

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Yes, it is true, our town has an abundance of brown bats that in over twenty years, has not decreased. We still have lots of insects, but I don't know why with the bats supposedly eating tons of them to stay alive. It is a mystery.

They find their way inside even though my house has newer siding. They end up crawling everywhere finding a way in at times.

I know the routine well. If a flying bat tires and lands where I can put an old ice cream pail over it, and slide a plate between the wall and the bat, one trapped bat to take outside. Then a very long walk so it can live elsewhere. They are beneficial, interesting and creepy all at the same time.

A friend had one in their apartment building on the same night. Guess looking for a good hibernation spot, but still needing to eat.

I hope no more bats inquire for a bed and breakfast at my place. But I would not be all that surprised if more did.

We got another storm in the wee hours of the morning with a terrific lightning show. Half inch of rain, and the weeds are growing with great joy. Recuperation for plants is sudden and overnight.

Of course this brings high humidity.
I opened the small bathroom window, and a few times in the night my cat went ballistic screaming, hissing and knocking things down.

I was in bed, and thought maybe a raccoon had torn the screen and walked in with that much noise. But no extra creatures at all.

It was raining and the neighbor's male cat was sleeping quietly on my deck.
My cat went insane about this, while he slept on.
It was a weird night.
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  • no profile photo CD3802882
    When I lived in Pennsylvania, sometimes at sunset we could see the bats emerging. It was like watching a huge group of birds flying! We used to occasionally get one in our attic. They are interesting yet creepy creatures!
    1324 days ago
    Sounds like you really do live with the animals. There is the bat, the mouse, the cats, and you suspected the raccoons. I just got your blog response, and it was good to hear from you. Hope your health and spirits are good. If you'd like to join my wife and I for Christmas diinner, we are about eighty miles SW of Seattle. :-) Glenn
    1324 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    We lived across the street from a lake for a couple of years and had bats come to visit. Mostly they came in when the front door was open at dawn--I let the dog out and in came a bat! We also had a friend bring one in when she brought a box from her attic. The bats never did manage to get into the house through a small opening, though. It probably helped that we didn't have a chimney. Not thrilled with bats, myself. I'd be running around the outside of the house with a caulk gun, caulking up any voids.

    I wonder what got your cat going. My cat was terrified of thunderstorms and would hide under the bed in paralysis until the storm passed. She didn't mind the rain, though. She'd just come find me, snuggle up close, and go to sleep.
    1436 days ago
    I've had a bat in my first apartment that scared the daylights (or nightlights, in this case) out of me 15 yrs ago and also around 4 years ago, we had a bat in our house but that one didn't scare me as much. The kids actually thought it was cute, wanted to keep it in a bird cage and call it "Batty"; that did NOT happen because we let it go. emoticon
    1436 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    I think we had bats in our chimney one year. We weren't using it at the time. I didn't realize those little chirpy noises were bats and not a bird. That summer we did have a bat that would swoop around the street in front of our house. They left on their own and when we put on a new roof we put a cap with a cage on top of the chimney. They are pretty creepy but you're right they are also fascinating creatures.
    1436 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I would be terrified to see bats.
    1436 days ago
  • EABL81
    I had a couple of bats invade my house many years back until I figured out how they were getting in an plugged the spot. They can squeeze through really small spaces! I love to see them around, though. Here in Virginia, and other parts of the East, we're losing our bats to a terrible disease called white nose fungus. It's spreading fairly quickly and decimating bat populations wherever it hits. So be thankful that your creepy little visitors are still there (although maybe not in your house emoticon ).
    1436 days ago
    I am not fond of bats!
    1436 days ago
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