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Life on a Sunday morning--at our house!

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Life is a challenge, doncha just find?
One has to be a sleuth, even when shopping for the house! A good example was yesterday

"Oh my goodness, when did you buy this?" Himself just said, as I was eating my steel cut oats this morning.
He was eating those wee individual cottage cheese things and looking at the expiration date.
"I don't know", I said--maybe yesterday with my groceries--
(You see, I don't always tell him the truth about most purchases)

"But it says on the container, it expired August 14th:" he replied.
"Well, I must've bought it last week then, I can't remember", I replied.

It's so hard eh, trying to keep up with all these dates---and if I forget my glasses, I might come home with some kind of food that we never really wanted--

There are expiration dates on soups----of course on bread, milk (which I do always check)-eggs, canned goods, bottled water, and even prepackaged cleaning goods--
If I were to read everything I throw into my cart, I might never get home---
-It would be like that song about riding that subway--"Did she ever return"---

And now they are saying that everything is still good past that expiration date--but-(that big "butt")--is it really ---and for how long, ---and do I take a chance, knowing that I was warned already that it might be the cause of my "expiration" , to venture past that recommended date?

I kinda work on the theory, "You Pay Yer Money and you take yer chances"--
It's sorta like living, "On a wing and a Prayer"--and it is Sunday!

At least I told himself that--poor guy----
Of course he threw the cottage cheese out!
Lord love a Duck eh?

--a lot to think about--
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    959 days ago
    960 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    emoticon What a hoot!
    961 days ago
    The nose knows! I'm blind, can't read expiration dates, so I live on that wing and a prayer daily! I haven't expired yet, so....
    961 days ago
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    I'm pretty relaxed about expiration dates. Still have to keep an eye on those canned goods, pull the older ones to the front. My problem is that I like to stock up and sometimes I go overboard.
    961 days ago
    We're finally getting to the point where things might expire before being consumed. After having a house full of teenagers, where nothing lasted for long in the refrigerator, it's a new experience for us.
    962 days ago
  • JANET552
    Our milk cartons come with a "best by" date and last 7 to 10 days past that date. I have my standards but, I swear, my Himself does not and he's still standing (as the song goes). LOL
    962 days ago
    some things are good past the date and the date is a sell by date most of the time but when in doubt throw it out
    962 days ago
    962 days ago
    I love your wit!
    962 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Haven't heard that most things are OK past their expiration date. If food is perishable I'm more concerned about the dates, but not so with canned goods. I let my nose and eyes do most of the deciding!
    962 days ago
    LOL. It happens to everyone. Why is it so much fun imagining you and Himself sitting across the breakfast table and having this conversation?
    962 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    I try to check the expiration dates while at the grocery store, but some times I'm in a rush & will pick & go!
    962 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    It does take time getting through the grocery store these days with all the labels and expirer dates on so much stuff these days.
    962 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    962 days ago
  • MOEE45
    We all do that , sometimes I'm so surprised at the date on my can goods. emoticon
    962 days ago
    Are you sure it was an expiration date and not a "sell by" date?
    962 days ago
  • MBPP50
    emoticon emoticon
    963 days ago
    If it looks "off," smells funny, or has obvious mold or weird colors then I wouldn't eat it, but otherwise I think I would at least give it a taste test!

    Sometimes husbands ask too many questions while when you really want an answer to one of your questions they never hear you!

    963 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    Aug. 14 was just a few days ago. We would eat it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    963 days ago
    emoticon Enjoyed your blog!
    963 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    If I am in doubt I call the manufacture. It has helped in some things and not with others. Sometimes they give you a free coupon. I really watch dairy, eggs and meat.
    963 days ago
    I agree that we are expected to check dates on so many things which makes our shopping time so much longer. We've been bringing expired dates to the attention of supermarket employees in hopes that they will start doing a better job of getting those products off the shelves, but it doesn't appear to be changing anything. Heavy sigh!

    Have a restful Sunday!
    963 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    963 days ago
    963 days ago
    Lynda, you crack me up. Your blogs are just so absolutely true to most of our lives - maybe not exact content, but certainly the same types of scenarios.

    Maybe I should tell you what I have told my husband for years. Get bifocals, put them on in the morning and take them off at night. Then you always have them. But then, you see, that is no hardship for me as I have worn glasses since I was eleven. But you are right - shopping would take forever if you read every label. So I just pay attention to dairy and meat. Everything else is safe well past date. Even processed milk - cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese is generally good for at least a week unless it has sat our on the counter too many times. I agree with all those who say to use your eyes and your nose to determine whether to throw it out. If some one in the family objects to a few days past stated date, your dogs can safely eat if if it still looks and smells good.

    Which reminds me of something that happened this morning. My husband and I were ready for church and waiting for our ride. My husband was using the time to put some diet soda into the fridge for our daughters and grand-kids when they stop by when he knocked a carton of cottage cheese onto the floor, splattering himself and a good portion of the floor. He called, "Help, in the kitchen, help! " Looking at the floor I said, "Where are my daughter's dogs when I need them." I started cleaning while he went to change clothes and we made it out the door on time. It really "hurt" to throw that cottage cheese away but I wasn't about to scoop it up to be eaten. Shudder! Well, that's my sad, silly tale for the day.

    Hope your day is great.

    963 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Well it's all been said, but my rule of thumb is....if it looks good, smells good & tastes good it gets eaten.

    Waste not want not, was the way I grew up! emoticon
    963 days ago
    963 days ago
    You are certainly right - life is a challenge. Wishing you a sunny Sunday.

    963 days ago
    Sometimes those expiration dates are important, like with dairy, etc.
    But sometimes they are a little silly like on soda cans, bottled water, beer etc. As long as they are used in a reasonable amount of time after the expiration date they should be fine.

    Remember when there were no expiration dates on food?
    963 days ago
    I don't know if your area has the same rules for date-stamping dairy, but here in Montana the date stamped is a "sell by" date. After that date the store can no longer legally sell it, and the date has no bearing on whether it is safe or not. I regularly drink milk up to a month after its "sell by" date and it is perfectly fine as long as it has been kept cold. (It's a long way to the nearest place that sells skim milk, so I often get 2-3 gallons at a time) Cottage cheese (also yogurt) is just spoiled milk anyway, so it should be good until it starts getting odd colors or smells.

    Meats and fish are the one thing that care should be taken with, especially chicken. They should be used within a few days or else frozen.

    The rest of the stuff that has expiration dates are marked that way either as a marketing ploy or to cover the manufacturer's butt. (There's that big "butt", again!) Although a lot of snack foods contain oils that do get rancid over time.

    Like others have said - we didn't have this when we were growing up, yet we survived...

    963 days ago
    963 days ago
    .....and you are still alive!!! Wouldn't worry too much.
    963 days ago
    There are actually stores in larger cities that sell food Beyond its used by date. I eat cottage cheese past its date as long as it doesn't smell or taste funny.
    963 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Oh my goodness! Yesterday I ate a 100-calorie guacamole that had a July 6th date on it and a yogurt with a July 27th date.
    Still here, still kickin', and feeling great, BTW!
    963 days ago
  • no profile photo SISTERLOL
    Well Lynda, at least you know that even though Himselfs hearing is failing, his eyesight is OK, eh? emoticon Since I have spent 4 days in the hospital with food poisoning (I got it eating out) I would ere on the side of caution myself. I still use things a LITTLE bit past an expiration date but I'm pretty careful. Keeping smiling, keep posting and have a GREAT Sunday. emoticon emoticon
    963 days ago
    I don't trust dairy more than 2 days past the expiration date. I had the bread man, however, tell me that those dates are just the dates they have to remove it from the shelf. Bread products should be good for a week after that date. My Dad was a meat salesman and after the date they had to slash the packages and throw them in the dumpster. Many of those packages of lunch meat, bacon, and hot dogs etc found their way to our house. Many we would freeze but the others were good for at least a week after the date. My rule of them on those is usually when they start feeling slimy. emoticon

    963 days ago
    Sweetie, wear your glasses. Just saying. It's sounds like you bought the cottage cheese a few weeks ago.

    emoticon emoticon
    963 days ago
    We have a "7 day rule" for our fridge "real food leftovers" and we do check expiration dates on all "store-bought" stuff, but then we sniff, and look, and debate on the store bought item in question. Depending on what it is, if it seems OK, it will get eaten. Sometimes we'll just say,"yeah, and if it's bad, is it worth getting sick to save the (enter list price of item at store here) we will waste by tossing this? That question usually ends up with the item tossed, cause who wants to risk tummy trouble. Being efficient (my fancy word for lazy), I generally scour the fridge for left overs to make a meal out of, so I can simply reheat if needed, rather than do all the work for a meal from scratch. Once a week, the night before the trash is picked up, I check the back of the shelves for the "pushed back UFOs" (unidentified fuzzy objects) that need to go. Works for me, anyway.
    963 days ago
    I have eaten and drunk things beyond there expiration date. I hope to live past my own expiration date as well!
    963 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    I recently bought some refrigerated Almond Milk, it had a good expiry date on it, only just noticed it says on the carton ... 'use 7 days after opening!' Talk about double talk! Now what do I do if I don't drink 'er up by then??

    Yup, we grew up uses our noses and taste to guide us as to whether a food was spoiled or not and look how long we've been hanging around in this ole world!
    emoticon emoticon
    963 days ago
  • no profile photo GREYTDOLPHIN
    My husband is an absolute nut on those expiration dates. I think that he patrols the refrigerator, searching for items that he can say, "Why is this still in here?" Maybe it's that Mars/Venus thing, just the nature of some people to be so picky. But just maybe I'll thank him some day---after I get food poisoning because I didn't listen to him.

    As far as cottage cheese goes, I think it's too boring and bland. The protein is good and I've found several brands with a low sodium option. But my secret is I add hot pepper jelly, just a teaspoon, to my daily 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. I've assembled a collection of those jellies---jalopeno, mango with peppers, etc. The funny thing is I can't eat super spicy foods, but that pepper jelly spices up that boring cottage cheese.
    963 days ago
    With the exception of milk, I pay very little attention to expiration dates. I lived too long in the bush where supplies were a long, arduous and expensive trip away. You ate what you had.
    And I survived!
    963 days ago
    I agree with you! Years ago the expiration dates were given by our noses, the look of the food and why not, a bit of a try to see if it was bad. emoticon Well, we made it until now...
    963 days ago
    I have had to start looking at expiration dates myself - who knows when I bought something. It seems the time goes by so much faster now!
    963 days ago
    Most dairy is good for a week past the expiration date, especially cultured food. I buy a lot of the marked down foods that are close to expiration and have never had a problem, I just use them ASAP.

    Have a nice day!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    963 days ago
    Your HIMSELF sound like my Himself. Scrutinizing, scrutinizing, scrutinizing. I do my best (and always shall) but that's the best I can do! Expired??? Hmmm . . . let's see . . . eat it and take your chances or toss it! LOL
    963 days ago
    I usually give the item a sniff test and tell that way,
    963 days ago

    One of the bene's to living alone...

    There is no one to point out where "THEY THINK" you went wrong.

    963 days ago
    I think I might pitch something that's a week past its "sell-by" date, but it's probably OK for a few days past it. I have this happen most often with skim milk... I figure if I bought a gallon and I still have four cups left in it on the date stamped on it, I'm still OK to finish it (I use about a cup and a half a day).

    Meantime, keep on Sparking! emoticon
    963 days ago
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