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August 9th, 2017

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Update on Emma, the family and my foot.

God is so good! They found a foster family for Emma who had already been through all the certification processes, the classes, the interviews, etc. This couple does not have any other foster children and according to social services, they only want the one. This is such a blessing as Emma was being overwhelmed by the other two children which might explain the violence. It took a while and DD and family did not have much in the way of notice - enough time to get all Emma's stuff together except what was in the dirty laundry - but they came and got Emma Monday (the 7th) morning. DD had already left for work and I guess it was a very quick thing. Her DH isn't saying much about it - I imagine it was a hard thing for him to go through. They are hoping for a call from the new family so they can get the rest of Emma's things to her. They are still debating about whether it's a good thing or not for them to stay involved in Emma's life in any way. I am praying for the whole situation.

Dennis (grandson) and Damara (granddaughter) are not having a problem with Emma being gone. In fact they are over the moon happy right now. Dennis loves not having everything he says and does - good or bad - reported to whatever adult might be around. Damara loves not being hit all the time. I'm not sure they will have any problems later either. Emma has been in and out of their lives for weeks at a time since they were all babies. It may hit Dennis a bit later, especially if the family decides it's in Emma's best interest for them to back out of her life completely. Damara I believe, is young enough to have it be a very distant memory if it even stays with her.

DD has been pretty miserable at her job for quite a while now. Her immediate boss is not keeping up with her end of things which means that DD cannot keep up with her end of things. This is an untenable situation and very stressful. Well DD heard of a job opening last week. She would have to take quite the pay cut but the stress load would be so small compared to what she's been doing - it's doing the same thing - working in the tax law industry. She went ahead and applied. Interviewed with the owner of the company and found out yesterday that the job is hers and she does not have to take a pay cut due to her experience in the field! She is working out her two week notice and will start her new job on the 21st! God is so good!

DH and I have been watching the grands for 3 or 4 hours on the weekends so that DD can have some time without kids. Last weekend, it worked out that son-in-law was off too and it gave them a chance to talk about how the family dynamic as going to change. This week we are going to do a cookout either before we babysit or after DD gets back. So either for lunch or dinner. My confidence about my ability to do this is rising after each week that we do it! I have been unsure about my ability to have patience enough to handle 2 (and the last couple of times it was 3) small children. It was actually a combination of things that put this to rest for me. While on the phone with DD she is naturally interrupted by the kids. She always asks them an obviously facetious question and then gives them the answer: "Are you gushing blood or are there any bones sticking out? No? Okay you're fine now leave me be!" Of course she is checking them out to be sure there is no damage of any kind! Oddly enough this hit a bell in my brain and it came to me that there actually is no emergency I can't handle as long as there is no gushing blood or bones sticking out and in that case, you call the professionals! Then my whole 'tude has been going through quite the transition to whit: so many things just slide off my back that used to bug the daylights out of me! A song comes to mind: "I don't care what you say anymore this is MY life! Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone!" So the little things that the kiddos used to do that drove me batty, don't even make me blink anymore! A truly fantastic Spark Friend of mine told me I needed to find my inner child and go with it! I think I'm finding it!! Then there is God - have I mentioned that He is SO good??? He and I have been having these talks you see, and I am gaining a peace that I have never known before. Yes, yes I've been a Christian for many years now but there were things blocking my communication with the Lord. Those are one by one, being swept away and as they are the peace comes in and with peace - patience! So now I have the confidence that I can manage two little ones for several hours without any of us having a nervous breakdown!

I'm also still very excited for Dennis to spend the night but DD (rightly) wants to get him settled into his school schedule first. I've been doing some thinking and I've figured out how to give DD and son-in-law a date night. Damara can't spend the night yet (too much a mama's girl) but she doesn't mind being away from family for a few hours. So we can do a weekend where both Dennis and Damara come over and stay for a few hours and then at the end of the evening the 'rents come and get at least Damara. Dennis will depend on how long it's been since he stayed the last time.

Now for the foot. The splint was working really well until the itty bitty piece of velcro they put on there quit working. Now I'm waiting for some velcro (Amazon) to come in so that I can slap another strip across the the thing and make it work again. I also ordered another splint (which was 8 bucks cheaper than at the doctor's office) so that I can wash one while wearing the other. The PT has gone swimmingly. I can't bend it any further down because the composition of the foot does not allow it to be done! It barely hurts to do it anymore and I can do it without using my hands! The joint still hurts something fierce but we have until December to see how that goes. God is good!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for the update! You have a lot going on!
    1354 days ago
    So happy to hear about the goings on in your family. Although it is sad Emma couldn't stay, it sounds like they found a good situation for her to move to.

    How wonderful for your daughter to find a less stressful job. It is great that you help with the kids.

    Take care of yourself and hope that foot continues to heal!!
    1354 days ago
    I so miss you!!!
    Angie emoticon
    1362 days ago
    I will update my prayer groups at church regarding Emma. They are interested in hearing how she is doing. It sounds like you are in good spirits overall about your foot. I'm glad things are coming along, but sorry to hear its still painful. emoticon emoticon emoticon (sorry I've been off here so long)

    1364 days ago
    So glad Emma is in a good home! I think as time goes on you will know whether to have contact with her or not. God has shown you the way and will continue to show you the way.

    So glad you are in less pain with your foot.

    You are an awesome Mom to provide so much support to your daughter!

    I agree: God is good.

    emoticon and continued prayers to you and your family.
    1366 days ago
  • MAYIE53
    What a wonderful update Jeanne. Thanks for notifying me. I am sooooo pleased with where you are at in your journey. Things are definitely looking up. Continued prayers for Emma and for the extended family. Hugs.
    1367 days ago
    Yes God is good my friend. I lift your family in prayer. So many positive things. Praying this is a good situation for Emma and your family finds His guidance in their involvement. What great news about your daughter's job. You know the song is going through my head now?
    1367 days ago
    Continued prayers... emoticon
    1367 days ago
    Yes God is good! So glad to hear you are going better. Will keep you and yours in my prayers.

    God bless you and keep you on your journey! Have a fabulous day!
    1367 days ago
    I'm glad to hear all the good news that things are working out for you in so many ways.

    As for that missing velcro? When the velcro on my foot wrap (surgery in 2002) fell off and got lost, Joe used masking tape to keep the thing on my foot until a replacement arrived.

    I glad you spark mailed me that you blogged. I have been absolutely buried in 1945 as I explained in my last blog, just able to pop in to Spark a bit at a time. Once the reunion is over, I can get back to MY routine.

    Although I remember and LOVE the song you mention
    "I don't care what you say anymore this is MY life! Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone!"

    When your audience is over 90 years of age, waiting awhile isn't an option. Seriously, I'm hoping all the old sailors planning to attend will be able to come.
    1367 days ago
    Hi Jeanne,

    So glad that things are calming down a bit. Calm is good.

    Great news about your foot and the healing - I know it's slow but never forget - slow and steady wins the race.

    emoticon for continued good things happening!
    1368 days ago
    Jeanne. This is a wonderful blog from you. So honest and reassuring that you are becoming able to work with your situation and not constantly battling uphill.
    I really do know what you mean when yoou say the 2 little ones wear you out. My darlings 5 and 6, are coming for a week starting next Thursday and I have been stressing about what to do with them. Well, today I realized that I am not alone doing this. DH, BFF and DS are all here too and the craziness can be shared,
    Thanks for putting things into perspective for me.
    God really is good to me and if I let him run the show, he will provide the answers. Thanks Jeanne.

    Love ya, Gini
    1368 days ago
    I am so pleased that things are working out well.I will pray for Emma.
    1368 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Sounds like everything is healing in your family with God's guidance. Such good news all around!
    1368 days ago
    1368 days ago
    God is awesome! I'm glad things are starting to work out for you and your family. The Lord is still teaching me to have patience, especially with kids. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that if I just have that extra bit of patience, it makes for us all having a better day. I also think it is cool that you are giving your DD and SIL a date night. I don't have a husband or kids of my own, but I've heard date nights are an important part of strengthening a relationship and rejuvenating parents. Have a fantastic day! You deserve it!
    1368 days ago
  • LINDA!
    1368 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3409143
    emoticon Read up on Emma. Sounds like she already had a rough life but I can sure see why your son would be frustrated. Especially like stupid rules like that (I mean she's his flesh and blood so to speak not a stranger so he should be able to discipline her in my opinion- "nice" that some adult told her he couldn't).
    1368 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/9/2017 9:52:20 PM
    What great news!
    1368 days ago
    Isn't it amazing how God works for our good..such good news for your daughter and for all in your family. I hope you enjoyed the Bar B Que! Today is a good day for me; renewing my commitment to get and be healthly! I think it has to daily for me! Hugs. Blessings to you and yours.
    1368 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10676776
    emoticon emoticon emoticon blog. You got a lot off your chest and mind. Be patient and leave it all with your Lord and Master. Healing is a slow process. Take it slow. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1368 days ago
    Whew! You have been through so much recently, with the childcare situation and with your foot still in pain, but again, your attitude is stellar! I just love the way you acknowledge the difficulties and instead of complaining, you deal with things and find so much to be grateful for. And looking for ways to help your daughter--you're so generous! I know she must deeply appreciate your active presence in her life.

    Oh, I recognize myself so clearly in the way you describe the stress you've felt up to now in taking care of children. All their lives, I have overreacted to every need expressed by my children, trying to solve every problem, in fact trying to PREVENT problems from happening, problems that could help them learn how to handle life and become competent adults. I like your daughter's criteria for whether or not her attention is needed--we should all adopt the "no gushing blood, no bones sticking out" philosophy. Well, maybe not quite that simple, but we DO tend to take little things too seriously in this world of a million "parenting" books. Remember when we were small and free to roam the streets of our towns and even go into the woods by ourselves? Honestly, I miss that way of living and wish we could somehow get back to those simpler times.

    Congratulations on your daughter's new, no-pay-cut job! That's great!
    1368 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1368 days ago
    1368 days ago
    First of all, Agreed ....He ( meaning God) is over the top good! 😅 glad you have a wonderful relationship with him and that things are falling into place!... Who knows I may even have to adapt that line you used:" are you gushing blood or is there a bone sticking out?".... Love it and it certainly puts things into perspective doesn't it?.... Glad the Velcro is on its way and that things are looking up!.... emoticon
    1368 days ago
    1368 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17462428
    What a great testimony!
    Glad to hear that pressure is being lifted from your DD's entire situation. The hard part in all of this is letting God do His work. Patience is a virtue that takes time to develop. Love to hear that you feel you are communicating better with God. Truly a blessing. Wishing you continued healing on your foot.

    1369 days ago
    1369 days ago
  • KURTZIE1998
    I am glad things are going well, DD will know if they should stay involved, as you said God is good and will lead them in the right direction. Hugs
    1369 days ago
    Sounds like things may be on the upswing! Lovely!!! Have a beautiful day cuz God is truly Good All The Time! emoticon
    1369 days ago
    emoticon Yes, God is GOOD! How could I ever manage without Him?! I certainly don't intend to try. Glad things are getting better for you!
    1369 days ago
  • CGEM61
    emoticon It seems that things are coming together. emoticon Through it all! Glad on the progress of your foot! emoticon
    1369 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5241267
    Jeane so glad to see you are doing so well and that God is placing all of the puzzle pieces in place. Our God is a good God and he deserves the recognition I'm so pleased to see you giving him. Amen.. sister.
    1369 days ago
    All the time God is good
    1369 days ago
    and "all the time, God is GOOD!" =)
    1369 days ago
    Oh so good to hear the news about your family. And yes. God IS good and He's looking out for us all the time. The weekend overnighter sounds like a ton of fun. Heal on, now.
    1369 days ago
    Yes, God is good and we are blessed in so many ways. I am glad Emma has a Foster family, hope the special attention will help her with all her issues. Happy that your DD has a new less stressful job. That will help her I am sure. I am so glad your new brace is helping and that you are getting around better. Just go slow, do the therapy and hopefully very soon you will be up and at it full steam. Hugs
    1369 days ago
    I love your posts sweet friend.... God sure takes amazing care of us!
    1369 days ago
    It is good that Emma is in a family situation that is not stressing to her. At her young age, they really don’t have the verbal capability to talk things/feelings out.

    Your DD and SIL will make the right choice. Prayers are certainly going to do nothing but help.

    So glad that your DD is able to have a new job, no pay decrease and less stress! That’s a hallelujah moment.

    I am glad you are able to help your DD and find you way to cope with the demands of 2 little ones . . . and feel confident.

    So glad, too, that your relationship with Him is blossoming. It does make a difference in life, to be sure.

    Glad that there is some progress on the foot. That’s great.

    1369 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Yes God is good, and we have to let Him work and get out of His way oftentimes. It's great you have some good news on many fronts. Glad you can fix your foot gadget and get another at a good price.
    1369 days ago
    God is truly good!!
    1369 days ago
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