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August 5, 2017 (Saturday)

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for responding to my last blog. I guess I am doing a little better because I wrote last Saturday, too. Since I do not have the race track job, I do have a little more time on Saturday to be online. However, my computer is acting really weird. Three days this past week, I couldn't get it to turn on. Actually, some of the time it would turn on, BUT within a few seconds or minutes, it would turn itself OFF. It hasn't worked well for a few weeks, but for now, it is working. While I am online, I feel that I have to do everything to try and catch up from the three days that I could not get online.

This has been an action packed week with several small minor incidents occurring to cause stress, worry, money, or things that were just simply time consuming. However, most of that is behind us now, so hopefully this week will be less stressful, less worrisome, cheaper, and less time consuming.

My sister, Shelby had her 81st birthday on Wednesday. We are going to a restaurant on Sunday to celebrate her special day. My heart was broken when her son did not even call to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is mad for some reason, and has turned away from ALL of our family. He did invite me to be his Facebook friend, and I accepted, but nothing has come from that. I did send him a message on Mother's Day and before her birthday asking him to "PLEASE call your Mom." He didn't call on either occasion. So sad because this is her only child, and he has one child who has three children, and we have no contact with any of them. I did say other things in my message about Shelby's poor health and how happy she would be just to hear his voice. But all she got from him was NOTHING! I did not tell her that I had messaged him, so at least she doesn't know that he was encouraged to call, and simply REFUSED! Kids can be so cruel to their elderly parents. This guy isn't a kid though. He is in his mid-50's. I hope he doesn't wait until it is too late to realize that it is TOO LATE!

We are doing OK. Cats are fine, although I thought Max might be needing to go to the vet earlier this week. He had several coughing spells. Actually, it looked like he was having a hairball issue, but no known hairball appeared. Then on Thursday, he started coughing and he did have a hairball. He's been fine since that time. He has real long hair, and I guess continued grooming caught up with him. I am still keeping a close eye on him. When he wasn't coughing, he seemed fine.

Bought a barely used tractor from my mechanic friend. After he delivered it, I looked at it the next day, and it had TWO flat tires. He came by today to take the two tires off, and he is going to replace them. I offered to pay for the new tires, but he said, "NO!" I was OK with that! emoticon Of course, the tractor was delivered with all tires inflated, and they still looked fine, but he is taking them to a Tractor Supply place to see what is wrong with them.

I've been on here long enough, so I am out of here. I need to get to the dump before it closes in an hour. Have a GREAT WEEK, ALL! If my computer will start up and stay on, I will be around this week. If not, I will have to decide what I want to do.

SPOKENWORD - I wish that "LAPTOP" goodie that you sent me really worked! emoticon That might be my next solution. Get a laptop. Sure would be less trouble than this desktop that I have now.

to ALL!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Missing my friend PAM......
    595 days ago
    Hi Pam, I was just checking to see if I had missed any recent blogs from you. How are you and your cats?
    Did your nephew ever contact his mother? That is a sad situation.
    I hope you are well and happy - I miss hearing your news!

    1200 days ago
    Praying for a less stressful week! Sending lots of love and prayers for Shelby and family! That is a sad situation. It's so unfortunately that people wait until it's to late to recognize the importance of family! (((hugs)))

    On a lighter note, no, laptop emojis do not turn into real laptops! LMBO!
    emoticon emoticon
    1349 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear about your sister and nephew. That is so very sad. One of my sons doesn't want anything to do with his father, so I can understand how that can happen, but it is still sad.

    I have to say that, in my case, it is the laptop that causes constant problems. Like your desktop, it just shuts itself off for no apparent reason, usually when I have just about finished writing something lengthy. :-( Then I want to take a hatchet to it. I hope you can get your computer problems straightened out. I usually head to the desktop when the laptop fails me.
    1350 days ago
    Hopefully your computer and tractor will cause no more problems. As for your nephew....so sad. Hopefully he'll come to his senses before it's too late.

    1351 days ago
    Hope things get better for you...HUGS
    1351 days ago
    I have been having some computer issues too and they are irritating. I need a new laptop. Mine is old.

    I hope the challenges are behind you and that you have a better week.

    So sorry about Shelby. I will pray that her son changes. I wish our son cared more about us too but I am glad that I have my hubby and that he cares about me.

    We give our chinchillas Petromalt and they love it and it dissolves hairballs.

    1351 days ago
    I have a brother like your nephew, he wouldn't come home when mom was dying to see or talk with her he had broken her heart many times with his selfishness emoticon
    1351 days ago
    sorry about family drama. It is sad, but . . . . know you're not alone in this. Hope he has a change of heart, too, before it's too late.

    HUGS and here's to a good sparking week.
    1351 days ago
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