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Always have a plan B, C, D.......

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Well, I just got off the phone with my health insurance provider. I found out that there is no provision in our plan for bariatric surgery (which I really don't care) or weight loss programs of any type. I have the feeling this is going to make the weight loss program I was going to start financially impossible for me. OK - I shouldn't say financially impossible - but it would make it difficult and cause me to create some credit card debt which I do not want to do. I am going to the meeting on Saturday and going to get the actual numbers of what the plan would cost and keeping my fingers crossed that it is within my budget.

Enter Plan B - which is to join Weight Watchers. I always do well on Weight Watchers for a period of time but after about 60-90 days my progress slows, my interest wanes and I tell myself I don't need to go to meetings, I know what to do, I have the meal plans..... so I stop meetings .... and then I stop following the plan - because I KNOW what I need to do and I will do it later! Only to gain back all the weight I lost plus a few more.

So if Plan A doesn't work, I am implementing Plan B next week Tuesday (the first day of a noon meeting near where I work).

I must say I am disappointed. I really thought the medically supervised program would be a good fit for me. I am disappointed that our health provider doesn't support or encourage weight loss. You would think with all the medical conditions and complications that are related to obesity that they would take a more proactive approach, but that is not the case.

However, I am not giving up. I will go forward with my Plan B and try my best to do it differently this time! I have talked to the woman in my office who is doing the medical program and she completely understands and said the program is quite costly if insurance doesn't pick it up. She is willing to encourage me in my efforts.

I talked about it with a friend and she said something to me that caught me off guard - she said "Aren't you tired of this struggle? As long as I have known you, you have been struggling with your weight. Perhaps it is time to come to a point of acceptance that this is just the way you are." I wanted to cry.

Acceptance? I am struggling to find acceptance of my body - but acceptance of the fact that there is no hope for a change? Never.

So, feeling a bit down - but not giving up! One foot in front of the other. This is just a rocky stretch of the path..... it will pass if I chose to keep putting one foot in front of the other. If I just sit here, nothing will change. I sure wish these shaky first steps were more confident and steadfast!

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    I wonder if a little Therapy to help you find the motivation that you need to achieve your goals, would be beneficial. Keeping a Diary of your feelings may also help you (and Therapist) to pinpoint how best to get on the right path and STAY there.

    1409 days ago
    We're behind you, Barb. Just keep moving forward because you do know what the end result will be if you do not. You cried for your best friend; do not permit your daughter and grands to cry for you.
    1410 days ago
    Ugh, your friend's comment made me really mad! I thought she was going to say, "Aren't you tired of this struggle? Just get it done!" and instead she suggested you GIVE UP. Thinking about it actually makes my blood pressure rise. What a gross thing to say to someone who is working on their health. emoticon
    1410 days ago
    What about plan S....Sparkpeople for FREE....INVEST in U....& WE will support you through the rough patches...spark guy gave us the best incentive the last while by using SMALL goals EACH day to get CONSISTENTLY where you want to go...Try 1 small healthy habit a day instead of stressing over a burnout plan...that's what I am trying over this month...day 4 & it is working for me...

    Whatever you try...make a change...better than nothing at all!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1410 days ago
    Knowing that's what you do with WW, what if you made yourself a promise that you'd keep going to meetings? My friend just lost about 60lb with them, and is still going. It was the slow and steady, but she swears by the weekly check-ins to keep her on track. Knowing that someone was going to SEE what she did motivated her to make better choices. Of course everyone is different.

    And ignore that nay-sayer. If you're ready to try again, then try again. Whatever program you choose. You might also try to talk to your HR person at work (not sure how large your company is) maybe they have a company-sponsored program? And there's always local gym membership/trainer who could help you set up a check-in schedule if you just don't like the WW checkins. YMCAs often have programs as well. Best of luck!
    1411 days ago
    looking forward to hearing about your progress and success on whichever plan you choose to work for you!
    1411 days ago
  • FUNNYFACE101002
    Spark can be all you need. I'm to cheap to pay to change my life style. SparkPeople has helped me change the way I view food and exercise. My life is so much better and as with anything we do we get to make the choice. Hope it goes well 4 you.
    1411 days ago
    wishing you the best
    1411 days ago
  • LSIG14
    Keep seeking alternatives! If the door closes, find a window! Keep looking for a way to get the accountability that you need to keep you going. I know you can do it. Ask your doctor if there are any alternatives (like clinical trials for medications) that can help you pay for structured weight loss - or if he has any suggestions for a program that will help. Just don't give up - you are too valuable for that!!
    1411 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13423552
    Thanks for sharing the update. That is disappointing about not being covered, but nevertheless, you will prevail! Looking forward to the next installment!
    1411 days ago
  • RHONDAA128
    Most health insurance providers will not cover bariatric surgery. They consider it cosmetic. However, I have a neighbor that got it a different way. Even though she is a administrator at a medical office (which you would think have the best insurance) her insurance would not cover it. She went through a network of doctors and one offered to do the surgery at little or no cost if she would let them publish her progress. They took pictures throughout the process (even on the table) and she kept a blog. They used her as a "poster patient" and advertised with her information. They also used it to show potential patients the process so they know what to expect and sometimes to calm their nerves.Try going directly to the doctors' offices that do the surgery. All they can do is say no. Its worth a try. Even if that does not work out for you don't give up.
    1411 days ago
    My dear, I hope that plan A works for you , but proud of you that you have alternatives in your mind.
    1411 days ago
    My insurance will not cover bariatric, and per my doctor, most insurance programs will not. If you've known anyone who has had the surgery, afterward is a ton of effort with planning tiny interval.meals, balancing nutrition, etc, just a different and
    1411 days ago
    Wishing you all the best
    1411 days ago
    Thank you for sharing today. Join WW and stay on here and focus on being healthier. And go with plan C D E F through Z because as you can see on here people try many many many times before they find the right equation to help them lose weight. How I lost/lose weight will not be the same for you in proportion to nutrition and fitness. We are all different but we have to keep fighting the good fight to lose in order to win. My daughter is pregnant right now and is also considering this surgery but I hope she goes back to WW after pregnancy and I'll pay for it. Anything to get her back to a happy, healthy and mindful self. I won't sugar coat it cause you already know it's brutal some times but then there are small successes. Falling will occur it's the bouncing back ASAP that will make the difference between winning and set backs. You can do this, you already know you just have to believe.

    God bless & be encouraged.

    1411 days ago
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