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Karrie's Journey Week 1, Day 1

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I've been gone for a little over 2 Years.

I haven't majorly gain. But, I haven't majorly Lost anything either. emoticon I've just froze at the current Weight, I left at. Which I guess that's an achievement. Even though it was a Mixture of eating Healthy & Junk Food Junkie Days. Okay, Okay, Okay !!!!!!!!!!! LOTS of Junk Food Junkie Days. Lmao !!!!!!! (Laughing My Royal Azz Off) Which I'm really surprised I didn't Gain Tons !!!! emoticon

Weighed Today & I'm sitting at 208.8 emoticon For the past 2 Years it bounces between 215.6 to 208+ I think the lowest I saw in 2 Years was 203

And to be honest, There's no set Time Limit. I'm not getting any younger, I don't wish to become a HOT Mama. I don't wish to get totally Skinny Mini either.

According to SP I should reach my Goal Weight of 150 by this time next Year. Given they suggest I should weigh 120 something. But, I see that as Skinny Mini. I won't look like I'm anorexic. (No Offense) Given I've seen A lot of people get down to their Goal Weight & Oh My Word !!!!!!! emoticon I've decided a little Fat on my Bones is Healthy.

And I'm not about to give up all my Junk Food either. I've spent a Lifetime earning the Title of Junk Food Junkie Queen. And I'm not about to let it all go. It's all about Control. And over the last 2 Years, I've manged to control my Cravings pretty good.

I know what your going to say. DENIAL !!!!!!!! And it isn't Denial. I've just got to this Stage in Life, it's not all about the Weight for me. It's all about Balance & Control.

I've been through A LOT of Crap, in my Life. And use Food to keep my Emotions in Check. I feel Food is a better addiction than Pharisaical or Street Drugs. And much better than Alcohol. Those are 2 main Things I've learned to steer away from. And being in a Legal Marijuana State, doesn't help keep me from it either. Every time I step out the Door, it's in the Air. I get the 2 nd Hand Contact High whether I like it or not. Not that I don't agree with Oregonians. Marijuana does have it's Good Points. But, it also has it's Bad Points, like Cigarettes do. Which by the way, I'm glad I've Quit.But, that's been 13 Years ago. And I won't go back !!!!!!!!!!! So you see, I'm not taking the last Addiction I have away. I need something to keep me in Check.

But, getting back to Today. It's Sunday & Day 1, Week 1 of 2017 Karrie's Journey to a Healthier me.

My Goals for this Week.

Is getting Up & Off my Lazy Azz more. Given Monday - Wednesday will be easy. We've got Clients that will help keep me busy. Thursday- Saturday, I've got plans of getting this Apartment back om Track to keep me busy. I won't be able to do all I want to do.

The Flooring needs to be replaced, New Dishwasher & Oven/Range Top. New Oven Fan. New Furniture. New Back Sliding Glass Door. New Bedroom Door, Filling in Holes in Walls, New Cabinets, New Paint Job, New Toilet Seats. New Flat Screen TV for Living Room.New Toys & Area for our Fur Babies. Just A LOT of Time & Money to replace everything. And now that we've got Uncle Sam paid up, That's what's next on our Agenda.

All in All. Lots of Stuff going on. And will get there, in Time. God Willing.
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