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Needed a Week Off

Monday, July 24, 2017

SO a lot of stuff has been going on. A lot of work, still working a couple of Saturdays a month too and now, since I have some PA house bills that no one in the family can actually afford, I am now working Sundays too for extra cash. I'm pooped. I worked this last week from Monday straight through to Sunday (yesterday) and had to move up an annual leave week from the rest of my calendar year just because I was totally burned out.

I don't know how much I'll get done today in trying to get a foothold back into the healthy world but so far, I have managed to get dinner going (slow cooker) for the guys when they get home later this evening (the fiance and the brother in law, who has moved back in with us since September of 2016) and I'm currently making breakfast now as I do this. Plus I cleaned out the fridge of old food, set the bag outside, and then realized how much take-out was in it. I may just need to start cooking just for myself again so that they can order out and I can eat leftovers to get back into proper calorie counting.

My back is killing me also this fine morning so any workout will be low-impact and slow going. Rainy outside too so I'm looking at the stationary bike that I asked my guy to set up before heading out to work this morning.

On the upside, I feel like I already accomplished a lot so far today so once I finish updating this blog, I'll update my nutrition and fitness tracker information and then stretch some of these back kinks out. I was supposed to go to the beach at some point this week with Yami and with this rain, we're looking at Wednesday since it's the only sunny day this week.

But I mostly just want to hide at home away from work and people and just sleep and relax. Maybe read. Write. Who knows. I don't want to waste the week since I know it'll fly by but I also barely want to do anything.

But sleeping in does sound wonderful this week, lol!
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