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Saturday, July 15, 2017

In my head I heard Alicia Keys as I typed that emoticon I hit rock bottom last week and it was the best thing for me. I finally stopped my excuses and just flipping did it. I made my meals for the entire week, threw out all the junk, and got my butt back in that gym. I made people hold me accountable for it. And, it worked.

I set small goals, I smashed them by achieving even higher goals. My goal was to just track daily...even if over calories, just to get back in the habit..what happened? I stayed on track. My second goal was to workout just 20 minutes daily. doesn't matter what I do as long as I'm moving..well I was in the gym daily for an hour or more.

The result? a 5.8 lb loss for the first week. I know its majority water weight but its a sign that if I put in REAL work, get past my excuses, I get a result. I know the scale will fluctuate but in all honesty this week? I'm already FEELING better, and much happier.

All in all it begins with a decision. One that I haven't been ready to make in a very long time, but I'm glad now its my time. And I am READY to really work at this. Its hard work and I know I need to be dedicated to it.
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