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July 5th, 2017

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

This blog has been a long time coming because i'm in limbo land right now and I intensely dislike it! My foot is not healing as it should which I really can live with if the doctor will give me a few straight answers such as when we can do something about it. It doesn't hurt at all where it once did which is absolutely wonderful! It does hurt in new places which is not so wonderful. At my last check up the doctor said while the x-ray looks bad - and even to my untrained eye it's a mess - "clinically" my foot is fine and should be healing. He told me to go back into the boot when I'm going to be doing a lot of walking. Not a favorite thing in these very warm summer months but I can deal with it. He also told me to take it very easy. Okay another thing I'm not thrilled about but can manage - to a certain extent. I am very willing to have patience with the healing that must come before another surgery can be preformed if that's what's in the wind but I need an end date. I have an appointment on the 20th of this month at which point I will ask the doctor point blank what we are waiting for. He hinted that we were waiting for the six month mark which will be the first week in October. He was not specific enough for me though. I need an end date for the pain. I need to be able to say "I'm okay because this has a solution that's coming. We just need to be patient until *this* date."

I am unable to even do chair exercises as just doing what I must do during a day has my foot swelling up. I keep it elevated as much as humanly possible which means every moment I'm off my feel. There's another reason that sounds a bit silly but it's valid. I am short on one end! What this means is when I sit in the chair I use for exercise, my feet are bent up in order for me to touch the floor. A sort of half tip toe positioning which is excruciating on my foot. So all my gallant plans to get to exercising have come to naught!

My weight? To be perfectly honest, I have not weighed recently. Last time I did weigh I was down by 22 pounds. Judging by how well I'm moving and the way my clothes are fitting, I'm either maintaining or actually losing. I haven't been trying my very best but I have also not been doing my worst. The reason I haven't weighed? Well I'm trying very hard to keep myself out of spiraling into a downward trend with my mood. I have been doing a very good job of staying positive. I do not want to see that end and if a number on the scale will do it - and it will right now - then I'm all for being an ostrich with my head firmly buried in the sand! My official weight can wait!

In more family related news, I am so very proud of my DD and her DH! A month ago they became the guardians of my son-in-law's niece at Social Services request and if push comes to shove they plan to adopt her. Her mother, my son-in-law's sister, abandoned her after a several day meth binge and was sent to jail. She stayed in a rehab facility for a day and then checked herself out. She has not appeared for any of the court dates or meetings so far. The father has never really been in the picture. My DD and son-in-law have been a part of the little one's life since she was born and could not let her go into the system. They did not hesitate to take her in even though at the time they were living in a hotel room awaiting the readiness of their new apartment. I really raised an amazing daughter!

The little one is the same age as my grandson - six years old. She is blending into the family well and my almost three year old granddaughter is very loving and accepting as is my grandson. They have been around her off and on throughout their lives and it is not as disrupting as it would be if she had not been a part of their lives to begin with. She is a very well behaved little girl and listens well. She is overcoming her issues with food (having not had a ready supply for some time) fairly quickly. She is also dealing with her mother being out of her life pretty well although as to be expected she does ask about her from time to time. She has always called my DH and I Pa and Grandma. Now it's just going to be a bit more official!

DH built a heavy duty swing set with a swing for each kidlet and a trapeze bar. They absolutely love it! We also keep hula hoops, and water cannons over here for outdoor play. For rainy days we have coloring books, colors, dot-to-dot and other kinds of activity books as well as a ready supply of movies on Netflix. They all come over at least every other weekend and we have a cook out or a pizza party and let them run around like little crazy people!! If it decides to rain heavily, we come in and do the movie and activity book action! They have a ball and we get to see them and love up on them! It's also a nice way to spend time with DD and her DH - when he can make it. He works some late hours and sometimes has to go in early to work so we don't always get to see him. It's very nice to live close enough for them to visit so often and their recent move put them about ten minutes closer to us!

So to wrap up - I hope to have some firm news on what to do about "The Foot" by the 20th. I have a sneaking suspicion that another surgery is in my future and I can live with that. I don't actually have a choice so I choose to look at it in a positive light. The original pain that I lived with for so very long is gone! I am sure they can fix the issue that has now arisen. My "official" family has grown by one and she's a sweetie that we are happy to have in a safe environment. I am staying off the scale for now but as far as the other signs, my weight is at least staying stable. I need to work on improving my eating. So far the summer is going very well and I continue to be blessed and count those blessings!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Jeanne, I'm catching up here... so sorry to hear about your foot... I wish you were having better progress... and all your family's been through, but so wonderful to hear about the adoption of your son-in-law's niece. Prayers for you and your family, dear friend... emoticon emoticon
    1371 days ago
    Jeanne, maybe I'm too emotional, but reading your blog just now has moved me to tears. Your foot--I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced this setback, but your attitude is just off-the-charts good! You are determined to do what you need to do to regain your mobility and become active again, instead of lamenting what can't be helped. I admire that so much!

    But what really makes my heart swell is your story about your daughter and son-in-law taking in their niece when she is in such need. Knowing that there are people like your DD and her DH lifts my spirit and inspires me to try to be a better person myself. I know that little girl will grow up safe and well in the embrace of your daughter, her husband, their other children, and "Pa and Grandma." Thank you for telling this beautiful story.
    1372 days ago
    Wow!! Beautiful blog today! You've got enough on your plate for sure. I will add you to our prayer group. We meet on Tuesday Night and I will also pray for you. I too am experiencing lots of pain in my back and I'm finding it hard just to walk any distance. But with God's Grace we will be fine.

    Keep Sparking. SparkCheers,

    1382 days ago
    I loved your blog. It reminds me of when my grandsons were young. It was so much fun; even though I might miss those days; I enjoy the young men they have become. Now we play card games together or dominoes and watch movies! Plus enjoy good meals and conversation together. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this time and keep on Sparkin'! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1398 days ago
  • KAREN608
    The times with grandchildren must be a good distraction for you, lots of fun.
    Glad you aren't gaining, except a grandchild!
    1405 days ago
    oh my... so much going on!... glad to see you are remaining positive and hopeful through it all.

    i think the best part of being a grand parent is being able to play and interact with the young ones. Getting down to their level -- so to speak. So many grandparents i see these days don't do that. Their idea of spending time with them is having them stay over and JUST play on their techno gadgets. And there is little to no interaction with them at social gatherings. Makes me sad when I see that.

    I'm very much the active grandparent. I'll color, play ball, go down the slides, run through the sprinkler, make finger foods and PIZZA IN THE CUP.... whatever it takes to be a part of their lives at their level without them having to always step up to be included in a part of mine.

    You and DH sound like awesome grandparents. May you enjoy many, many years of joy with them and have many happy memories as well.
    1406 days ago
    "I continue to count my blessings." And there is the secret for all of us!
    1406 days ago
    How about a yoga block or a footstool under your "short" foot?

    1406 days ago
    Oh sweet twinzy..... this was a great blog and you are doing so good with positive thinking! Hugs.....
    1407 days ago
    In bed... use your arms while lying down and make bicycle movements, throw light punches, use bands, work your upper half. That's what I did when I couldn't use my lower half
    1407 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Thanks for the update, I hope you get some clear truths sooner rather than later.
    1407 days ago
    Being in limbo sucks. I hope they can help give you a date to look forward to. I like having a "solution" to look forward to. I'm glad your daughter and her husband have taken in their niece, that is so good for her to be with them and not some strangers. Plus sounds like she will enjoy having siblings. I hope they're able to adopt her, if and when the time comes, that will be good to have that added stability.
    1407 days ago
    I love your attitude as you cope with your foot issues. Hang in there!

    Congrats on the addition to the family! She is lucky to be so loved! Your daughter and son in law are awesome! You raised a special daughter!

    Cheers to you for maintaining your weight right now! That is a great accomplishment!

    Sending you hugs and prayers. Patti
    1407 days ago
    What a blessing for your family and for the little one. We are going through the same thing. My DD and her DH just received temporary custody of his niece. They are hoping to get full custody soon. She is beginning to thrive living with them. I am so proud of them as well.
    As for your foot all I can say is have faith. I know it is hard as we all want that definite answer. You have a wonderful attitude though. Keep your chin up and things will happen!
    Also being able to maintain right now is awesome! You can do it!

    God bless you and keep you on your journey! Have a fabulous day!
    1407 days ago
    I have been wondering how things were going. Not knowing is the worst. You have a great attitude, and you know what you need to do for your own peace of mind.

    Your daughter and son in law are amazing. I bet the grandkids love coming to your house.

    Peace and prayers and hugs.
    1407 days ago
    HI Jeanne,

    Great blog. You have come a long way. Your positive attitude is amazing.

    Be patient with your foot and it's healing process.

    I'm happy that you have a sweet little addition to your family.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1407 days ago
  • KURTZIE1998
    Congrats on addition to your family that is really great. Jeanne you must do what is best for your health and you seem to be handling it well. Stay positive like you are and you will do great. hugs, love and prayers
    1407 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I wish that you were having better results from your surgery. I am praying for you. I admire your DD and her DH. So happy that they are adopting the child. emoticon
    1407 days ago
    you need to do what is best for your health health is many things and need not contain exercise,I hope you get an answer and a date until do you best with the other aspects of your life get your sleep in eat healthier get your stress down read meditate learn a new language . so happy the little one is being taken care of what a blessing emoticon
    1407 days ago
    I think you are handling an incredibly frustrating situation with grace and class. I am glad for the good news with your family. What s lucky little girl to be so loved!!
    1407 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10676776
    Have patience. and read a lot of good books. Healing takes time, following doctor's orders, not trying to exercise too soon and lots and lots of meditation and prayers. You can only handle your own mental health at this time of healing. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1407 days ago
    Hi Jeanne,

    I totally get where you are coming from you need to be able to arrange your life and not have everything up in the air. I have been trying to secure a surgery date for my shoulder. He tells me to just call and schedule it and his MA says I have to now see him. ugh!!

    Are your brooks not helping with your foot? I still love mine. I have had to alternate my other really good shoes as my dumb foot on the right wants to keep turning out at the toe. I have a "spring toe" we call it. It is a toe that springs to the outer side from being flat footed. So it has nothing to do with the Brooks. In fact that style is currently on sale and I might go and order another pair. They are on sale at Zappo's you get free shipping and free returns so kinda better than Amazon. Even though I too have Prime I have to pay to ship things back and I don't like to do that Zappo's will let you go back and forth no matter how many times you have to do it!

    I hope that your foot will heal the way that it is suppose to. And will keep you close in my prayers for little pain hopefully NO pain. I so hate pain.. it slows you down from keeping the activity you so badly want to have in our lives.

    1407 days ago
    It sounds like you are coping well. emoticon
    1407 days ago
    first of all, so thrilled that your DD and SIL are taking that little angel into their family. I think that's awesome.

    As for the foot, I totally understand -- it's not exactly on the top 10 list of things to want, but if surgery is going to be done, it's important to know so you can plan! Hope the 20th you get your answers.
    1407 days ago
    I am with you that we simply need to know what to expect and when ........ something ... give me something.
    I would not do well with hazy or vague talk or being elusive. What is you take a tablet with your concerns and questions written out and try to get him to be more definitive .... And just ask point blank ..."What is wrong?" .... and why ........any thing that needs an answer. He owes you that. He is being paid for his work.
    I do feel for you and also wonder if there are any exercises to do that will not compromise your foot? ....
    and on a long shot ........ let the desk person know if anyone cancels, you would love to come in earlier.
    ......... Big emoticon to you!
    1407 days ago
    It's great you're staying so positive. Do whatever you have to do to heal. emoticon
    1407 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Prayers for healing of the foot and even more prayers for your new grand daughter. She is young so she will have a great new life with people that love her and will take good care of her. I am glad your dd and dsil will raise her.
    Stay strong. Good luck with your foot.
    1407 days ago
    You are right in keeping it positive! Will help the healing as well as keep you motivated,! Patience is hard, but it is possible! Just keep the food right and all will work out! emoticon
    1407 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5241267
    WooHoo on the addition to the family. That's awesome and congrats to everyone. As far as the weight on that darned ole scale, use all of those little things that add up so quickly. That's a good judge of what you are doing correctly. As far as the exercise, what about laying in bed and using a resistant band to do exercises that way? I'm so glad you came in to my life... emoticon Donna
    1407 days ago
  • no profile photo CD17462428
    Understand the frustration that comes with the healing body. Like hearing that your original pain is gone. Hopefully the dr's will be able to come up with a plan to get you standing on two good feet. Having been in a boot over the summer before I empathize with you. Foot powders do help.
    Sounds as if you are doing what you need to do for your foot and your overall health. Maintaining during all of this is a wonderful achievement in it's self!
    Congratulations on the new family addition as well as raising such a lovely and kind daughter. Dealing with addicted people is a tough road to travel and they will need continual prayers, which I'll gladly send up.

    1407 days ago
  • CTCOLL41
    Wow you have a lot on your plate but I think you are doing great. Try to not worry about it
    1407 days ago
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