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My Bad.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sorry for my silence the past few days. First life got hectic, and then I got sick. Then the day after I was stuck in bed all day with a sore throat, runny nose, etc., I tried to give myself heat stroke by going for a 4-mile walk in near 90 degree weather. Oops.

To make up for my prolonged silence, here's a little something that was bouncing around inside my skull during my walk this morning:


Erika wasn't entirely sure why she set foot out of her door that morning except that she was bored. She could have taken her car, she supposed, but that would have defeated the purpose of a walk. When she walked instead of driving her detested jalopy, she got to see things that she otherwise would have missed. And there was an awful lot to see in East Texas.

Of course, most of what she could see was green. That in and of itself was quite the novelty after having spent most of her life up until recently living on the other side of the state. True, parts of West Texas did manage to boast a few trees, but there they all seemed kind of forced somehow. The greenery of her old home was almost always stunted or trimmed to ridiculous degrees and planted strategically around supposedly important buildings.

The flora of her new home, however, projected an aura of wild unstoppability. Here the trees were so tall that they seemed to challenge the sky itself, even in the middle of the town. The foliage was often so dense that she couldn't even see 10 feet in front of her without being blocked by a solid wall of —you guessed it— green. The very foreignness of the color itself lent an alien air to the world around her, one that could almost make her forget the passing traffic and odd building dotting the street.

Brushing a wayward lock of auburn hair from her eyes, Erika pulled herself out of her daydream long enough to notice that traffic was actually going to be a real pain to challenge today, even at the crosswalks and intersections. She adored her new hometown, but she was the first to admit that the drivers here were crazy, never mind the fact that she was often told that she drove like a drunk granny herself. Everyone here always rushed wherever they were going, and it boggled her mind. Didn’t they realize what they were missing by zooming around like bats out of hell?

Still, if she didn’t want to end up as a smear on the pavement, she was going to have to deviate from her usual route and skip the intersection. By turning right just ahead, she could cut through a patch of trees that was just across the street from her apartment. Since she’d never seen any “No Trespassing” signs around, she figured that she could get away with it. It’s not like she minded having an excuse to goggle at the bounty of nature around her, either.

Turning swiftly now that her mind was made up, Erika plunged enthusiastically into the trees, careful not to fall prey to the conspiracy being hatched between the tree roots and her natural clumsiness. It should have been a quick trip through the trees, but she couldn’t help getting distracted time and again. First there was the tree that rained pink flowers onto her head when she passed underneath, brushing up against its branches. Next she spotted an actual rabbit darting underneath a fallen log. That’s right— there were enough trees here to have genuine fallen logs. She even spotted a ring of mushrooms at the base of a towering evergreen. Passing through the ring, Erika couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that there was enough moisture in this place to grow mushrooms in the first place.

Erika began to frown soon, though. She should have come out of the trees by now. Something was off. She couldn’t even hear the puttering of auto engines in the distance. Even the air smelled different, more earthy. Sure, the greenery of the town helped clear the air a lot more than what she was used to, but you could still detect the underlying stench of civilization if you paid attention.

Pausing for a moment, she leaned against the side of a tree and rumpled her hair. “There’s no way I could be lost here,” she muttered to herself, pulling her cell phone out of her jeans pocket. “Crap.” No signal. There was no signal whatsoever. That was new. She’d never had trouble with her phone when she’d taken this shortcut before.

To be continued, provided anyone is interested, lol.
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    At a minimum, I promise to post more on it weekly if you guys are interested, lol. Maybe more, but we'll see. All of this walking under a canopy of trees is serious imagination fuel.
    1477 days ago
    well written. You have a lot of talent
    1477 days ago
    I need to know what happens!
    Well written too :)
    1477 days ago
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