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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Late---- posting very late here--
Of course, it never rains but it pours--
Himself drove into a city cleaning truck yesterday evening $ 4500.00 damage to our vehicle--
Yesterday I cried--- To-day--well, we are not hurt --The car can be fixed-- AND-----at almost 89 Yrs old (Himself) I think its time himself stopped driving--
That is the bad news---

Now--There is good news---
I drove Tess an hour up the highway to the vet who did her surgery exactly 6 weeks ago
They X Rayed her leg- this morning------AND THERE IS BONE GROWTH OVER THE IMPLEMENTS THEY PUT IN THERE to repair the ACL ligament---
-so--now she is allowed a routine of 5,6 and 7 to 8 minute walks with me---- allowed to do a few stairs on leash----and I am to begin Physio- via Skype with them starting this next Wed!

I am not going crazy ---- (thought I would be!)---- so happy for Tess-- sad Himself is going to be not driving but--- Hope when its my turn to turn in my licence, I will be able to---
Lord Love Duck!

My Mom and Dad and me--many Moons go--Good thing I come from good stock!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am SO very glad no one was hurt in the accident. Yes, cars can be fixed or replaced. How is Himself's attitude about surrendering his driver's license? Will he give it up willingly?
    911 days ago
    Glad to hear about Tess. Hope Himself is taking the news well. It's hard to give up driving.
    912 days ago
    I am glad Himself was not hurt! Will he continue to work? I don't think I would like to drop off/pick up someone 5 days a week. Since I don't know what his specialty is, would you have to drive him so he could be available for emergencies?

    I am so sorry about the car, but maybe there will be insurance money for another one.

    I was very happy to read about Tess and that you can Skype about her care.
    912 days ago
    912 days ago
  • JANET552
    Sorry about the driving.

    So happy about Tess!!
    912 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    912 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    I am so glad no one was injured in the accident. I don't envy you trying to convince Himself that it is time to handover the car keys. Maybe your sons could talk to him "man to man" or would that just make things worse?

    Glad you also got some good news, so happy that Tess is healing and can now take short walks.

    Love the photo of you with your parents, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Lots of emoticon
    913 days ago
    So glad that everyone is alright. Comes a time for all of us to give up our license!
    913 days ago
    You have such a positive attitude to life.
    914 days ago
    Oh Dear! As one of my daughter's said to me recently, "I am just dreading the fall of another hammer. What else can go wrong?"

    I am so glad that Tess is healing well. You have certainly invested yourself in her care.

    But what a change for Himself. For a man to have to give up the independence of driving is so difficult. I would have cried right along with you although I breathed a huge sigh of relief as soon as I read that he was unhurt. You don't need the expense of repairing a car, but Himself is irreplaceable.

    I sincerely hope that you will now have a long and peaceful stretch with nothing bad happening. Too much is too much. emoticon
    914 days ago
    you are all ok that is the important part the rest will work out
    914 days ago
    You've got your hands full for sure! Happy for Tess! Prayers for Himself - giving up driving is a tough one. Hugs to you!
    914 days ago
    another challenge to deal with. Glad Dr F was ok. Like I tell mom, Life's a b and then you die!
    914 days ago
    It is too bad about DH, but it can happen to anyone at some point to need to stop certain things. So happy Tess is better and can keep on pushing forward! Hugs for you all.
    914 days ago
    I'm so sorry about the accident and himself having to give up his driving. I think it's good news about Tess.
    I am glad you were not hurt in the accident. emoticon
    914 days ago
    Sorry about the car but maybe it is for the best.
    It is so hard to give up that independence. I know
    MIL have issues but she has a friend who drives
    her almost everywhere. She replaced her car 2
    years ago and bought one with all the bells and
    whistles. Now she wishes she had bought something
    less fancy and expensive. She will give her car to her
    son when she cannot drive anymore. DS and I told
    her that would be fine.
    914 days ago
    Sorry for Himself !!
    Hope he is okay with giving up his right to drive.
    My friend who just turned 90 this week, limits where she will drive. She said, "If I am in an accident, they will say it is my fault and I should not be driving at my age."
    Like you ... I hope I know when I need to stop driving before something not so good happens or someone else must tell me to give it up... driving that is.
    Glad for the "Tess Good News"

    915 days ago
  • PURPLE0906
    I am so sorry to hear Himself was in an accident. So glad he was not hurt. It's hard to give up driving. My Mom gave my daughter her car but I knew she was not ready to stop driving. But it was for the best.
    Happy to hear good news about Tess, continued prayers for her healing.

    Have a wonderful day!!


    915 days ago
  • MBPP50
    I'm glad to know you're not hurt and that Tess is on the mend. Hang in there! emoticon
    915 days ago
    emoticon emoticon HIMSELF HAD AN ACCIDENT emoticon
    915 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Not driving anymore is going to be a big adjustment for himself ... and for you too! Take Care!!!
    915 days ago
    It’s a relief to hear that Himself was not injured, the car can be repaired, and Tess is cleared to walk.

    The year after my mother died, we sold the family home in the SF Bay Area and my 89-year-old father reluctantly moved to an independent retirement community near me in Washington State. He wanted to continue driving, and based on what we’d seen, we thought for sure he wouldn’t pass the driving test – but the DMV didn’t even GIVE him a written test or a driving test, only a vision test! So despite his community offering bus transportation and me being available to take him to appointments, he continued to drive, and we held our breath that he would be safe and not cause an accident.

    When he was 94, after many conversations where he said he would give up driving and then changed his mind, I submitted a request to the DMV, signed by his doctor, asking that his driver’s license not be renewed unless he could pass the driving test. I had to give specific reasons, and age could not be one of them. My husband had been with him when he’d driven through a stop sign, he couldn’t hear horns or sirens, he had been hit by another car and had called me because he was too overwhelmed to handle the aftermath -- I guess those were acceptable reasons, because the DMV sent him a letter asking him to take the driving test in order to renew his license. He procrastinated until the last possible day, then decided he would not take the test because “they’d just keep bugging me.” What a relief for the entire family.
    915 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    My Dad's brother had to do the same thing in his 70's.Himself (I assume he has a name?) should count his blessings to have still driven at an advanced age. Without meaning to sound bad are you sure its age related? I mean we all have accidents.
    915 days ago
    It is not easy to give up driving but it sounds like it is time. I'm glad the accident was not more serious.

    It is good news about Tess.

    915 days ago
    So happy no one was hurt! So glad Tess is healing and you can do physio with her via Skype! I learned not to ask what else can happen! Seems like god was always ready to let me know!! Glad everyone is OK! will be a nuisance for you and for Himself should he have to stop driving, but....
    915 days ago
  • SWILSON2347
    Lynda, You are so upbeat! You always look for the positive even when negative things happen! So happy that Tess is progressing so nicely! Not being able to drive is hard....so be prepared for some "grumpy" moments from your spouse....getting old is the pits. I find each day there is something that is harder for me to do and it frustrates me! But if we weren't getting older --- we wouldn't be here! So every day we old folks must do our best to keep going and be strong! Cheers to you for your positive attitude! emoticon
    915 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    As you said, the good and the bad.
    You will be kept extra busy now with both DH and dogs depending on you.
    Great photo of you with your parents. You know, I don't think I have photo of my parents and me - all together. Will start looking for one.
    915 days ago
    So sorry to hear about himself's accident. It will be hard to quite driving. Sounds like read is better & that must be a relief.
    915 days ago
    That is such a hard transition when it's time to give up the keys. I'm glad Tess is doing well.

    915 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    So happy to here that Tess is progressing well. how is Beau,is his heart getting better.?
    Will you be adding to your many chores and doing the driving when himself has to stop driving?

    Take care of yourself emoticon
    915 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    Glad you guys weren't hurt and Tess is ok. Keeping you in prayer for no more rain pours! You are due for sunshine & rainbows! emoticon
    915 days ago
  • MOEE45
    So sorry about the accident but I am so happy no one was hurt. Yeah for Tess she is doing better. So sorry that himself has give up his license, I am sure you will both find it hard at first. Hugs emoticon
    915 days ago
    Your Himself is OK. And Tess is mending.

    The main things.

    And you DO come from tough stock . . . good thing too!!!
    915 days ago
    Sorry to hear about the accident and damage to your car. But, glad everyone is ok. That has to be tough giving up his drivers license.

    Good news about Tess though!
    915 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    What do the dogs do about blackflies on walks in season? Do they make doggie bug suits?
    Sad that it's time for the transition to non-driving for your himself. Hang in there, you can do it!
    915 days ago
    So sorry about Himself's accident. What will it do to him working if he can no longer drive? Happy to hear Tess is doing well.
    915 days ago
    Oh my.
    So glad that himself is OK. Cars can replaced.
    I will be very difficult for himself to have to give up driving if the powers that be tell him to.
    I guess it is one day at a time.
    Get ready for you to do the puppy physio 🐶

    915 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Oh, no! Glad everyone is okay, but how frustrating that Himself isn't going to be driving anymore. Car repairs are so terribly expensive. I would have cried, too. It's great that Tess is on the mend even if it means more work for a bit longer. Love the photo of you with your parents.
    915 days ago
    Wonderful news about Tess! I'm sure she will be thrilled to finally start doing more things she used to do. As for Himself and driving - as noted by others, the good news is that he was not hurt. Might I also add that it is good that no one else is hurt either! My hubby is 82, just a bit behind your Himself, and he is adamant that his driving is fine. Family members might disagree. However, he just had cataracts removed from both his eyes and, in his own words, he only now realizes how much he could not see before. I trust Himself has had his vision checked lately? As for the car, hopefully you had insurance to cover it, or at least even part of it. Give thanks for the good and have a better weekend.
    915 days ago
    Sending you love and hugs! I am glad everyone is okay!
    915 days ago
    Glad Tess is on the mend. Sorry about Himself and his accident. Glad no one was hurt. I will be hard for him to give up driving.
    915 days ago
    Glad everyone is OK. That is a scary thing not driving- especially since you are so far away from everything.

    Glad to hear Tess is on the mend. More hats to wear- physio therapist and chauffeur.

    Great pix of you and your parents!

    Enjoy the weekend!
    915 days ago
    ((HUGS)) and prayers. What can be said. Glad that nobody was hurt. DIFFICULT choice to make, but . . .

    And so glad to hear of Tess' progress. That's awesome

    Ok, all that said, some more (((HUGS))) . . . think you have earned them.
    915 days ago
    emoticon I'm glad no one was hurt. I'm sure himself is "smarting" for other reasons and blaming himself. I remember my Uncle giving up driving about that age when he drove the wrong way on the expressway. Thankfully no one was hurt then either. Cars can be fixed. It's only money. emoticon Maybe you can get one of these.

    Good news on the doggie front. Keep up the good work.

    915 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    It sounds like a fairly smooth transition even if it to say good-bye to one of the many things we champion as being independent.

    I'm glad all is ok. One of the gals I used to work with dad refused to believe he shouldn't drive. Well, it made national news when he drove the car into the door at Burger King. I think is got mixed up on which side of the building was the drive thru, even with that phrase it means drive along the outside of the building not physically thru the building. I'm glad everyone is ok, the car can be replaced.
    915 days ago
    Glad himself is ok, even if he can't drive any longer. That's a tough one. I remember my dad at that time - very bitter that the test centre examiner,'didn't like him', but that he had driven perfectly... so sad, but necessary.
    915 days ago
    So sorry Himself has to give up driving but glad no one was hurt. I hope when it's time for me to quit I can do it gracefully but I don't know. I know that puts more on you too if you have to drive him. It's such a tough call but sometimes has to be done. My thoughts for all of you. Glad Tess is doing so well!
    915 days ago
    Sorry to hear about Himself, and I'm glad you're all OK - and very happy for Tess!

    I will keep you all in my best thoughts - it's so difficult to go through life being limited in your ability to get around, so I hope that all goes well for Himself as far as driving (or not) goes......


    915 days ago
    Tess seems to be doing well, that's great.

    Himself? well I am glad it is you and not me that is dealing with this situation.
    So happy you were not hurt. I did not know he was 89 my goodness, you sometimes say he
    is off to work, why in the world is he still working?

    I hope your Saturday finds you well and Himself will understand it is time to stop driving.

    Hugs Mary
    915 days ago
    I am so glad no one was hurt and Tess is on the mend for sure! God Bless you Lynda or maybe He blessed you with Patience for Himself. Give Sushi a hug and it might feel better.
    915 days ago
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