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The joy of Sparkpeople!

Saturday, June 03, 2017


What is joy? Every morning I get up and I tell myself to be kind and to find Joy!
My husband always teases me and asks who is this Joy I keep talking about!

I walked into the breakroom at work the other day and one of the techs asked me how my day was going. I said "it is going great because I choose happiness and it is a choice. I choose to make the best of my day and to be happy. Not to dwell on the things that bring me down."
Why is it that so many people like to dwell on the negative? Why do they want to bring up everything that is wrong in the department? Everything that is wrong with your coworkers. Everything that is wrong with life. Why not think about what brings us joy. What brings us happiness!

I know that a huge change in my life came 5 years ago when I found Sparkpeople. I didn't even know about the site, but somehow I found it on the internet and started looking into it. I found out who started it and how he came to start it and I was so impressed with Chris Downie and what he stood for.
And then I met a few friends and they showed me the way. Some of those friends are still on SP, and some have moved on and left SP but I am so glad they took the time to talk to me on my page and to encourage me when I wrote a few blogs.
And then as time went on, I found even more great friends. And then I met a friend in Chicago! Wow, this isn't just a virtual friendship, this is much more than that. My husband was a little leary when I first told him I was going to meet a friend from this site. After all, don't we tell our children not to find friends on the internet and then go and meet them.
I met my friend anyway and we had a GREAT time for the few hours we had that day sight seeing in Chicago and I just talked to her a few days ago on the phone and it was like a reunion of friendship!

After meeting that friend, I was excited to meet a few other people that I had become really close to on the site and that is how SP works! It is not just a weight loss site! It is about support and friendship. It is about trusting people enough to let them in and to let them help us find our way to weight loss and to another lifestyle. A lifestyle of healthy eating. A lifestyle that encourages you to want to continue even after you have achieved a healthy weight because what would you do without your friends!??

I encourage all sparkers to stay after they have found their ideal weight and to join a maintenance support group. To join the challenges each month to maintain the weight. Sometimes your weight will go up, sometimes it might go down, mine usually goes up! But the challenge keeps me focused on where I want to be.
Don't be afraid to find and meet friends here on SP. It is amazing that they can become your best friends in life and you will wonder how you ever got so lucky as to have found this site and to have found the people that have become so important to you.
Joy! The joy of Spark people and the joy of the website!
Look for joy and be kind! My motto every single day

Take the first step and then take another.
Enjoy the journey, find joy in every step you take. Find people who will help you along the way.
Thank you spark friends for helping me to find joy! Who is joy you might ask? Every single one of you! My spark family!
SPark on!
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