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Coming around the bend.....

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So much has happened this past month.....some bad, can't say was blindsided....I felt it was coming. For those of you who don't know, I've worked for Baskin Robbins in my town for 15 years! Baskin robbins was my first job out of high school, worked for the company for almost 20 years. I loved my job.....still love the ice cream, but the owner I worked for retired early March and the new owner is foreign, straight out of China, and NO EXPERIENCE with ice cream!! He recently purchased TWO Subway stores in town (although rumor through the grapevine is Subway took away one of his stores) and a Baskin Robbins in Las Vegas, which is where his wife (not ex, but wife) and 3yr old live. The reason he bought BR is because his son loves ice cream.....well that's great but he is destroying our well known store for customer service, in a matter of months!

We are going into our busy season.....it started with Mother's day which is also when the University has it's graduation ceremonies. Because the new owner is not from here, he basically said he would help.....call him whenever, but when it came to it......he was NEVER available because he was too busy driving to Vegas....he pretty much dumped EVERYTHING on me. I know how to decorate and run the store....it took about a week or two before got the hang of ordering ice cream and paper products for the store.

Mother's day arrived.....I had probably did about 40 cakes in three days for special orders and stocking our display case! A Native family came in to pick up their cake.....and we couldn't find the cake......couldn't even find the cake order :( She had proof in a bank statement, showing she had paid for the cake....I didn't doubt that....I had never seen her order, it got "lost". Many things could have happened....it never made it to the backroom for new orders, it could have fallen out of the clipped piles of 20 some odd orders and fallen into the huge trash bucket we have right there, there is no real way of telling.(*so we thought) My coworker was helping her the best she could while I was trying to finish up stuff in the back....offered same size out of the case, customer wanted to take much larger cake, and she was okay with it until she had to pay the difference in size EVEN with an added 20% off. Her and her family could see me decorating cakes in the backroom (obviously it must means it's MY fault their cake wasn't made) and demanded to talk to me.

My coworker did everything right......and all I did was back up everything she said....like a good manager would....it was an ACCIDENT....we tried to fix it, it's our fault for losing it, the customer and her family had a right to be upset, but nothing would make them happy unless I let them walk out the door with a $45 FREE cake. I could not in good conscience let them take the cake, she mentioned the store was poorly managed, so I stuck up for myself and my crew~"yeah, well the manager doesn't even live here, he lives in Vegas!" Not surprised there was a customer complaint sent to corporate.....
(I agree, the prices for everything in the store is now ridiculously expensive....because the new management only cares about profit and being sure I made daily bank deposits (even if it meant leaving the store with no cash for change)....and he has this weird thing where only has 1s and 5s in the register???)

Corporate complaints go right back to the store manager the complaint came from....so *our creepy boss watched the day's video recording to find out what happened to the order. He also had the security cameras hooked up to his phone so he can watch us whenever (which also is kind of creepy because he only hires young high school girls). He called me back to look at a screen shot of a woman and asked me it it was her.....I couldn't tell, was showing me one lone lady, no glasses......I was dealing with a family and the women all had on glasses. What he was really doing was looking for a reason to fire coworker he didn't like.....basically, the coworker who had taken the cake order, not necessarily lost it....but he FIRED HER ANYWAY!

I was pissed! And here is why, and I was telling the new owner....."you can't fire her, you don't know she lost the order, she's just the person who took it"
Owner: "I got her on video.....she on video....all her fault"
Me: "NOOOO! because YOU did the EXACT same thing when you started working here! I know because I took the cake order weeks ahead and TOLD the woman to come in a few days before to be sure we still had her order. She came into to pick up her cake and we didn't have it.....I asked her who helped her when she came in to check on her order, and she told me A LITTLE ASIAN MAN! I FIXED YOUR MISTAKE, I helped make the customer happy......AND then we found the cake order YOU LEFT OUT FRONT on the customer coke fridge!!! If you are going to fire her, YOU need to QUIT because YOU LOST AN ORDER, you did the same thing!!!"
Owner:"Not me, not talk about me...it all her!"

I was done....."You know what? I'm working my SEVENTH day in a row with one day break from the last SIX DAYS in a row......I QUIT! You are here, you want to work....I'm done!"
He is somehow still under the impression, he fired me AHAHAHHAAHA! I QUIT @sshole.
Funny how after that, he is now there everyday almost all day....and they still manage to be screwing things up! Doesn't know how to clean the soft serve machine, no longer using the ice cream to frost ice cream cakes but whip cream (BARF, and our customers think that too), the crew keeps unplugging the open signs so don't get busy at night and then the dayshift has no ideas the lights are off, has all the tables clusterf*cked to one side of the store (like Subway, cafeteria style rows), no back up cakes, everything out front in a non order, free for all in the cake case, and he upped prices about $4 ABOVE suggested retail price on all of them!

I wasn't worried about money when I walked out.....although I usually like to have another job lined up before quitting. It's hard for me to be patient when looking for a job, I want to get hired right away....don't you see how awesome I am by my resume?? ;) I'm avoiding the fast food joints, even though could be an easy hire, I'm too loyal to get a job won't like or feel need to quit in matter of a few years. Looking for a job has all changed, instead of hoofing it, walking into places asking for applications......everything is online, so even though I am looking for a job....not leaving the house makes me feel like I'm not doing anything :( I applied for cake decorator at the Safeway right across the street from BR and it looks like going through the final steps of the hiring process! I'm excited to still be decorating, and almost the exact same travel time....instead of the offered BR decorating job if willing to drive almost an hour to work. I have to go get my prescription....maybe I can get the drug swab and background check done today instead of tomorrow. What was that about patience? lol On the plus side, the person doing the hiring called me yesterday to arrange it...and told her she had already penciled me in for Weds, and told her where she wrote it down (because she wrote it on my application instead of her agenda book). Think that also makes me look good.....not going to go buy a bunch of black slacks and polo shirts (and day my hair a "normal" color for the dress code) until I know for sure I got the job.....and even then, think I can get away with my purple hair if it's so dark looks more like black until the sun hits it.....not like they can tell much under a hairnet and hat LOL

Don't think will be getting my birthday cakes from Baskin Robbins anymore....and only plan on going in for my Cotton Candy ice cream fix on cheap days.....tomorrow and every 31st of the month, just a $1.50 plus tax per scoop. BR raised it from the original deal $1.31....but not as insane an increase as our new manager would like :P I'm about to stop in for a second just to see what I'm going to get......since the person now ordering is one of his "managers" from the Subway store.....oh yeah, and the other cross over employee works four days at Subway and three days at BR~catch is, he is under 18......an NO ONE should be forced to work 7 day weeks. He won't complain and he won't quit because the owner is a bully and intimidates his young crew.

I wouldn't have lasted long there......I have a work ethic that won't get pushed around and would stand up to him! He was literally running out the store, fleeing the confrontation with me.....hell ya, I chase him out the store. I might even flip the bird at the camera when I go in...since know the creeper is watching LOL
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    This same thing happens time and again these days. You need to turn him in to Wage and Hour.


    They will go in and investigate ALL his records, and don't divulge the source of the complaint. I had a boss once who thought that by forcing all of us to sign a waiver for overtime ("I understand that all hours worked will be at straight time with no overtime wages.") that he was protected. SURPRISE!! Someone turned him in and they went back over ALL his records and he had to pay the overtime to EVERYONE who ever worked for him. Also, file a complaint with Baskin Robbins as they will NOT want their good name run in the ground like that!

    Good luck with your job-hunting. You did the right thing, it's not at all worth the upset and stress.

    846 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/30/2017 5:02:49 PM
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