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Sunday, May 21, 2017

There was once a time when I never thought I would make it this far. Each time I looked at the scale and it did OR didn't move I would be frustrated. If it did move I was frustrated by the fact that "that's ALL it's going to move!?!?" and if it didn't move I was horrified by the fact that I was yet again, a failure, and that I would never, ever lose this weight. With each failure came binge eating and sadness. I would give up and try again in 6 months when the pain became unbearable, my stomach acting up was beyond what I could tolerate and my mood was as low as it could possibly be. I would try again, fail once and give up. It was horrible.

For the past month and a half I have stalled with my weight loss. I didn't believe it to be a plateau (and it truly wasn't) but instead of giving up I tried to find out WHY I was stalled, what was happening? What was different from before?

As I tried to find out what was wrong I recommitted to SP and started tracking my food again. As I started tracking I started feeling ill. "SOMETHING is going wrong! I have to figure this out!" I kept telling myself over and over. Many nights I cried not because I was stalled but because I was scared that by body was acting so out of character.

I started taking some supplements (Mg and K which are necessary on keto but I hadn't been taking them all along) and those helped with some of my issues but I was still stalled and struggling to find out why. I felt glad that I hadn't gained but I was frustrated!

I went to the doctor for another issue and they recorded my weight from the last time I was there and they were very happy about my weight loss but secretly in my head I knew I was in a stall and the next time I came back I would NOT have lost anything. I didn't want to let my doctor know because she had tried to encourage me to change my diet to a plant based one (which I was not interested in). I wanted to figure this out!

I finally figured it out with some advice from my sister. She told me it might be too much dairy. I realized (thinking back) that I had added a tooooon of dairy to my diet. I cut it down (not out, but down) and I started losing again!

I made it through my stall without giving up. And I am still not depriving myself. I WAS eating too much dairy. It has to be a balance.

It took me 34 years to learn how to be unhealthy, I cannot expect to learn to be healthy in 4 months time, but I'm slowly working on it. The amazing part is that I didn't give up and made it through.

I am a half of a pound away from 50 lost!!!!!!!!!!!!
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