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Dissecting the Trigger Food on the Comeback Trail

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

So recently i've been reading a book on trigger foods. We all have them and we've been told to stay away from them or we will gain weight, develop health conditions or worsen our health conditions. Now that's my experience. If I don't stay away from certain foods, I get bigger, heavier, my hips and back hurt, etc. I've tried the 'everything in moderation' route but I really can't seem to eat my trigger foods in moderation. emoticon Some call it an addiction. A book I'm reading calling the Hunger Fix gets into it, but I will just mention my experience. My trigger foods are doughnuts, chocolate, iced coffee, bubble tea, chips and the fast food breakfast. There definitely have been times when I've dropped all that for a time and boy did I lose weight and my energy was soaring so that I could do my intense workouts and wake up early before my alarm clock in the morning, even on weekends! But I honestly think that if you helped the process a bit, those trigger foods won't even be appealing... emoticon That's what i discovered in the dissecting of my trigger foods. I discovered it while journalling. emoticon I realize that if I get enough sleep, I don't crave the chocolate so much, making staying away from it really easy. You see chocolate has caffeine and I usually reach for that albeit unconsciously as a pick me up. And guess when I usually eat it...Before BED! It's the same for the sugar craving for me too. Sugar is an energy source for me. But I realize that if I have enough healthy carbs, specifically before and after my workouts, I don't have the cravings. For a time there as well, I had low sodium in my blood, also known as dehydration and I was having Mcdonalds for breakfast so many times a week! And chips galore!! My sodium was then monitored and that was cured too. Is it deprivation or strategy? You decide. emoticon
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