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Daily Five and one of THOSE photos

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Daily Five:

1. I am grateful for my smile! I know, my teeth are less than perfect and for years I didn't want to smile. I went to a few different dentists, orthodontists and even oral surgeons to discuss correcting my bite and straightening my teeth - but with no dental insurance, needing surgery on my jaw which wouldn't be covered by my health insurance, the bottom line was more than I was willing to spend! My choppers aren't real pretty - but they get the job done! I have learned that smiling is more than flashing your teeth to someone! I smile with my whole face! My eyes get squinchy, my cheeks puff up and yes, my teeth are uncovered. That little action of smiling makes me feel good! It makes others feel a little bit better too! I like to smile - and to feel good!

2. My lungs. Gee the lungs have come up a few times. I walked the dog in the woods the other day. I did it right after I ate dinner. I must admit my body felt more like taking a nap than taking a walk. Climbing the hills in the neighborhood (even the smaller ones) had me huffing and puffing - but I huffed and puffed my way through it. I am hoping as I continue on this path my lungs won't have to work so hard and won't be so encumbered by the extra fat I am carrying around! Grateful to be able to treat them to some fresh air!

3. My ankles, or my cankles. I always feel they are far to large and out of proportion with the rest of my leg - but regardless - they do a pretty good job of carrying me around! I was at an art fair with a friend this weekend. I am always envious of her body which is smaller than mine and I think, much better looking. However after taking in some of the art fair she felt the need to sit because of ankle pain. My cankles do an awesome job even with all the extra weight I have loaded on. Geesh - they are strong! Can you believe I am identifying a part of me as strong? Whoa - that is growth!

4. My ears. Not that my ears are pretty - but dang they bring me the gift of listening - to children laughing, music, sirens, the songs of birds, barking dogs and even cries for help. I can't imagine a life without the gift of hearing.

5. My granny belly. Not sure why I am putting this in here - I am not really thankful for it and I don't really like it. In fact I dislike it so much I'd almost say I hate it. However, it is motivating me to take better care of myself so I can someday see it smaller!

Which brings me to this - do you think that wearing stretchy pants adds to developing a granny belly? I noticed that when the legging/yoga pant thing started, I quit wearing confining pants with waistbands, zippers and buttons. My body could just expand to any size it wanted to. I no longer tried to suck it in, hold it in place, or even notice when additional inches were sneaking on. Yikes! So now I am working on that - as I sit here in my stretch pants, I take the time to contract some muscles and hold them in place! Perhaps sucking it in once in a while is a good thing!

And as one thing leads to another - it brings me to this - this weekend was mother's day. My son spent the weekend at my house. Sunday my daughter and her family (minus one granddaughter) took us to nearby Holland to take in the Tulip Festival. This seems to have become a tradition the last few years. We went to Windmill Island this year. My son-in-law got the idea we should take a photo of the three of us (my son, daughter and me) in front of one of the small windmills. I wanted to hide in the back row, but instead we stood with our arms around each other. When I saw the photo, I cringed. That body shame was right there. As many reasons as I can come up with to be proud of, happy with, and even thankful for my body - all those things went right out the window.

It took me a while to become accepting of the photo. Really, it's not about the body, but the spirit inside the body. As I type this, my mind is already saying "that's what all fat people say". However I am going to tell that mean girl within to shut the hell up. My body isn't the prettiest, but it is mine and I am going to do what I can to reshape it, to take better care of it and to cherish it. My body deserves that. I am going to defend my body to that mean girl!

So here is my Mother's Day photo which was just one moment of a lovely day. i had a wonderful time with my kids and grandkids. Yes, I am blessed - with loving people and many things including a strong body. I am grateful!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BLUEJAY1969
    You did a good job telling that mean girl to shut up! I think the photo is great! I can't see your smile in it but I know it's beautiful. I have no teeth at all and yet people tell me I'm so pretty when I smile and I get such beautiful smiles back when I flash a grin at someone! As far as yoga pants go, I have no opinion on them and allowing us to put on weight. I wear comfortable yet fashionable clothes and I am still very aware of my weight. As far as sucking it in goes, I naturally do that quite a few times a day to strengthen my core. I made a habit of it a couple of years ago.
    (I am really behind on blogs.....my apologies.)

    1498 days ago
    i totally agree with the stretchy pants thing... but I think it also applies to the low riding waist pants (If its under the gut then they don't have the incentive to suck it in either). I like high waisted pants and have a tough time finding them anywhere.... even online. It also applies to other types of stretchy clothes. -- truly a mixed blessing at times.

    i have to disagree with the gramma thing.... I think grammas were meant to be fluffy and not stuffy. Too much fluff may not be healthy but i think God designed us to have a little more fluff in our gramma phase then in our mama phase -- it helps cushion the falls and prevent those nasty breaks. =)

    1500 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon
    1500 days ago
    Another great list of 5's. emoticon
    1500 days ago
    I love what you are thankful for on your body. Thanks for sharing.
    1500 days ago
    I think the photo is lovely ad yes, sometime what we see as "flaws" DO motivate us, and that's a good thing. YES those stretchy pants can be a healthy hazard amd make us complacent about our nutrition!

    Hope you have a sparking good week.
    1500 days ago
    Lots to think about.
    1500 days ago
  • LSIG14
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I absolutely love the photo - such a wonderful family group! I don't see what you didn't like about it. Could you stand to lose a few pounds? Yes, probably - but so could we all. I love that you have the energy to get out and enjoy life. I would love to have gotten a picture of me with my daughter on Mother's Day. Be thankful you did!! Sending hugs and cheers - you are getting to where you want to be!!
    1500 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13423552
    What a nice tradition to get a photo every year. I used to not want to take photos, but then you lose people and you wish you had more photos, so I'm getting over it! Looks like you had a nice day! Isn't it great to just be able to get out and walk and our legs just carry us! Wouldn't want to trade that for anything!

    1501 days ago
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