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Reflections and Strategies

Friday, April 07, 2017

As part of the Spring 2017 5% Challenge, we were asked to reflect back on 3 reasons/excuses of why our lifestyle modification plans have not been well executed in the past. Since knowing is not enough we are also being asked to come up with a strategy for each one to keep ourselves on track for the 8 weeks of the challenge.

One issue I have come up against is that I have made so many changes at a time, that following the new program is exhausting. After a while I just get tired and something happens that makes me say "screw this" and I go back to not watching what I eat or doing any exercising.

My strategy for this is that I have incorporated changes slowly. It has been less stressful.

A second issue is that I have a "Win It or Forget it!" personality. When I perceive that I am failing, I quit. This is a deadly combination with the first issue.

My strategy for this is to remind myself that this isn't going away. I tell myself constantly that this is the LAST TIME I will ever have to lose this weight because I am sticking with this plan. When I make a mistake (Yes, deep fried asparagus spear, I am referring to you) that is not a reason to quit. I just need to take a deep breath and forgive myself for failing that one thing and move on.

A third issue is that I found myself building a sparse food life with too many things that I could not ever have again. I found myself looking at a life with bland food that I had decided was healthier for me. In all honesty, This failed because it was just deprivation. I thought it was the way. It wasn't and it failed.
My strategy for this is easy. If I don't like it, I don't eat it again. I keep a variety of foods that I enjoy in my eating plan

What have I learned along the way that has really helped me? I learned that I can't live a life where I don't get a slice of birthday cake on my birthday. I learned that telling myself that I would learn to love something was a lie. I learned that it's ok to fail and just continue on.
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