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Spring is nearly sprung!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lord love a Duck--We made it!
Flip flops can soon come out---parkas put away---longer walks--crazy music--Ice shacks have to come off the lake----in fact, the sun does feel like there is some heat in it---BBQ's out of the sunroom, onto the deck----and the best of all--NO MORE SHOVELLING SNOW!
Time to assess the ol' body-----will it fit into "the bathing suit"?

On the home front here---It turns out, Tess, the long haired Shepherd with her very fat swollen ear, which is now flapping down, has what the vet described, as AURA HEMATOMA-----probably because Beau, the very rambunctious bad German boy--, as in dog, bit her ear, damaging a blood vessel which is now bleeding into her outer ear---causing it to droop over--

It means a trip , 2 hrs down the highway, to the vet, who I hope will drain this hematoma--

Last night for supper, I cooked a shrimp with Kale salad, dinner---
It took hours and hours to prepare---was expensive because of the shrimp ($10 a pound)-
and--------to me, it tasted terrible---
Isn't that always the way?--
It seems, anything new, just doesn't go over so well--
Himself never said a word-----at first----ate way more than me----
When he watched me struggling to eat at least the shrimp, then pitch the rest into the kitchen garbage-----he said, "I think I've had enough also!"
Bless his heart eh?

So my wonderful Sparkly friends--son #2 the Air Canada Pilot, is winging his way out to Halifax as I type--- Daughter and entourage is heading to an airport in California, heading home to Ohio----son #3, the Policeman , and his family are going to be driving back from a ski holiday in Michigan----and----- where is HIMSELF?-------still eating breakfast---has been now for almost 4 hrs---
ahhhhhh--the life of a man-----

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