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A challenge we all should try!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I had a mission this week---
You see, I now go to Weight Watchers once a week---

The challenge was to take a $20 bill--go to Dollarama and spend it---
But--(that big "butt" again!)---we had to spend it all--on OURSELVES---
-and whatever we purchased , had to be on, "Things that made us happy"---- just us!
And what we bought , was to be put in a gift bag--or wrapped --like a present--from ourselves-

I guess the gist of this challenge , was to show us that we seldom buy "stuff" just for us--just to make "US" happy--
I do for the dogs-- the Grandchildren--Himself--the house--
But for me?------not very often----

I bought some crazy glasses--- they looked like fun---some rocks with nice sayings on them--a hat--and a book--- then proceeded to the cash--
$7.99 the cashier said--- and this was after me walking up and down the aisles---for over an hour---
Back I went--- I needed to get to $20----

It would've been easy to buy spatulas for the house--etc etc for dogs---- but, for just me?--to make me happy?--
Eventually I threw in a hula skirt--a sketch pad--a globe of the world--

Women just don't do this kind of thing-----stuff to make us happy?---- like---it's like I don't deserve to spend money --ON ME --FOR NOTHING__-just to make me happy?

Lord love A Duck!
Why don't we?---
On the home front here- poor Tess, the long haired German (as in dog) has a very swollen outer ear---
Me thinks the cat mustve scratched her --or bitten her--
Already Ive been to town to pick up an antibiotic--
Ya never know what a day will bring--
Stay strong SpArkly People!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Someone mentioned a book store for the $20. Now that's something I could probably do.
    987 days ago
    I like that challenge. I'll have to try that sometime!!
    991 days ago
    It's good that you bought things for yourself, even though sometimes it is hard to buy just for ourselves. You did good though!!! Take care of your Tess' ear. I hope she gets better!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    993 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/19/2017 10:52:00 PM
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    Good Lord, $20 on Myself from the $1 store, what an exercise! Yes that is a hard thing to do. I love my paper products though.
    993 days ago
    Enjoy your gift to yourself!
    994 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    I don't think I could do that challenge unless it included food :/ hope you have a fantastic Sunday!!
    994 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Glad you took on that challenge. It can be hard at times to just buy things for ourselves.
    994 days ago
  • JANET552
    Poor Tess!! In our house, we know the damage a cat can do. Our Weimaraner wound up with a scratched cornea. Poor dog. He's never annoy the cat but the cat seems to love picking on him.

    I love the idea of that challenge.
    994 days ago
    Quite the challenge! Making ourselves happy is a very important part of a healthy life...we sometimes for get that!
    994 days ago
    What a strange challenge. $20 worth of junk from a dollar store? There are a lot of things that would make me a lot happier - like saving that $20 for something I'd actually want. I understand the idea behind the challenge - that we tend to focus on doing for others rather than ourselves, but the way they suggested "making yourself happy" seems weird to me.
    994 days ago
    I'd find this hard. I'd always ask if I really needed it. Would I use it?
    994 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    I could easily spend $20! I would buy lots of stickers! emoticon
    994 days ago
    I was watching a woman painting flowers this morning. I could easily spend money on Art supplies for myself. For years, I haven't had a hobby. This year, I did two drawings with the Paint on my computer. I also bought a Complete Art Studio in a box which I haven't opened yet.

    It is something that I don't feel is selfish. I am glad that you took the challenge and I hope your dog's ear heals up.
    994 days ago
    YaY! Lynda-- great job buying things just to make you happy! The hula skirt sounds wonderfully fun!

    Congratulations on joining and Welcome to Weight Watchers. I go to WW every week (and the dollar store in in the shopping center, but unfortunately I have to walk past a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store first)-- fire away any questions, any time!!

    994 days ago
  • MOEE45
    That is a cool challenge! Congratulations on joining Weight Watchers!
    Hope your German feels better, and i hope you have a wonderful day! emoticon
    994 days ago
  • THOMS1
    994 days ago
    994 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    A fun challenge for sure - and amazing how much $20 will buy in a dollar store LOL!!!
    994 days ago
    Not long ago I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some pampering things for myself…some bubble bath, bath salts, new hair brush, etc. Trying to reward myself with some non-food items. I LOVE to soak in a hot bath and read. So relaxing at the end of the day. Hope Tess is doing better.
    994 days ago
    I agree with someone else who said you probably end up with too much junk spending $20 in a Dollar Store! But, I do think we don't think of ourselves often enough for stuff that would make us happy! I, um, however, do not suffer from that! I have no problem spending too much money on me! I do consider my investment in WEight Watchers as something just for me! Money well spent too. I love the support I get there! ooooh, maybe The Sushster is tougher than we think!! Watch out Germans!
    994 days ago
    Wow, that would be a hard challenge. I need new walking shoes and keep putting off buying them. I keep saying, "maybe later,". DH is pushing me to get them but I always think of other things we need more. They will cost more than $20 but it's the same principle. We should all do this challenge more often until it becomes a habit.
    994 days ago
    994 days ago
    What an interesting idea and...so true. I love your style.
    994 days ago
    Nice challenge indeed! Gotta try it. Poor Tess, hope she gets well soon.
    994 days ago
    Interesting challenge for sure. Have a great weekend!
    994 days ago
    $20.00 on myself at the dollar store would be a challenge. I guess if I had to , I would go for some of the fine looking neck laces they have but then they would just hang at home, I don't dress up much.

    I love all the women that care enough about themselves to dress nice before going to town (out of the house)
    I just stopped caring. Anyway that is a hard challenge.

    I hope poor Tess is Ok.

    994 days ago
    still.... white bread? emoticon
    994 days ago
    I made a list of things that I want - not NEED. There is a big difference. I need to pay the rent, buy food, pay the phone bill, cable bill, etc. I want to buy a new pair of gold earrings, have a manicure, buy a book by my favorite author. Women in particular, tend to deny themselves even the most basic things. This must change. Putting yourself at the top of the list is not selfish. It is liberating. We are all worthy of being treated well. Rewarding good behavior is a very successful way to bring about behavior changes. Food is not a reward, it is fuel for one's body. Changing how you treat yourself, can mean freedom from overeating. I get to say what makes me happy. Thanks for the great exercise !
    Now for Tess. She MAY have a subdural haematoma on her ear. Dogs with prick ears ^-^ get them from shaking their heads. Ears are very vascular, so when they shake a small blood vessel will burst. The blood will form a marble sized lump between the layers of skin on the ear. Unfortunately draining and suturing the layers of skin together is a job for the vet. My Westie did this. Twice! Good luck!
    994 days ago
    It's so true that we do have a hard time spending money just for fun on ourselves. Just like we tend to spend our energy taking care of others instead of doing things for ourselves.
    994 days ago
    this one double posted but I still like it
    994 days ago
    I agree that spending $20 on myself would be quite a challenge unless I spent it on books or new music - then absolutely no problem.

    Have a great weekend.
    994 days ago
    BUT (there's that big "butt" again) we SHOULD take good care of ourselves.
    994 days ago
    Sometimes we get so busy taking care of everyone else, we don't make time for ourselves. Good challenge spending $20. at the Dollar Store. I would have a hard time, too...and like MYTURN19, I would be tempted to hit the candy aisle emoticon
    994 days ago
    I just had to come back after leaving my comments on the "twin" to this blog. emoticon

    I have lifted prayer for Tess to have speedy healing of her ear. God bless her!

    I have, also, been thinking about the idea of buying "things" in an effort to "make one happy" - happiness in things is so fleeting - it seems that soon one would be looking for the next "thing" to bring happiness into their days. I do understand the thought behind the exercise/challenge; however, I just don't see the worth in it.

    I was telling my precious MrV about the challenge given you & his immediate comment was that he believes that I would have a hard time finding five-dollars worth of "gifts" for myself. Well, don't you know, I have been pondering that statement & I believe that if push came to shove, I could meet it - what with the gift bag or wrap being part of the five-dollars spent. emoticon emoticon

    God bless!

    P.S. --- Oh, & don't forget that the weekly dues for Weight Watchers is actually a gift you are giving yourself & the getting there for meetings is part of giving to yourself. I wish you every success in that endeavor, Lynda!

    994 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/18/2017 1:18:13 PM
  • no profile photo GREYTDOLPHIN
    Sounds like you had fun, sounds like a good challenge. I always buy clothes for my husband, sons and grand kids, but not for myself. I keep waiting to lose more weight. Geeze, I'm getting holes in some of my old favorites & will have to go out and get some things.

    Hope Tess feels better soon and the ear heals. My Bella must have pulled something & can't jump up on the bed anymore. We're really worried about her, as greys are so prone to bone cancer. We have an appointment with our vet as soon as we get back to St Louis.
    994 days ago
    I get most of my pen pal stuff at the $ store so it's easy for me to spend that much so I can enjoy my pen palling.
    994 days ago
    I might have trouble spending money for myself at the dollar store but maybe not. Just would depend on my mood and what they had that day. After never spending money for me personally now I can and I do occasionally. Glad you were able to find something fun. I want to ask is the Dollarama like the Dollar store or more like the Dollar Tree?
    994 days ago
    I would have trouble with that challenge mostly because of the kinds of stuff they sell in the Dollar Store. Now put me in a book store and I could spend $20 on one book and be quite happy. But I'm happy you found this aspect of your life; now you need to put that sort of "please myself" activity on your calendar. Perhaps once a month you could indulge yourself for a certain amount of money and in an outlet of your choosing. Think about what would really give you some joy - something just for you.
    994 days ago
    What an interesting challenge. I have trouble in that area too. I've been trying to think of rewards to give myself for staying on track. It's hard getting rewards for just myself.
    994 days ago
    I would have a hard time spending $20.00 on myself at the Dollar Store too.
    994 days ago
    Not only do we not spend money on ourselves but we lose touch with what would make us happy. I can totally relate to your quandary in the store about finding things that are for you alone. We forget.

    An excellent exercise to do once in a while to remind us.

    994 days ago
    We don't spend money on ourselves often or at all.
    It seems that we fail to reward ourselves and that
    is a shame. Thanks for sharing!
    994 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    That would be a challenge but I'd love to see the pictures of you in your hula skirt, hat, and the crazy glasses.

    Now that would be a challenge I just threw out to you. Have himself take your photo and post it tomorrow.

    Hugs, Sunny

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    994 days ago
    Very interesting challenge Lynda. Yes, I bet it was hard.
    994 days ago
    Oh my . . . that would be a challenge for me, as well!

    Poor Tess. Hope that the antibiotic helps.

    It's always something isn't it!
    994 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Hmm, I never thought about that before ... just picking up things that would make ME happy. Great idea, I'm going to try that next time I go to a dollar store.

    Aw, poor Tess, hope she hasn't got infection.

    Enjoy your weekend Lynda and no more snow, eh?
    emoticon emoticon
    994 days ago
    I never spent $$$ on myself until my kids and grandkids were grown. I still get stuff for all of them occassionally but now it's more for my mom (91) and myself (70) since I've been divorced for 40+ years). I'm now doing a little spending on myself. Just bought a new computer so I can continue to Spark.
    Good for you but how do you spend $20 in a dollar store without coming home with junk that will get thrown out before long? Good on you for joining Weight Watchers.
    994 days ago
  • LOSER05
    994 days ago
    I always make myself happy; that's no problem at all for me. After sacrificing all those years for a now-grown family, I feel I deserve it. Have a wonderful day.
    994 days ago
  • MYTURN19
    You should be proud of your purchases.I would have had trouble going down the candy aisle with my sweet tooth 😋
    994 days ago
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