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A challenge we all should try!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I had a mission this week---
You see, I now go to Weight Watchers once a week---

The challenge was to take a $20 bill--go to Dollarama and spend it---
But--(that big "butt" again!)---we had to spend it all--on OURSELVES---
-and whatever we purchased , had to be on, "Things that made us happy"---- just us!
And what we bought , was to be put in a gift bag--or wrapped --like a present--from ourselves-

I guess the gist of this challenge , was to show us that we seldom buy "stuff" just for us--just to make "US" happy--
I do for the dogs-- the Grandchildren--Himself--the house--
But for me?------not very often----

I bought some crazy glasses--- they looked like fun---some rocks with nice sayings on them--a hat--and a book--- then proceeded to the cash--
$7.99 the cashier said--- and this was after me walking tip and down the aisles---for over an hour---
Back I went--- I need to get to $20----

It would've been easy to buy spatulas for the house--etc etc for dogs---- but, for just me?--to make me happy?--
Eventually I threw in a hula skirt--a sketch pad--a globe of the world--

Women just don't do this kind of thing-----stuff to make us happy?---- like---it's like I don't deserve to spend money --ON ME --FOR NOTHING__-just to make me happy?

Lord love A Duck!
Why don't we?---
On the home front here- poor Tess, the german (as in dog) has a very swollen outer ear---
Me thinks the cat tustve scratched her --or bitten her--
Already Ive been to town to pick up an antibiotic--
Ya never know what a day will bring--
Stay strong SpArkly People!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Spending money on frivolous things does NOT make me happy, so that would be a frustrating exercise here! Maybe I could justify a new houseplant or something for the house that would brighten my work space, but spending money just to spend it really goes against my grain!
    994 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    It's true we seldom spent money on us??? Hope Tess is doing better.
    999 days ago
    wow .. what a really cool idea!

    1000 days ago
    I hope you can enjoy your new things and have some fun with them. Poor Tess, I hope her ear heals well. Hugs.
    1000 days ago
    1000 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Interesting assignment. I loved your choices. Hope Tess is feeling better soon.
    1000 days ago
    Love the idea of you treating YOU; what a brilliant concept (and on non-food too!!)

    All best for rapid healing of that ear!!
    1000 days ago
  • MBPP50
    emoticon emoticon
    1000 days ago
    That's a tough challenge, but a good one. In a local supermarket over here, it would be spent on a new weight or sports socks, or even workout gear, but in our equivalent 'Poundland'? Tricky!!
    1000 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    1000 days ago
    I assume you couldn't buy candy, cokes, etc. to make you happy!😬
    1000 days ago
    My DH is good about telling me to get what I want. I tend to hesitate if it is for me. I enjoy shopping for others though. But if I were to do that project for WW, I would have to bend the rules a little. I would not go to the Dollar Store, but somewhere I could buy flowers or a pretty house plant. A Pretty watering can for the house. Stuff like that. Or books. Love books! But then again, I DO buy those things for me! Just not all the time. It is a good lesson to learn though.
    1000 days ago
    1000 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    I'd want to buy books, but not at the Dollarama! Hula skirt? Hmm. Hope Tess is doing better. She probably got too friendly with Sushi.
    1000 days ago
    1000 days ago
  • GABY1948
    SO good to see you became even more dedicated to your health! You make my day/week/month/year! You are gonna do it and MAKE it! WW is an awesome way to do it too! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1000 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Wow! That would be a challenge for me ... stuff drives me nuts, because it accumulates and needs care, and then it no longer brings me joy. I need to dig out that Marie Kondo book and start tidying again!

    Hope Tess's ear gets better soon!
    1000 days ago
    Lets not point the finger at the cat unless there is proof. Its so true about spending money on ourselves. I can't remember the last time I did that, however, I think the next time I go out I'm going to try to come up with a me-thing.
    1000 days ago
    Poor Tess !
    I hope her ear is not painful and I hope she feels better soon. Was it SUSHI -
    On the Dollar store I would give it away to the next person I see who is begging in the street.
    I grew up poor so I like to give it away.

    I am old enough to be down sizing. .
    Pat in Maine emoticon
    1000 days ago
    white bread? emoticon
    1001 days ago
    I have a very hard time spending money on just me

    I hope that the dog is ok
    1001 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Difficult, but I think it was a great challenge and you should be proud you stuck with it. emoticon

    It is like taking "Me Time" pamper yourself. We tend to say, I don't have time to do that, but we make time to do everything else. The we get cranky because we're the ones doing everything thing else. So sit back relax and and maybe take a bubble bath emoticon

    1001 days ago
    Poor Tess. Sounds as if Sushi is taking over.

    Do you find that Weight Watchers is helping?

    1001 days ago
    Wow! I might have to try that one- might be fun! A hula skirt- WAY FUN!

    Sounds like Sushi can take pretty good care of herself, sorry for Tess though- she will learn. Antibiotics and the cone of shame- poor baby!
    1001 days ago
    1001 days ago
    Spending $20 would be easy if it was at a book store. Actually, I would need more than $20. At Dollarama, I would be like you because anything I would pick up would be for the house or car or Himself. It would be a challenge to spend $20 on myself. It is a good exercise.
    1001 days ago
    I would have failed the test...

    Like 'OneKidsMom' If I was going to spend $20 to say I love me... movie/play tickets or flowers or take myself out for a meal.. followed by a write-up in my journal of what a nice thing I did for ME. not some stuff to add to the clutter that I already have too much of.

    For me... things do not show love.... it is the good memories that make lasting love.
    Memories are priceless

    1001 days ago
    I would find that challenge to be extremely painful, Lynda. I truly doubt that I would follow through with success at the end of the exercise. emoticon

    Now my precious Mom did not go overboard buying just for herself while we were kids; however, for the past forty or so years, she has seemed to be able to spend quite freely on herself. I don't understand one woman needing so many clothes, pocketbooks, pieces of jewelry, cups & saucers, books (lots & lots of emoticon ), etc. - just things! She has always been extremely generous in supporting worthy causes & giving to those in need, so I won't judge her choices in how to spend the money allowed her - even though those choices have surprised me at times. emoticon

    I have never lacked anything I need & have had a lot of my "greed" met over the years; however, I, too, have always found it difficult to give myself permission to purchase something just for Ima. It is not a case of not being able to financially buy pretty much anything I might desire; rather, it is a case of always second guessing how to be a better steward of the finances that the good Lord gifts us with. For instance, I rather send a money gift for the children (& their families) we are sponsors of through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope & through Child Fund (formally Christian Children's Fund). I certainly get way more pleasure in doing that than in purchasing anything for this old gal. Another interesting part is that I just don't seem to have any great desire for things for myself. My beloved MrV has been known to say (with a trace of pride in his dear voice) that he has never known anyone as content in life as I always have been. For me the contentment comes from giving rather than spending on myself. That said I did purchase a package of six pairs of underpants for myself last Thursday! emoticon emoticon

    God bless!
    1001 days ago
    I can't imagine trying to spend $20 on just me at the dollar store! That must've been as irritating as it was challenging! Sounds as though you found some fun, though! Good for you! Good stuff to make the kids laugh which will also make you laugh!
    Poor Tess...good thing you and Himself are medical and can figure stuff out right away!
    1001 days ago
    Very interesting challenge Lynda. Yes, I bet it was hard.
    1001 days ago
    Oh, my. I don't think I could have done it!
    1001 days ago
    Why don't we put ourselves first more often? Because we care about others more than we do ourselves- not a bad trait I guess to be selfless.
    Hope Tess will be okay!
    1001 days ago
    1001 days ago
    We don't do it often enough, you are so on target with that! That's why this morning I posted the following on my Feed as a reminder to all of us, "Do something just for you today...whatever makes your heart happy!"

    1001 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Excellent idea, gonna think what I could buy for me to make me happy, think I may get some earrings again as I lost one of the last pair and I REALLY liked them!

    Thanks for sharing Lynda x
    1001 days ago
    Hope Tess's ear heals quickly. I understand about wanting to buy things for others, When my oldest child was a baby, she is 58 now, my mom gave me $5.00 to buy something pretty for myself. I bought a pretty sundress for my DD. My mom reminded me that it was to be something that would make me happy and I told her that nothing could make me happier than to see my beautiful baby in that pretty sundress.
    1001 days ago
    That sounds like a good challenge! A lot of people would benefit from that. I started buying downloadable video games last year, to do something fun, and I'm really glad that I did! I also really love my Netflix account. It was just for me, but I let my cousin join me on the account, since I could have another person, and he struggles with money problems. But anyway, that's fun, because I can watch all these shows that I missed on TV when they first came out, and they have a bunch of movies as well. Those activities are just online, though. I need to do some fun things out in the real world. Bravo for taking the challenge and doing such a good job! Now I want to go to the Dollar Store, and try that out myself. It sounds like fun!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1001 days ago
  • PROVERBS3128
    Glad you were able to find some things to make you happy.....
    A thought not to counteract, point was taken as to how hard it is, but......
    I feel....you were somewhat frustrated to buy things for yourself, and really how often will you
    use those things and how often will they bring you joy except for the "fact" that you bought them?

    But, yes, I know its a but,...but, if you went out and bought things for Himself, the grandchildren,
    you give it to them......it brings so much more joy to see them enjoy it, use it, etc. THAT joy is more
    of an everlasting or ongoing joy.

    Yes, we as women do not do enough for ourselves, but I also believe we as women would never
    be overly happy doing so. I think there is something in us, that makes us givers, givers of gifts,
    givers of love, givers of ourselves.

    Happiness is the joy of giving to make others happy. Those that focus on their own happiness
    are never happy. At least I haven't met one yet that is.

    One more thought, do you see how in sharing in your blogs, it is one more area of giving to make
    others happy. Look at the comments many times on your blog, look how often words such as
    happy, joy, light up my day, sunshine into my life, like, smile, are in the comments.

    Love and prayers, emoticon
    1001 days ago
    Poor Tess! Hope it heals fast. You are right it is kind of hard to spend money just on ourselves. To make us happy? At our age things don't necessarily make us happy. Doing things for others would fit the bill or getting a massage or mani/pedicure, but they don't seem to carry that at our dollar store. That's a tough one! Crazy glasses? This I got to see! Do the eyeballs fall out? Have a great day Lynda!
    1001 days ago
    Isn't that so true - we can always think of things to buy for everyone else in our life, but to spend money on ourselves is so hard to do.

    I needed to buy another pair of yoga pants for all the physical therapy I will be doing recovering from my knee surgery. I REALLY wanted the grey ones because they wouldn't show so much dog hair. But the grey ones were $8 more than the black or navy ones. What a dilemma. I finally asked my husband and he said "For heavens sake, buy the ones you want!!" So I did - but I couldn't do it on my own!

    I love that exercise and I just might give it a try myself!
    1001 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    This is so true to spend money on ourselves. I always things of everyone but myself. What a good challenge. I wonder if I could do it. Nothing like the time to try.
    1001 days ago
    Poor Tess... bad Sushi! As for spending $20 to make myself happy? It wouldn't be on "stuff"! It would be maybe a movie ticket? Or flowers? Anyway, neither could be found at the dollar store! I guess I am OK with spending to make me happy! Does that make me selfish?

    In my own defense, "back in the day" when DH would spend money, I would avoid spending on things that made ME happy to balance the budget!
    1001 days ago
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