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Sunday, March 12, 2017

First things first...my weightloss!
Excited to be in the 220's now! As of today if you were to round up I am closer to 220 than 230 :D
It has been a while since I added a picture so I figured that I would take one today! I will get back to taking the full body ones soon. I need to get a better mirror to get some. The best part is that I can tell in my neck and face that I have lost a lot of fat. I don't have as much of a double chin anymore :D so far I have lost almost 7 lbs this month. That is almost what I lost for the whole month of February!! I am not being as strict but I do watch my portions and if I cheat I don't binge. I still have not had a single soda since January. It is not as hard as it used to be. I have about 74 lbs left to get to my goal weight of 150. I would have to lose about 25 lbs per month to make it to that by June 23rd... Even if that does not happen by my birthday I will still be happy! I am excited that my size 18 jeans are starting to get to be too big on me! When I started this Diet in January my size 22 jeans were screaming! I am going to have to go shopping soon.. either that or I will have to wear a belt LOL!

Second thing.... my house.
I just cleaned out my closet and my dresser. I put anything over size 20 or the size 20's that were cut a little bigger in a bag to bless someone else with them. The next thing that I want to do is buy a dvd player so that I can start doing my exercise dvd's in my bedroom. I don't like doing it with the kids in the room because they always distract me or try to talk to me while I am working out. I am excited because I think that I actually have room in my bedroom to do it now. My son's dresser did not work for him anymore because he broke the drawers. I took it and now I am using it as a make-shift linen closet. I took all the drawers out and am just using it for shelves. Eventually I will take it outside and sand it down and stain it. That provided me with more space in front of my bed and helped organize extra sheets and blankets. Slowly I am getting my house the way I want it. I just wish my little crap trailer had more storage. We moved here almost 3 years ago. We put this single wide down on our 12 acre lot with the thought that when we sell our other house we would have a house built that would be our forever home. Well it is taking a lot longer than we thought it would to sell our other house. We have been stuck in this small trailer. The only thing that I do like about it is that at least the kids each have their own bedrooms. In our old house the girls had to share...that was a mess. We may never be able to afford our dream home, but we need to get a bigger home than we have now. The next home that we get will not have these cheap panel walls. I have never seen anything like it. They are so weak that the kids have broken many of them! I want drywall so that I can change paint and hang pictures and things.

Now to talk about work... I am a teacher. I teach middle school art. I have 2 eighth grade classes, 2 seventh grade classes and 3 sixth grade classes. I love teaching art. I love my students most days ;P I think honestly we are all burnt out. We all need a break. It is so long until our spring break. I went to Penn State and got my BS in art education. I did not do my student teaching so I am still considered lateral entry. What they means is that I have to take certain classes to get my professional teacher's license. The first school that I worked for did not do much to help guide me in what I needed to complete my course of study in time. The whole first year I did not even get my course of study from RALC. I was hired January of 2014 and it took me contacting RALC personally to get my course of study. That was in November of 2015. Now I only have until July 1st of this year to finish my course of study. One problem that I have is that RALC may not have accepted all of my credits from PSU. I have sent in an appeal in the hopes that they will reconsider and accept all of my credits. Even if they do then I still need 2 more classes. I need a class in literacy and a photography or digital media class. Teaching art has always been my dream come true. It is inconceivable to me that after this year I may not be able to teach anymore! I do believe that I can get my literacy class during the first session this summer... the digital media is going to be harder to find an online course. It will all be for nothing if RALC does not approve my appeal. The only other thing that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life would be to be a paid artist! To be commissioned to make art or crochet things. I don't think that I could go back to anything else. I used to sell malpractice insurance. I worked part time at a bank. Both of those jobs were ok, but compared to teaching they were torture! I don't know what I am going to do. The only other career that I could see myself doing is working for central. My husband is a Lt. for our local sheriff's office. I would be nervous that I would not be good at it. I really hope that I do not have to worry about all of this. I am hoping that I am worrying over nothing. I really hope that they approve everything and I can find the classes that I need. I will just have to wait and see.

Other than that I guess everything else is ok. I am just trying to be patient. Trying to trust that everything will turn out good.
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    Keep up the great work
    1043 days ago
    Great job! Stay on track!
    1043 days ago
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