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Sunday, March 12, 2017

I have been a yoyo dieter for about 15 years. I guess I didn't care what I looked liked because I was married and my husband at the time it did not matter to him what I looked liked. Now that I am divorced and have my High School Sweetheart back in my life I realize what I have been doing to myself. Not that he's not happy with me he supports what ever I want to do and is along for the ride himself to get and stay healthy he's been a skinny Minnie for 25 years he's always worn a 29 to 30 jean 140 to 150lbs. Now I know how I feel and I'm tired of it completely. One of the RN's that I work with has given me some insight to losing weight. I told her what I was doing and although I have lot 8 inches around my waist I was not losing any weight. So that's when we had a long conversation about what I was and was not doing. She told me how she had lost about 170lbs and kept it off for 12 years. So I started doing this and BAM in 2 weeks I dropped 10lbs. I have never dropped weight not even as so much to water weight in 2 weeks of regular dieting. All I drink is water or tea. I gave up soda and didn't see a drop in weight over the course of 2 months. So I listened to her in all of her glory and I am slowly dropping weight and even a few more inches around my waist. I haven't been able to sit in a chair or in my car look down and see my lap. But, WOOHOO now I can and I do truly owe it all to her.
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  • -JAMES-
    Don't worry about cutting carbohydrates. They are not an "essential" nutrient of any type. They are pure calories, and while we need calories, we can get them elsewhere. Go as low as you comfortably can on these. You still need vitamin C for example, and the only way to get that is to eat foods with vitamin C, like green peppers which are high in that, but even green peppers have carbs.

    So what target numbers?
    Calories (1200 to 1800)
    Carbs (as low as reasonably, but probably 20 to 40 grams)
    Protein (60 to 80 grams)
    Fat (100 grams)

    Fibre is a carb in its structure, so it is a sub-type of carb really. We can't get calories from fibre though termites can, which is why they can eat wood. It is actually pretty hard to eat a lot of fibre eating Keto. Don't worry about daily bowel movements as long as you aren't uncomfortable. If you are, get some psyllium husks from a health food store, ... you'll figure out some way to eat them. Don't get metamucil which has psyllium husks ground up in it, but it has way way too much sugar.

    You'll have to look elsewhere to figure out your fibre target. I have no idea. I don't think about fibre at all ... that is just me.

    This page should give you a pretty good idea:

    The absolute main thing on Keto is to limit grams of carbs, and not worry about fat much at all. I eat cheese pretty often, all types. I had spicy white cheddar cheese in my omelette this morning. I'll probably eat some brie sometime today.

    You'll probably have a hard time initially just eating enough calories if you keep carbs low. So many things are gone:
    - sugar
    - potatoes
    - rice
    - wheat
    - pasta
    976 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/12/2017 12:43:39 PM
    Know that you can set up your own I just don't know what a general idea should be. Please Help
    976 days ago
    I do have a couple of general questions as far as setting up my nutrition on the page what should my numbers be between like 0-what for calories fat carbs protein fiber? I haven't found that the generic 2000 Calories that spark has is right but I
    976 days ago
    Thank you so much but I might need help along the way and I did not know where else to turn I am so glad that I found this group I hope that I will be part of a team that is willing to help along the way with questions comments and concerns.
    976 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    You are on a Keto team that I am a leader of "Keto Clarity". I know what you are saying. Keto for me for the last 5 years.

    Your ticker says down 10 pounds, with another 100 to go. Let me tell you, it is not untypical to consistently loose 2 pounds a week. So a year from now you will be at that goal. Every month about 9 pounds down.

    It will happen, and without all the hunger! Stay with it!

    976 days ago
    I love Keto!
    976 days ago
    Good luck to you
    976 days ago
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