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Future Me, Future You

Monday, February 20, 2017

So I guess I owe you a blog post. Er, sorry.

I hit 300 and a bit above (308?) and then boomeranged back down, all thanks to the miracle of modern science. As in, I joined my local hospital's weight loss program. This all happened when my doctor suggested I consider bariatric surgery in order to get the weight off my knees. I read about it and listened to their pitch and decided there was no way in hell I was going to do that.

Kudos to anyone who tried it and is happy with it. It was not for me. But they had a drug therapy type of program so I took it. The first stuff I was on was a kind of stimulant which I really did not care for (although I lost weight), as I was already stressed from work and family stuff (not me or my husband, and I won't go into details here).

Now I'm on a drug called Belviq which is okay but my insurance carrier does not cover it. Hence this is my one and only bottle of it. I'll have to get something else. I can't even tell if it's working, in all honesty, so it may be just as well if the Belviq experiment ends prematurely.

I am also eating a lot less carbs now. However, that has aggravated my vasovagal syncope and rocketed it into exercise-induced low blood sugar. So I get to feel dizzy! How thrilling. Not.

But I am persisting. I am trying. And my husband said the other day that he could see the changes. So I've got that going for me.

But the title of this blog post circles back to an idea I've had or I've heard and maybe stolen. Helfino.

Anyway - the idea is - do things not only for who you are right now, but do things for your future you. For the person you will be in 2 hours, or a week, or a year, or a decade. I'll give you a few examples.

Future me really likes it when past me has rinsed the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Future me likes it when past me has roasted vegetables for the week. Future me really likes it when I get ahead on work so the end of the week is a time when I have less to do. Future me likes it when past me does my physical therapy exercises for my knee and my back and hip. Future me likes it when past me lifts up the windshield wipers when it's going to snow.

You get the idea.

Have you ever reread an old letter from years ago, or a term paper? And you wondered (maybe) - who was that person? Even when your name is front and center, you can sometimes forget how well you knew that subject, or what you were feeling when you wrote what you did.

That is your past self speaking to you. Yes, you, through your old term papers and letters.

And also through your choices.

You do what you can, yet the gods conspire against you. We've all been there. Losing weight is, I suspect, as hard as quitting smoking, or close to it. And we are also saddled with a supermajority of people who gain it back. And slower metabolisms, not only from weight loss but from aging. It stinks. I know this from personal experience.

But think of your future self, okay? And consider what he or she would have wanted you to do today, tonight, this week, this month, and this year. And love that person, because that is you.
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