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The Magical Healthy Eating Moment

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I finally had it.
The moment I've been waiting for.
The moment when you NATURALLY crave healthy natural foods and realize you prefer the healthy item to the processed foods.

Oh yes.
I've been waiting.
And today it came!!

I'm 6 weeks into this journey. I've struggled with digestion issues in the past year or two. I noticed that it would flare up more often when taking medicine and that it was controlled alot better without intervention if I ate a healthy diet. Fast food and junk food seemed to make it worse. I found that having a couple TBSP of ACV would knock out the indigestion and pain. Long story short - I was taking more medicine so I said to myself, Okay Nayia. You have to eat healthier so your body can stop getting sick. And you need to hit the gym and try to focus on making it through this tough time.

I thought that was the best option if I wanted to save money, avoid expensive medical bills, avoid the digestion issues and keep my body in good enough shape to make it until my health insurance kicked in and I could find a new doctor.

Losing weight for the sake of losing weight was NOT the focus. I've worked hard to love myself at whatever size I come. I did want to lose weight for the summer since I didn't want to find myself stressed about weight limits stopping me from doing what I want to do in the summer. I wasn't able to go on a 3 hour zip line tour in ATL because I was 6lbs over the limit :-( and that hurt. Ouch.

Well fast forward SIX weeks of slowly trying to improve my eating habits and go to the gym daily. And I have finally had my moment.

I suck at counting calories - which is what prompted my return. I need to develope this habit. But I've been focusing on just eating less processed foods. No fast food. No chips, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese. Stuff like that. I'm finally to a good point in my diet... or shall we say my regular eating, since this isn't a diet for me. It's just enjoying yummy food that is good for my body.

I've steered clear of specific foods the past week since I've noticed that when I eat fast food or heavily processed foods it RUINS the taste of healthy food. I can't seem to like both or eat both at the same time. So people's suggestion of 80% healthy and 20% junk doesn't ring true for me AT ALL! I 100% CANT do it. I'm not even sure what people are telling me when they even say it. I don't know I think my personal style of cooking incorporates 20% unhealthy anyway. I like butter in my food. Lol. I like carbs too.

I've made some healthy switches in HOW I eat those things. And I've been following the rule about making sure your plate is 50% veggies 25% carbs and 25% protein. That seems to be easy for me. Dinner for me last night was full of veggies and colors. I tried Quinoa but I still haven't gotten used to that one. I don't like it. So never ate the portion on my plate... but still it looks beautiful. And I'm a WI girl so there had to be some shaved parmesan cheese in there...

After this delicious dinner I came to work without having breakfast. I grabbed my meal prepped lunch and some apples. But I didn't eat anything at the start of the day. So at 10am I'm having some intense sugar cravings. I ate a fruit cup. Still not cutting it. I go to a coworkers office to beg for junk food and she gives me 3 mini donuts. 1 serving. I retreat with my findings and have a bite... hmm. very sweet. Not quite what I wanted. Try another bite. Hmmm. Finish the mini donut... Nope. I don't like it. It tasted VERY sweet. TOO sweet. The almost greasy feel of the chocolate just didn't taste good. The donut didn't have a particularly interesting taste.

I just had a box of chocolate. Some kind of Belgium milk chocolates with pralines and we had them with fresh strawberries and really enjoyed it. It was amazing. Super tasty.

But turns out - today my body just wanted a Cashew Larabar. Natural sugars. Good flavors.

I finally had my moment. I know I've hit my stride. I know this isn't an "eating this way to make the lbs go away". I know I just like it better.

I'm still going to stay away from pizza, oreos, pepsi and potato chips for the next few weeks since I doubt my resolve. Those are my trigger foods. I'm not quite ready to face those yet. Maybe in another 4 weeks I will be ready.

In the meantime. Quality counts. I'd rather go buy the strawberries and the better chocolate and pay more than bother with the convience store food. It doesn't taste nearly as good!

On a quick positive note: I've lost 16lbs in the past 6 weeks. I'm super excited. I'm hoping to see -20lbs in the next week or two. Especially since I've hit my stride on my nutrition :-D
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    Do you like Cous Cous? If you add some sultanas to it then it tastes lovely! Maybe use it in place of the quinoa. X
    1578 days ago
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