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Free dinner and a box of donuts

Monday, February 13, 2017

I love to wander. If I take a vacation I prefer to go by car. When I travel by car, I have a habit of making unplanned stops when I see something interesting along the way. Sometimes the unplanned stops turn out to be better than the destination!

So here I am on this journey. Here too, I find myself wandering off the planed route. Experience has taught me that those wanderings have only kept me from my destination and have rarely been worth the side trips.

Enter a free dinner at my favorite local restaurant. I was on Facebook and Grand Rapids Magazine had a thing to vote for your favorite local restaurant. Of course, I cast my vote - and then there was a space for comments - so I made one. The magazine published my comment, the chef at my favorite restaurant saw it - and called me to offer me a free dinner.

My favorite restaurant is a small Italian restaurant. The chef cooks authentic Italian food, not your typical Olive Garden fare. The desserts are to die for. Heck, everything is to die for. So I called a friend and Friday we went to have our free dinner. I planned ahead by eating veggie soup for lunch. I had no idea how to track whatever I was going to eat - but I was going to try.

I ordered the 12 layer lasagna. They make their own pasta and it is really light and thin - not heavy like the typical pasta. About halfway through my lasagna I was starting to feel full. I should have stopped there - but I was chatting with my friend and she was still eating her dinner - so I kept eating. Then I got to that point - I was full - but there were still about 5 more bites left. "You can do it Barb" that little voice said. "It's too small a portion to bring home and too good to go to waste." Yep, I ate it. All of it.

Then the waitress asked if we wanted to order dessert. My friend and I had talked about this. She mentioned she never orders dessert out. They had a peanut butter chocolate tiramisu for Valentine's day. It sounded yummy - but we were both so stuffed we simply couldn't! We passed. The waitress returned with a spoonful of the dessert for each of us - just enough to taste. Yum!. good thing I was full!

I got home and I felt miserable. I haven't overate like that in a long time. I went to record my dinner and had not idea how to track it - so called it 1and a half portions of Olive Garden lasagna. I have no idea if I was close or not. I was over on my calories. It was not a good feeling.

Positives - yes there are some - I did my best to keep my calorie counts low for breakfast and lunch that day. When I got home, I did my remaining 15 minutes on the treadmill. I didn't blow it off because it was late and I was tired. I didn't punish myself by doing an hour on the treadmill. I did my best to fight off those guilt gremlins.

Saturday I went to a bakery to order a cake for a co-worker's 70th birthday. Boy all those sugary treats looked good. After chatting with the baker and placing my order, he offered me a treat. OMG, really? So I took the dark chocolate brownie with crushed pretzel crust. that was my breakfast. It was also so yummy and rich - good thing I was home and the remaining brownies were at the bakery! And then the sun popped out. I quickly grabbed the dog leash and Mr Dog and I headed out into the neighborhood. He was so excited - me too! We walked about five miles and headed back home.

I made a pot of soup for lunches for this week at work. Started my laundry - and when I went down to change the laundry loads I walked 5 minutes on the treadmill. I had my first 10 mile day on my fitbit for 2017!!! WooHoo!

Sunday - I had no plans. I had housework to finish. And then I spied that box of donuts. I had to. I sat down with the box of donuts. About 9 hours later there was nothing in the box. I was feeling accomplished!

Ok so I have to come clean - the box of donuts was a 1,000 piece puzzle my daughter gave me.

So even though I had a not so successful day in the eating department Friday AND I allowed myself a treat Saturday - it was a successful week. I stuck with my exercise plan. I tracked it ALL as best I could using the tracker. I didn't punish myself with exercise or not eating the next day. I didn't give up and eat off track all weekend. That for me is an amazing accomplishment and I feel great!

I WILL do my BEST to stay on track the remainder of the week and hopefully on Thursday, Mr Scale will not be too unkind.

Life happens. Free dinners happen (rarely, but they happen). Free brownies happen. They were all choices I freely made. I could have easily said no. However, having traveled this road I have learned some things about myself. Being healthy is not always about food depravation. Treats are just that. They ARE allowed! However, to be treats, they shouldn't be part of my normal routine.

Guilt Gremlins beware! I am still on the path. I am headed towards my goal AND I WILL GET THERE THIS TIME!!!!!
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