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Things to remember when I want to give up

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

A letter to myself:

Dear me,

You’ve been on this latest “health quest” for a few weeks now and you’re starting to feel SO much better! I don’t want you to lose this incredible feeling of self-love and accomplishment. So when you feel like throwing in the towel, skipping too many workouts, or eating ALL the french fries… REMEMBER THESE THINGS:

In only a few weeks of small changes you’ve made a HUGE difference in how you feel! Way to go! And seriously: it is NOT that hard, so quit talking yourself out of it. Baby steps are the key. Take it one meal at a time, one workout at a time. When you forget, just move your body a little and make the next meal a healthy one.

It’s not about all or nothing, on or off the wagon. It’s continually making small choices, over and over throughout the day, to cherish and respect yourself. You deserve it. You’re worthy.

Remember how sad, sluggish and downright depressed you were feeling last month when you decided you’d had enough? You had that black cloud of shame hanging over your head because you knew you weren’t taking care of yourself and it showed.

Fight like hell to stay out of that bad place: the place where you stop treating your body kindly, so you feel terrible and ashamed. Then you binge on crappy food in a vain attempt to make it better. But the binge makes you feel 1000 times worse, plus it saps your energy. Regardless of the number on the scale: treating your body with love and kindness improves every aspect of your life.

The most important change is in your brain. Your mood is 100% better, you feel more positive and the little things aren’t bugging you quite as much. Your thoughts are focused on more positive things. Good food is your medicine. Remember how much smoother every day goes when you fuel your body with clean eating and lay off sugar. It only took about a week to live through the sugar cravings--but now you know: eating sweets makes you crave them. It’s just easier for you to abstain.

Remember this too: It only takes a few minutes of planning to have healthy food on hand. And if you run out at home, hit the Good Food Store salad bar for lunch. Grab some veggies and something healthy for dinner while you’re there. Shop and cook ahead when you can, but if you’re short on time, take it one day, one meal, at a time. If you don’t already have it cooked up, go out and forage for the good stuff--you’re worth it. Eating well is the #1 way to take care of yourself.

On the topic of food: Fast food is your poison. Don’t. Even. Start. This is the bright line you just cannot cross. Fast food is your addiction--and it’s a slippery slope. I repeat: for you, fast food is poison. If you want a burger, eat one--but make sure it’s a clean, healthy version with lots of veggies on the side.

You’re sleeping so much better these days. With the added exercise and better nutrition, you’re tired (in a good way) at night and you’re falling asleep faster. Remember feeling stressed out and worried that you’d never fall asleep, then tossing and turning all night only to wake up exhausted? And, you haven’t been waking up with heartburn because you ate too much late at night.

You have more energy lately. Getting through a workday doesn’t feel like slogging through quicksand. You’ve had the energy to cook healthy meals in the evening, get to the gym at lunch, make plans with friends, go hiking. Remember, even when you’re tired and don’t feel like working out… just showing up at the gym or getting outside and doing ANYTHING for a few minutes re-energizes you physically and emotionally.

Oh, and your clothes are fitting better. The super-chubby yoga pants are getting loose and the less-chubby ones are looking good! Imagine how GREAT it will feel to keep going and wear your “skinnier” jeans and pretty tops this spring...and to give away the chubby pants forever!

Ok me, that about wraps it up. Bottom line, life’s a lot more fun when you take good care of yourself. Try to remember that, will ya? Shine on, girl!

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