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Himself, Sushi, and Kale!

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Friday, February 03, 2017

This is Sushi--the recycled cat who moved in from the cold, the cat someone threw away, probably because she is female and in need of a spay---
Here she is, playing with her new toy--It seems it is a hit with her-

She finally comes out from under the bed, more----has decided to still reside on the upper level of the house, with a gate up so the Germans, as in dogs , can't get her-

Himself says everyday, "This cat has to go!"---probably because she spends most of her night, sleeping on his feet---or trying to join him beside his head--

I have no great weight loss to-day-in fact the scales seems to be bouncing around---
I am trying to continue on with the exercise---watch the portions, and count the calories--
It's tough being fat you know!

I know that if I just "stick to my guns", that ol' scale will once again go down--
I know that everyday counts--
And you know what? I know too, that I don't even like ice cream anymore!---
How can that be?

My tastes have changed----
Well, it has taken, it seems like, years and years of sparking----
If I was ever told that I only had a week left in this world, my favourite food to devour, in my hour of need, would NOT be ice cream--
Wouldn't it be funny if it was --KALE?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry I missed some blogs! This is adorable with Sushi and her new toy...I had one of those years ago for my first rescued kitty...and he, too, liked it...he always tried to figure it out! But that's the kind of kitty he was...he would follow things down the street by running to the next window, and he tried to catch bugs by pushing his paw on it and then lifting his paw to see if it was on it...LOL
    I think Himself secretly likes Sushi! And whose head is Sushi sleeping on...that's adorable!
    Big Hugs,
    1154 days ago
    Sushi looks just like my cat, Joy!! Joy is 20 years old, and I took her in off the DC streets one night when it was 18 degrees! Keep her.
    1156 days ago
    We have a cat that came with the house we bought! She acts like a dog though. She'll come when you call her name, do tricks, she's the best! So cool of you to take in Sushi! Great job on sticking with the lifestyle changes!
    1157 days ago
    I'm not too fond of kale so don't think it would be my final wish. Maybe some nice romaine. Looks like Sushi if really settling in. Happy to see she is more playful now. Now if Himself could adjust as well as she did.
    1159 days ago
    I don't believe it would ever be kale!

    I love the pictures of Sushi! emoticon

    1159 days ago
    but he loves you and that makes it all ok with everything else he is a greeat person and so are you
    1159 days ago
  • LOSER05
    Sushi seems happy to me.
    1159 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Ewww I dislike kale!! Lol have a great weekend!!
    1159 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Awwwww....she's such a sweet kitty. emoticon
    1159 days ago
    Just stay in Onederland, you've got this! We made a cat hole in our pet gate so our 2 German Shepherds couldn't get our cat (years ago when we had a cat).
    1159 days ago
  • JANET552
    Sushi is beautiful. I think Himself will come around. Maybe not so far as letting Sushi sleep on his head. Maybe just the feet. Maybe just not saying she has to go.

    Keep pushing. The weight loss will come!!
    1160 days ago
    Such a sweet looking kitty. Does my heart good to see her well fleshed, playing with a toy and laying, relaxed,like she doesn't have a care in the world. Methinks she is growing on Himself, he just isn't ready to admit it.
    1160 days ago
    I can't even express how your story with Sushi warms my heart. She is a lucky gal to have found you. Isn't it funny that dogs and cats often decide they want to lay on or beside the one person who doesn't want them to? Ha!
    1160 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    1160 days ago
    Aren't cats great? Have fun.....and no worries for the weight
    1160 days ago
    I love the pictures, and I love Sushi!!! You know, I've never had Kale; I really need to try it!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1160 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    I love the pictures of Sushi playing with her new toy. I can't believe you found a picture of a cat that looks so much like Sushi, but I couldn't stand having a cat sleep on my head. Glad she's getting more comfortable.

    It's frustrating when the weight doesn't drop consistently, isn't it it? Sigh. I really like kale. I sauté kale with garlic and cumin, then add chick peas and cubed, cooked sweet potatoes. Yum!
    1160 days ago
    Sushi is beautiful
    1160 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3409143
    I rather like Kale not sure exactly why its not even as good as Swiss Chard (another thing my wife HATES) . Sushi looks and acts like a female Oliver (one of our rescue cats -Rufus' brother no picture yet sorry).
    1160 days ago
    I can hardly wait to plant kale in my garden again.
    1160 days ago
    Sushi is a pretty girl. Love the pics. Kale isn't bad if it's mixed with other flavors. Love your blogs.

    1160 days ago
    Celebrating all the positive changes!
    1160 days ago
  • THOMS1
    You are doing great Lynda and Sushi is very cute. Stop the negative talk and just stick to your plan. emoticon
    1160 days ago
    I positively hate kale... But I tried!
    1160 days ago
    I enjoy hour sense of humor. I use to like ice cream a lot. I still look at it in the freezer department of the supermarkets when they on sale. Then I read the sugar content and say to myself that it's not worth it. Same with Weight Watcher's candy or cake. I found eating other stuff so much more satisfying and healthy. Hang in there.
    1160 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Yes indeed!! Kale would be our last wish. That is funny but I would pick a salad anyday!!
    1160 days ago
    Sushi is a cutie, glad she is enjoying her toys.

    1160 days ago
    I'm not a cat lover, but Sushi is very cute!!! glad she's getting more comfortable.

    And Kale? Um, not my favorite choice. Probably would be frozen yogurt, non fat, sugar free, of course!! emoticon
    1160 days ago
    Lucky little Sushi!
    1160 days ago
    AWESOME!! Pretty soon Sushi will be friends with the Germans too!

    1160 days ago
    Sushi is so cute! Love the picture of her on his head. Looks so loving there. My cat Mija doesn't ever sleep on my head but I'm a side sleeper and often wake up with her curled up on my side.
    1160 days ago
    Hurrah for Sushi!! LOL I like kale too!
    1160 days ago
    Have a great weekend !!
    1160 days ago
    Loving Sushi--and her new toy!

    If I only had one food it would be CHOCOLATE! emoticon

    1160 days ago
    I still like ice cream but cake would be my last meal with cream cheese icing. Guess I haven't been on Spark long enough yet for my taste to change. Well it has, I just haven't gotten my favorites completely out of my system and probably never will. Anyway, you're doing great and the scale will start reflecting your work again. Glad Sushi is settling in and trying to love on himself. Or trying to aggravate him. Hope you have a great day.
    1160 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    emoticon I love ice cream too much to give it up. I eat sugar free ice cream now. Not as good as the regular stuff so I don't eat it often, but I'm not giving it up!! LOL Sushi is a cutie pie!
    1160 days ago
    Don't you love how your tastes change as you develop an appreciation for healthy food?
    1160 days ago
    I don't think kale would be in my top 100... emoticon
    1160 days ago
    Sushi is such a lovely looking feline. I am so thankful that you brought her in from the cold, that the Vet did a second test before enacting the plan to put her down, & that she is settling down to life with y'all. You have never said how your other cat has responded to her. I hope that all is going well in that area.

    Our tastes do change; however, real emoticon (like the Turkey Hill Brand) will always be a favorite of mine; however, I rarely choose to indulge in it. Actually, I do not like having it in our home, because it could prove to be a temptation that seems too hard to resist. My beloved MrV brought a carton of one of my favorites flavors to enjoy on my birthday (last month) & the carton sits in the freezer unopened. It is not that I don't appreciate his sweet thought; however, I am determined to have some only when I have a real desire for its cold sweetness. Thankfully that hasn't happened! emoticon Maybe when the weather warms up, I will find myself desiring to indulge. emoticon Still, I rather only indulge when away from home, where one orders only one serving. emoticon

    I am looking at that unopened carton like some on the wagon from drinking look at an unopened bottle of liquor. emoticon

    Actually, I could never understand that thinking --- why have the unopened temptation within eyesight/reach? Sure would not take much to open the bottle & so quickly fall back into full blown alcoholism. emoticon

    As for the bouncing around on the emoticon --- maybe to only allow a " emoticon reveal" once a week would be best? That would help even out the slight ups & downs of one's weight when hopping on the emoticon more often.

    Enough of my chatter!

    God bless your day, Linda!

    1160 days ago
    Last week... I think I'd still go for the ice cream.
    1160 days ago
    "himself" is getting younger, I see (and growing a dark beard) emoticon
    1160 days ago
    Some serious love shown by Sushi. Have a great weekend!
    1160 days ago
    I think if I had a week left, I'd still go the ice cream, but I am so proud of you for choosing healthier fare! Love the Sushi photos! What a delight! She has really made herself at home with you. Even though he says to get rid of her, I suspect he'd miss her...or maybe he wouldn't want your sad face... who knows. He did go with you to get her from the vet, as I recall, so he has something of a soft spot for her... That weight will drop again. You are being so consistent!
    1160 days ago
  • SWILSON2347
    Sushi is adorable. It is a miracle that you still have her after all you went through with her recently! I am a cat lover and your pictures of Sushi make me happy for you and for her!
    Haven't tried kale, but my oldest son is Vegan and eats it all the time! I do like brussel sprouts though!
    As for weight loss - mine is barely moving and I have to keep telling myself that I didn't gain this extra weight in two weeks, so there is no way I can lose it that fast. So I will keep watching portions and eating healthy. Mostly I miss red wine - so I think that would be my last meal! hahaha!
    1160 days ago
    Yea Sushi, Hopefully Himself will get over it and You know you can not be defined by that number on the scale. As you said the scale will show your hard fought battle in it's good time. Keep the faith! Stop calling yourself Fat! Negative thinking will do more harm than good! Keep up the good work Lynda!
    1160 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Cats seem to know and seek out whomever they can drive the most nuts!
    1160 days ago
    Sushi is precious and beautiful..so thankful that you have given her a home.

    I cooked kale once...

    The dog enjoyed it...

    Keep on rockin and sparkin my friend!
    1160 days ago
    I love the picture of the cat on someone's head. I need to explore ways to eat kale that I would enjoy. I think I would still crave ice cream if I only had an hour to live.
    1160 days ago
    What a love kitty.
    1160 days ago
    Love the cat pictures. Animals are so funny, they pick who they want to attach themselves to and nothing we do will change it. Enjoy the day and enjoy your Kale.

    1160 days ago
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