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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Everyone hits roadblocks. It can be anything from stress in your personal life, a full schedule at work or home or lack of money to buy the right foods before you get paid again. These roadblocks are temporary. That is the thing that we need to keep in mind when we come across our own roadblocks. Eventually a new road opens and you can head back toward your goal. We can always find a way!
I have hit another road block myself. Stress in the morning caused me to forget my lunch at home. All I had in my fridge at work was an apple and a cheese stick. The apple became breakfast and the cheese stick became lunch. I am sure that I will be hungry when I get home!! I am going to try to plan ahead tomorrow morning so that this does not happen again. Another thing that I believe is adding to my recent gain of 1.4 lbs is not drinking enough water. My calorie count was still low but when I don't drink enough water it seems like my body just holds onto the weight. I am a teacher and it is hard to find time to go to the bathroom during the day. When I drink a lot of water I have to go and you only get certain breaks and there is no way to get anyone to cover your class to go during class. I will have to try to find a way though. I am not going to let this get me down. I am still at a loss of 19.6 lbs since 1/9/17 (that was day 1 of low cal diet). That is a great loss for 23 days. I will start to lose again. I just need to make sure that I remember to bring my chicken and veggies to work so that I am eating properly and don't have to eat something loaded with fat like cheese is. I was honestly shocked when I got on the scale this morning and I saw that I gained .8 lbs. I ate right. I did not eat anything that was bad or high in fat or sugar. I did not have any carbs. On Sunday I know that there was a chance that I would not lose weight because I had a tiny sliver of cake (probably only 1/2 inch thick). The next day I had 2 pieces of american cheese melted on my broccoli. I gained .2. Then like I said yesterday I followed my diet tight. I didn't have veggies with lunch because we ran out and I had to go food shopping, so I was probably a little low on my calorie count, but to wake up to a gain of almost a pound when I have used my will power to resist all the temptations around me. That is frustrating. I know I will power through and get past this roadblock. I just wish that I could pin point exactly what caused it. Did I eat too late or too close to bed (food shopping took longer than expected so dinner was late)? I will try to get myself back on schedule. The other issue is that my drops ran out early. Hopefully that won't effect me too bad.
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    That is what I used to do. The doctor wants me to keep track every day so that if I plateau he will try some other things with me. He knows that when you plateau you tend to get discouraged and lose motivation that you need to keep on the right path. The thing that I like about it is that since I weigh myself the same time every day I get a good idea how the choices I make effect my weight loss or gain. It helps the next time I think about picking up the wrong types of food.
    1086 days ago
    I have always tried to only weigh myself x1 a week. Weight can fluxuate by a pound in a day due to waste. Water and veggies help to flush the waste out. Keep your head up! Keep it simple, one day at a time!! xxo
    1088 days ago
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