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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Isn't this so true?---
I never realized this when I grew up---
I was lucky however because my Mom never bought store cakes---or sweets-
Instead we had a great deal of fruit at our house---oranges----and apples by the bushel---
In fact, we had a fruit cellar, joining our house. It was outside, with a ladder going down .
I tried my best to never go down there-----as it was a deep, large hole--mud sides----
That's where the apples were kept, as well as turnips, cauliflower- potatoes-and whatever else was left from the garden.-

Somewhere along the way, I developed a passion for a bakery---Laura Secord chocolates , diet coke, and ice cream---
If it weren't for Spark, to this day, I would not understand why the pounds just piled on---

It has taken years (at least 628!--well, it feels like that!))----to change my eating habits----I still have the odd day that gorging myself with terrible high calorie foods seem like the thing to do, but--(that big "butt" !)----they are so much fewer---

My refrigerator now is packed full of fresh produce---
Fruits are ready to grab--oranges, watermelon, mangos, pears---
And I try to clean it regularly ---not a great job--but it helps to look in there and FIND a green pepper that hasn't spoiled.

I'm regurgitating this-----mostly for myself-
It helps for me to see where I've come from---
It feels good to see that I'm trying hard to be a success--
It isn't easy---but-----quitting would put me right back where I was--

Lord love a Duck!
The Germans (as in dogs)- are chomping at the bit here to go out--
Spark as if your life depended on it Sparkly People---
-------because-------It does!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My father was a health nut way before it was fashionable, and scorned factory food as he called it. My mother was a simple cook, plain meals, and baked every weekend. I never felt deprived.
    1040 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1041 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    I remember the first time I had produce from a friend's garden! What an unbelievable difference to this city girl! Mother was from the "cook it to death" school, but she was a great baker. She is not, however, to blame for my tonnage!

    Your German looks a tiny bit like our family German Shepherd/Labrador/wolf mix that "pupulated" Alaska!
    Dad coined the word. Everyone wanted one of Lisa's pups!
    1041 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1043 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Way to go Lynda! I've gotten more into fruit too and am actually liking it!
    emoticon emoticon
    1044 days ago
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    I love veggies more than fruit. Mom loves her fruit. So between us we eat more of the other.
    1044 days ago
    Mom provided fruits and vegetables but because my dad was a meat & potatoes guy we had those. But she also had home-made cookies and cakes for after school. She was trying to give us things she never had and I developed a love of sweets (except chocolate). I've mostly changed that since joining Spark. Thanks for the reminder about what kind of food we should be having. Loved the last graphic..
    1044 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    You are so right, my mom too didn't have sweets around, ( she would make an occasional cake for one of our birthdays), so why do we get into these not so good choices??? emoticon
    1044 days ago
    Some how I missed this blog yesterday. Yes! It's the fresh fruit and veggies in place of the baked goods and sweets for me, too. It's not the occasional gorge, but the TREND of our good health habits that makes the difference. In my case, I'm going AWAY from the way I was raised food-wise. Desserts after most every meal, white bread, lots of meat and not so much fresh produce.
    1045 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Great blog! emoticon
    1045 days ago
    Eat those veggies and get out there with the pups!
    1045 days ago
    I love salad and fruit but I like you also like the junk food I have learned to enjoy fruit for snacks instead of junk food
    1045 days ago
    You betcha!
    I had to develop my desire and appreciation for fruits and vegetables! I now see them as beautiful and
    think of them as more than food...they can bring health!
    Love the Germans!
    Hope you're having a good week!
    1045 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    1045 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    emoticon Thank you for sharing!
    1045 days ago
    I miss my csa.
    1045 days ago
    Love your visuals and the Germans are looking sweet as always. Hope Sushi is doing well too.
    1045 days ago
    Mom knew what she was doing and now, so do you!
    1045 days ago
  • no profile photo LAH1222
    Fresh fruit and vegetables are so good. I try to keep both on hand and eat them every day.
    1045 days ago
    Love the "Do it badly..." quote. Bless those Germans for giving you some additional exercise!
    1045 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1045 days ago
    We even have some rotting bananas on our kitchen counter that I plan to make some banana bread as soon as they are ripe enough! I agree with you completely! We have a refrigerator full of apples and oranges and even some red grapes. Keep up the great job Lynda!

    1045 days ago
    1045 days ago

    Back to the Future !!

    1045 days ago
  • MOEE45
    That is good to keep the fridge full of good healthy food! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1045 days ago
    My poor mom did what she knew when I was young but it was lots of sweets, fried foods, and so on. Not that much fresh fruit or veggies. Back then they didn't know what we know now, especially my mom being raised in the city. I try to do better but sometimes slip into those old habits again. Progress, not perfection.
    1045 days ago
    great reminder! you should see what our kitchen looks like when we return from the organic farm - we have a huge basket on the counter with the counter fruit, and the drawers in the refrigerator are full. and then today comes along, and it is time to make refrigerator soup - all those veggies that aren't looking so hot anymore - to make room for next week's veggies!
    1045 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1045 days ago
    1045 days ago
    I'm a firm believer in harm reduction... don't keep bad stuff in the house, then if I do start eating in volume, at least its less damaging volume! emoticon
    1045 days ago
    Yup, love the veggies and the fruits -- and actually my doggie Charlie loves most of 'em too!! Always asking for some when I'm making salads or soups!!
    1045 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Thanks for sharing.
    1045 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Just Do It...is my self inflicted kick in the pants when I feel a self indulgent streak coming on emoticon

    It's good to see Beau and Tess emoticon
    1045 days ago
    Great blog, as always! Good for you that you prefer fruits.
    1045 days ago
    Good for Meryl Streep (and you for posting the quote)! The Germans look bored...
    1045 days ago
    Great plan! My mother was just the opposite...always had bad stuff and the fruits and veggies I remember from my childhood came from school lunch or my grandma's house.

    Love the picture of the Germans!
    1045 days ago
    I have a passion this year for red bell peppers and SP tells me they have more vitamin C than oranges! Isn't that wonderful? Produce, produce, produce! The fresher the better! Yum! Bad bakeries! Good job Lynda! Hope you & the Germans had a lovely outside visit!
    1045 days ago
    I love your blog. It's like my morning coffee. Thank you for sharing. Hugs.
    1045 days ago
    You had a healthy childhood!!! Pretty cool! Yes, we do get sidetracked by the junk we eat. You always hear about the kids in war-torn countries and how they love the sweets people bring. Good idea or bad?! Maybe they should bring apples and oranges!!
    1045 days ago
    Gorgeous Germans!!!

    These days, I'm so into apples. Try stocking up on different varieties for the family!!
    1045 days ago
    1045 days ago
    Love veggies
    1045 days ago
    I do love your thoughtful blogs. My mother is cooked balanced meals with two vegetables and a limited amount of meat. We never ate processed foods either. I was fortunate to grow up at a healthy weight but that changed when I got out on my own.
    1045 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1045 days ago
    1045 days ago
    I went down the wrong path being home with 4 kids and many different pets thru the years. I did a lot of baking and cooked healthy meals and didn't exercise, think I had enuff with the kids and animals but emotional/boredom eating overcame the running I was also doing with the kids, dogs,--I remember geting a guinea pig from a friend. woke up the next morning to find baby guinea pigs running loose as they fit thru the cage bars. Have to say it was a hoot those days but still was eating my bakery etc. Joined WWs because I weighed 199 pounds and I am 5 foot 3. To this day any thing I gain goes to my belly and my clothes don;'t fit. My mother sewed and she measured me and said I was a 12, 14, 16. tryn to find clothes that fit!! Kept it off for years til I had to go on prerdnisone and that is my challenge now is to get rid of those 8 pounds, 4 gone already but it is a tough road to travel but I am so glad my doctor put me on to Sparks. Onward we go! emoticon emoticon PS my doctor who teaches weight management and goes to hospitals and has patients her taught us to watch the fruit and veggies that grow underground as they have carbs and calories. He said watch not give them up. His teachings are simple, no sugar, don't east the whit stuff as in bread, rice, etc. He was my doctor for years and quit taking regular patients to work only with weight management. I have known him and his family since he was a little boy and I miss him a lot!! Sorry to babble on, didn't know i had that much in me to say!!
    1045 days ago
    It sounds as though your mother had a pretty good idea about the value of fruits and vegetables. The foods you developed cravings for are mostly high in sugar; too many people don't realize that sugar can become addicting. It's really great that we live in a time in history with commercial transportation when we can get the healthy plant-based foods year-round. It's also wonderful that you were willing to learn new lessons about eating instead of staying stuck in your old ruts. Enjoy your new you!
    1045 days ago
    As I was growing up, it was almost a tradition to always have a dessert. After my marriage I continued this habit until my girls reached early puberty and we were all putting on weight. I decided that we no longer needed to live by that family tradition so I began to make a dessert only for Sundays. That helped us all so much.
    1045 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon I remember those days too. If we wanted something sweet in the house we learned to bake with to items we had on hand. Then I guess, we shrugged off the way we were raised to the so-called modern way of processed foods and easy access to other store bought treats. Just to find out the fruits and veggies are the healthiest. emoticon
    1045 days ago
    I FEEL better when I eat more vegetables and fruit. As a retired single person living on a budget I do not want any waste. I use up veg in stir fry and homemade soups and fruit in smoothies and fruit crumbles. I eat less meat. Stopped the diet soda a while ago. Extra old cheddar cheese is my Laura Secord! LOL
    1045 days ago
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