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Monday, January 23, 2017

What a run around today. Made an appt with a new Doc, was told by the Sport Rehab that they would be able to help me with pain. what a joke !! But he did give me some meds for Nerve pain. Start off 1 before bed, I was so tired I went to bed a 7pm, but woke up at 10:30pm. I'm drinking coffee because it has anti inflammatory properties I do have a med for this but can only take it time per day, and that is in the early morning hours. It seems like this nerve med is helping a little, after 3 days taking it at bedtime, you begin to take 3x's per day.. Not much in the way of help out there. I can get into a pain Doc Feb 9th but I don't like the hard location where it is ...so I'm cancelling and going to try to find one closer. Plus this guy wants your life history....Like the Doc today said he was over at the hospital with a lady who had a situation a little different from mine, but she had to go to the ER to get help !! That is what I'm trying to avoid. I've been using 3.5 year old pain pills from an operation I had and they are about to run out. I hope this nerve pain med helps out quite a bit...so far its eased the pain...

These new Docs are Resident Docs for the Florida Hospital...He seemed to know more than my Doc of 22 years...I may continue with them, I'm pretty upset with my GP at the moment. I'm by myself this week DH left out of town with work on a seminar. The house is a little messy, maybe tomorrow I'll get to it. I have to do my at home PT exercises, I was too busy and upset and angry to even give them a chance. Tomorrow I'll work it into the morning schedule. I don't have another PT appointment until Wednesday. All these Doc co pays for Regular Docs, and Specialists, and PT docs are sure adding up.

On a positive note i got on the scale at docs mid day after lunch, clothes, heavy shoes and weighed only 1lb more than I did during Saturday weigh in ...in the buff...I guess that is why I felt a little leeway with the marshmallow delight...It was by one container get one free...the extra one is going to DIL down the street, but they'll have to come get it.

Well Thank you for listening to my woes...I usually don't do this but venting has helped. Hugs emoticon
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