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Weighing in at the optometrist's office

Friday, January 20, 2017

I just read a really great blog from one of our Treasure Trove member SuperwomanSue. She was taking about exercise and healthy eating. She mentioned going to the doctor and the dreaded public weigh in followed by comments . . . .She is really funny and writes an awesome thoughtful blog. Thanks Sue.

I wrote back that it was a great (it really was) blog. I mentioned that I went to the optometrist in December and they did a weigh in - what does weight have to do with eyes??

She wrote back a similar comment so that inspired me to google what does weight have to do with eyes?? - well guess what it does:

"How Can Obesity Damage Eyes?

By carrying extra weight, you can put too much pressure on the blood vessels located in your eyes. Since these vessels are really delicate, they can be damaged very easily, causing poor vision. The higher your BMI (body mass index) is, the more likely you are to develop some of the eye diseases associated with obesity.

Cataracts, in particular, are related to your nutrition and your environment. Since those who are obese do not get good nutrition, their eyes suffer. There are several vitamins that are really important to ocular health, such as Vitamin A and Omega-3s. Those who do not stay at a healthy weight are probably lacking these nutrients anyway, so their risk of eye problems is even higher."

I am amazed . . no one told me that and I've been wearing glasses for the last 22 years and this is the first optometrist's office that had a weigh in. I knew I liked him, even if I didn't like the scale.

Another reason to help get this extra weight off.

Cheers and take care of those emoticon


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