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Week 04: 2% Improvement

Monday, January 16, 2017

In Week 04, there were a lot of difficulties and trials. My grandpa got pneumonia and fell down in the snow and we had to call the ambulance, and he went to the hospital. Everyone in my family got sick except for me, so the week was really trying and motivation was really low. I felt very stressed the entire week, and the only really good day I had was Tuesday, where I got 10K, made whole grain turkey spaghetti, and got my new winter boots in the mail. But I made some small improvements from last week. 8,280 more steps than last week, 3.57 miles over last week, up 37 active min from last week, and 1 hr over last week on avg hours with 250+ steps. My days exercising this week was the same: 2 days.

emoticon Active Minutes: 162 (Weekly Goal 150) emoticon
emoticon Calories Burned: 573 (Weekly Goal 1500)
emoticon Avg. Calorie Balance: 2390 (Weekly Goal 1800)
emoticon Miles Walked: 14 (Weekly Goal 21)
emoticon Avg. Water Drank: 2 (Weekly Goal 4)
emoticon Weight: 193.2 (Weekly Goal 193.3-192.8) emoticon #Weight Lost 0.6 Goal for Week 05 192.7-192.2

Most of my stats are close to being the same as last week. My calorie balance is slightly lower than last week, but not much. My miles walked are slightly higher, as are my active minutes. In Week 05 I'm hoping to lower my calories to about 1900-2000 and my step avg was around 5K this week, so I'm hoping to raise it to 7K in Week 05.

I didn't start out feeling good in Week 04, felt sick and lethargic, but energy, motivation, and enthusiasm came in full force on Tuesday--although it didn't last. Wednesday was a bad day, my grandpa fell, and the week just spiraled out of control from there. I just felt worse as the week progressed, and motivation seemed to evaporate.

I had some cravings throughout the week, got my period over the weekend, which always makes me crave either sweets or salty food. And it always sneaks up on me!

I had low energy on Sun-Mon, super high energy on Tuesday, no energy on Wed/Thurs, and then totally crashed on Fri/Sat. It was a high stress week that zapped whatever energy reserves I had from the previous week.

Exercise feels so much easier than I had anticipated. I did work out this week and while the exercise is challenging, it's also so much more doable than I had anticipated it would be. It was also a lot of fun! The week ended up getting away from me, but the time I did take to exercise made me feel as though exercise was definitely something I wanted to do and that I *could* do! It felt great and I had a great time doing it.

I started moving much more earlier in the week, doubling my steps and getting more steps per hour, and then my steps plummeted and I was getting hardly any steps. I got 10K on Tuesday for the first time in ages.

The highlights this week--there were a few. I saw the positive results of change early in the week. On Tuesday I began to notice what a difference it made to start to change my habits and make healthy changes with exercise and food and what a difference it made. I got my new boots this week! I made turkey spaghetti, and I got 10K.

The challenges this week were sleeping odd hours, feeling unmotivated and falling into disarray, binging and overeating, and all of the stress and difficulties with Pa falling and going into the hospital and everyone being sick this week.

New challenges to come in Week 05, but hoping to see some positive change.
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