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Reflecting On Exercise Efforts

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The assignment for Sparkcoach today is to reflect on exercise efforts. The question was how frequently do you give 100% to your work out effort. The fact is it's very hard for me to work out because I've re-gained so much weight and is really hard on my joints. But it's much harder to not work out. Or maybe I should say more painful to not work out. The reason I say that is because I find that after I work out I may be sore, but the next day I have better flexibility in my joints, I am able to move with less pain. In general my pain is less. And to me that there's a very good thing because I do suffer from chronic pain. I have sciatica that flares up frequently. The sciatica makes it more difficult to work out in some ways and yet I find when I do work out even if it's just walking the pain overall is much less and it helps to relieve that pain when I work out. That being said the next question is how much effort do I put in? The fact is a lot of times my walking workout is maybe not as vigorous as it could be. Thinking back to the last time I lost weight, or rather, the other times I lost weight, I would try to work out gung ho. And I would tire myself out and then I would stop doing it. So this time I thought back to the last time I lost weight and I joined Curves. I had to start out slow. I couldn't work out at the level I was able to at the end of my time there. So I'm starting slow this time. I may not be working out as vigorously as I could but I don't want to wear myself out and quit. I've made that mistake too many times before. Something that's helping me this time around as well is that my husband has decided he wants to go to the gym with me. That was a shocker! So we're going together three nights a week walking on the treadmill for an hour. I think I'm going to try to meet with the trainer to develop the strength training program as well but that's coming up down the road. Not yet. Slow and steady wins the race.
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