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Exercise Plan

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

emoticon I made a plan for January to exercise 3x week. emoticon

I decided to make a weekly workout plan so that any given day of the week, when I decided to exercise, I would have a workout plan already in place so I would know what exercises I needed to do. At least, this is a plan to start out with...I will make a new one once this one gets easy to do. The plan includes ten minutes of Pilates, a session of yoga, ten minutes of cardio, ten minutes of strength training, and some body shaping. Here's my plan:

Mon: Core Basics; Ab Reduction; Low Back; Walk It Out; Lower Body Blast

Tues: Lower Body Basics; Hips; Ab Reduction; 80s Aerobics; All About Arms

Wed: Upper Body Basics; Ab Reduction; Upper Back; Cardio Kickboxing; Call On Your Core

Thurs: Total Body Combo; Ab Reduction; Neck & Shoulders; Hop to It; Love Your Hips, Glutes, & Thighs

Fri: Long & Limber Stretch; Ab Reduction; Low Back; Jump Rope; Pump Up Your Upper Body

I'm going to take it slow with the exercise and stick to just three days a week at first and eventually work up to five days, but I'm happy about this plan. It should be challenging and fun. I'm also planning to try to walk 10K a day, and do some light stretches, 1-minute of pushups and situps and some leg lifts in the early AM every day. If I stay organized, I should be able to get everything done. I'm going to set out my exercise clothes every night beforehand so that they're ready for the next morning and I have no excuses! Tomorrow is my first day of planned exercise and I'm wearing my shirt that says "I worked out today. I did like six situps and a dozen donuts" emoticon I'm excited about exercise again which is nice. For a while it was such a struggle to do any fitness and now I'm feeling positive about starting some exercise streaks. I may not be able to do everything on my list right away, but I will start with whatever I can do and build from there.

I see the chiropractor tomorrow morning, which is good because my back is hurting tonight after doing some lifting at work today. I should feel better after an adjustment and ready to get to exercising. I feel ready for exercise!

Already 2017 feels like it's a turnaround year. It feels so much different than 2016. In 2016 I lacked focus and always seemed to be depressed. But in the new year I'm focused on solutions. And I feel good! I'm ready to take on all the challenges that may come this year. The big challenge, of course, is losing this 50 pounds, but I'm ready for that, too. All it's going to take is some consistent effort and I will do it. And this new exercise plan is part of the solution. I will have to do the exercises consistently and diligently if I want to see results, but I'm committed to doing so. And the really fun part will be earning rewards like new workout outfits from Fabletics!

I have some fitness and nutrition goals for 2017:

Weekly Goals
Active Minutes: 150
Calories Burned Through Exercise: 1500
Average Calorie Balance: Below 1800
Miles Walked: 21
Yoga Minutes: 70
Meditation Minutes: 70
Pilates Minutes: 30
Average Glasses of Water: 4
Weight Lost: 0.5-1 lb

I'm hoping to fulfill these weekly goals this year and continue to improve upon them. It's nice because for the past year I hadn't really felt that inner spark about my weight loss journey. I was worried about the regain and I wanted to lose weight, but I didn't have the real fire of passionate motivation that I have now where I feel like I really want to do this and it's really fun again. I feel more excitement for the changes I'm making to my diet and exercise now than I did even in the very beginning. I feel like this is the *only* thing I want to be doing! And I feel like, how could I ever have been doing anything else? It's funny how your mindset can change. But I'm glad mine did. I'm making so many positive changes and I'm really headed in the right direction this year and I'm really grateful for everything that's come together for me to put me in the right place at the right time to succeed this time.
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