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Week 01 Getting Back On Track

Sunday, December 25, 2016

emoticon emoticon It's Christmas! emoticon emoticon
All of the presents are under the tree and I'm looking forward to Fritzy opening his gifts tomorrow morning. He has *two* stockings full this year and so many presents. And I am getting started getting back on track right around the holidays. What better time than right now? I am feeling ready and motivated and now is definitely the right time! I kept track of my stats this week so I could see where I was at and what I need to start working on....

emoticon Active Minutes: 276 (Weekly Goal 150) emoticon
emoticon Calories Burned: 750 (Weekly Goal 1500)
emoticon Calories Consumed: 14,352 (Weekly Limit 12,600)
emoticon Miles Walked: 22 (Weekly Goal 21) emoticon
emoticon Glasses of Water Drank: 21 (Weekly Goal 28)
emoticon Weight: 191.6 (Goal for Next Week: 191.1-190.6)

The main things I need to focus on is burning a few more calories and eating a little bit less, just really staying focused and following the meal plan and getting out and getting as much activity as I can. Fritzy is on winter break now so I won't be getting as much exercise, I'll be playing a lot of video games and building Legos and watching videos and reading Minecraft books for a while but I can focus on eating right and things will fall into place.

I am feeling good about the progress I am making right now. For where I am at currently, I feel like I am doing well. I was decently active this week despite not having a lot of motivation for it. Everything seemed to be in place this week for me to be able to get in a lot of activity and to do really well, but it was just hard to get myself to be active this week. I was in a pretty good mood this week, but I was also a little anxious about Christmas and getting everything ready, but then when it was Christmas Eve, I actually had a really nice Christmas Eve where I listened to The Killers' Christmas album, my aunt and I made a Swedish Princess Christmas cake together, and I wrapped all my Christmas presents and I felt really good. I'm becoming more and more certain that this is the right time to turn things around and get back on the right track and that 2017 is going to be a really good year. I'm prepared to do the work and I'm in the right mindset and that's the most important thing.

I have had some cravings this week, but not as much as I had been having, and I'm getting better about dealing with them--except when I'm super hungry. I need to eat on a regular schedule. If I get too hungry I make bad decisions about what I eat! And it's super important that I plan and track my food. I'm much more likely to resist all that food I don't really need if I have a plan in place for what I'm going to eat. Christmas may present a few food hurdles but it's only one meal and if I can limit it to only one meal and not let it spiral into weeks of bad decisions, then it shouldn't be a problem, and I feel pretty prepared.

I haven't been sleeping that well the past couple of days because I haven't been eating that well the past couple of days, so I haven't felt that good. I've been letting myself get too hungry all day and then overeating at night...and then sleeping poorly. So I need to go back to what I was doing earlier in the week which was carefully following my meal plans and eating smaller meals every three hours, which seems to be what works the best for me, and then continuing to stay active throughout the day.

My energy is slowly beginning to increase. I felt headachy and sluggish at the beginning of the week and was dragging my feet about getting active, but I'm starting to build up some energy and enthusiasm. This week was really about just getting established and getting a starting point, so from this point I can hope to start seeing some improvements.

Exercise feels pretty challenging right now. I can definitely tell I've put on 30 pounds! Of course winter exercise is always harder, too, but the extra pounds don't make it any easier...but once I get going, exercise does feel good and I'm always glad I've done it. Now that I have the Charge 2 that automatically recognizes more types of exercise, I want to start trying to do more types of exercise. That's something to explore in the new year!

Now that I get the reminders to move from my Charge 2, I find that I am moving more, even if it's just around the house. I need to do better than I am doing right now, though. I'm not up to 10K right now, hanging more around 7-8K, so I need to step it up a little bit.

My highlights this week were doing the last of the Christmas shopping (my mom and my grandma gave me money and I bought Superhero Lego sets for Fritzy), getting my new Chromebook in the mail (so I can now keep up with my Fitbit dashboard and Spark!), making a big batch of potato soup, my aunt got me some new shoes (little brown fur lined clogs--super cute!), making the Swedish Princess Christmas cake with my aunt, listening to The Killers' Christmas album and wrapping all my Christmas presents and putting them under the tree. A fun Christmas week!

My biggest challenges this week were 1) letting myself get too hungry and then making bad decisions about what to eat. It seems to be the most challenging for me, I get the most cravings, when I'm really hungry. And this is an interesting insight for me because if I can keep myself on a regular meal schedule so that I eat what I've planned and I never allow myself to get too hungry, I may not have to worry about getting overwhelming cravings. It's something to work on next week. 2) Not having a lot of motivation to be really active this week. It seemed hard to get myself to get fitness minutes this week and I only burned 750 calories through exercise this week when I could have done so much better. I'm not sure what was going on here. The weather was super cold at the beginning of the week, but then it got really beautiful out, even on the day when it was snowing, it wasn't cold that day. It was great for getting out and getting some steps but it just felt like a struggle this week. I need to find my motivation next week.

Overall, though, I think I had a pretty good start and I am hoping to make improvements where I can next week.

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