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Getting back to basics.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Well, I have been MIA at the gym for almost two weeks due to my injury. I am afraid I will never get my mojo back. I can't exercise yet. Today is my first day back to work and next week I will be working 6 days in a row. Definitely happy to be earning a nice check right before Christmas, though! I have messed up with my diet consistently since Halloween. I weighed in and I thought I had gained a bunch. I feel I look a lot bigger. I have gained a few pounds, but not much. Thankfully! I have gotten back on track with my eating for the most part. I am focusing on increasing my water intake a lot. I realized a few days that I didn't drink even ONE glass of water for the entire day. No water. No wonder I want to eat! I am confusing hunger with thirst. What a rookie move. I am hoping that my foot continues to improve and I can resume exercising next week. I still have to wear my brace when I am on my foot, but if I stick to the elliptical I hope that will be fine. I am sad that I haven't been running. I was just getting to be able to do it and now I haven't for so long and still can't run for quite some time per my doctor's orders. We will see. I think for January I will attempt to do t25 at home, the beach body program with Sean T. I am a lot lighter and more in shape than I was when I tried it last. Also can modify for lower impact. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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