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Try, hope, try, hope

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Admittedly, I like structure. No, that's not accurate. I need structure. None of us planned to get fat, or lose a job or be promoted to a different department that we have zero training for. Sometimes structure unravels. It's never noticed how attached we are to our plans until our plans take 3 left turns and we end up on a highway lost and in the town of What Now? Some handle this gracefully and find there way out of town Now What? Some try and try and try and success! Others try and try and try and to no avail. So much for grace. Splat! You fell flat on your face! This wasn't suppose to happen! Not to us! We always had our priorities together. Deep sigh of frustration. Deep breath. Okay. Okay, pull together. Start from scratch. Decide to get healthy. Great start. Weigh in. 5 pounds up!!! How? What? Whyyyyy? Eat a cookie. Be angry with life, God, the universe, etc. Go through periods of frustration, hope, anxiety, more hope, depression, more hope. Get bad news or discover a medical condition. Wonder when something good will happen. Not just something good but something significantly big. Trying. Waiting. Trying waiting. Trying. Waiting, trying waiting. Trying waiting. Amd the story goes on. Personally, anxiety interfered with my life. Did it unravel my plans or was it triggered by my plans unravelling? Both. It's exhausting. It's difficult to explain or to understand. Keeping going, Try. Hope. Try. Hope. Try. hope. Try. hope. Try. Hope. Next step finally comes. Sometimes it rushes in and hits harder than a hurricane! People leave. It hurts but it was meant to be. In time, feel better. Don't know why until a peaceful feeling settles in your heart. Not everything is perfect but there are perfect moments. cherish them. Never give up. Breathe. Try. All you have to do to try is have a heart beat. Mostly try not to let your unraveled plans unravel you. Easier said than done. That's for sure! Unraveled plans are just plans taking you to a better future. They didn't ask you if you wanted a ride. They just threw you in and took you for a wild one! So, do not be disheartened in town Now What because a few right turns are on their way. Try. Hope. Try. Hope. Try. Hope. Try. Hope. Never give up!
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