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Why are soldiers having to repay bonuses?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I try hard to stay away from political topics. I respect and appreciate my friends and don't want to get into heated, hurtful arguments with them as I've seen happen in families and friendships. However...

My son is a Veteran. He joined because he loves his country. While at his advanced training, 9-11 occurred. He didn't ask to go to war, nor was he given a choice. While he wasn't in California, nor in the National Guard, he was a soldier in Iraq.

Our Army (and my son) was there early days. He was in Iraq days before war was officially declared. He was near the mall that was bombed. He was there FOUR times. And he was grateful when National Guard soldiers came, so that many soldiers could take much needed breaks to go home, even briefly.

The military and government offered bonuses to National Guard soldiers to get them to enlist for six years and join the fight. Please remember that our country - our home - had been terrorized. Emotions were high and the government needed more soldiers to fight. Regardless of whether it was right or wrong to go to war and to stay so long, the blame for paying out the bonuses to NG soldiers doesn't belong with the soldiers. They risked their lives and shouldn't have to pay them back when they accepted them in good faith.

If you were offered a bonus to do something dangerous and you did it, would it be right to ask you to repay it? I didn't think so.

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