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18 Guideposts for My Personal Journey (at least the first 6)

Friday, October 14, 2016

18 Guideposts for Your Personal Journey

1. It’s okay to struggle, it’s okay to wear (and own) your imperfections, and to fall flat on your face – as long as you keep reaching out for support and maintaining the courage to put one foot in front of the other.

Who can you reach out to for support? Are they positive?

I find my support right here with my Spark friends! They provide lots of support and accountability. DH has always had great metabolism and has always been very active. He doesn't have a sweet tooth. He is supportive and thrilled with my progress, but in a lot of ways he just doesn't really get how and this journey can really be.

2. Actions speak louder than words.

How can you apply this statement to your weight loss or maintenance?

I know I need to do to re lose these last 40 lbs I just need to follow through. I need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk!!

3. Learn to say no as much as you say yes. Less is more. Replace “Could I do more?” with “Would I like to do more?”

Ask yourself this question and follow through.

Definitely! I've done it already! Then I got lazy and thought I could relax on measuring and the what types of food I ate.

4. Mistakes are powerful gifts. Don’t leave the lessons within them concealed – gently unwrap a mistake to gain the wisdom within its rough exterior.

What mistakes have you made and what did you learn from them and how can you keep them from happening again?

Exercise cannot replace a bad diet!
Too much exercise can be painful!
Rest days are not optional!

Some sugar creates cravings for more!
Large quantities of healthy foods is still too much food!
Measuring and weighing food is a necessity

5. Ask why before you ask how. Intention is required to create your compass.

Question your choices during this WEC and evaluate your answers.

Why get to a healthy weight?

Ease of movement
Reduce or stop all medication
Just plain being comfortable in my own skin

6. Action deflates fear – ALWAYS.

What are a couple of areas that you fear and how can you take the power out of them?

I fear my Type 2 Diabetes getting out of control again. Just continue to keep things as is or even better, stay in focus!

I fear menopause killing my momentum of progress, so I need to get to my goal before it starts.
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