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Just keep swimming...

Thursday, September 08, 2016

As part of my new fitness plan, I was told to add swimming into the cardio aspect.

I swam for YEARS as a kid, always liked it, and wasnt bad at it. I'm not sure why i stopped, but I did. Since then, when i would get in the pool, it was strictly for social...head never under the water and definitely not doing any sort of laps.

Well..i was intimidated..to say the least. Whenever I try something new, i'm terrified before i even start, that i will fail. That i will make a fool out of myself, and wont be able to do it at all, so why even try? And usually, i quit before i begin.

I was nervous. I was nervous about getting that darn swim cap over my head, about getting IN the pool, you name it. But, I told many friends that i was going to do it Tuesday...eeeek.

Tuesday morning, i get to the gym and go on the treadmill (i wont solely swim at first because im not sure im getting much of a calorie burn). I did my time, then...it was time to get in the water. I put the darn swim cap on (Thank GOD LIGHTNINGRUNNER told me how!!!) it wasnt easy but i did it..struggled into my not so cute one piece suit, got my goggles and walked out to the pool. There was hardly anyone in there, i climbed down and tried to relax. Putting my face under was kind of scary..i dont want to say i was claustrophobic but i did get a little panicky for a second looking under with the goggles. I was scared they would fill up with water or something would happen..but nothing did. So i started...and I DID IT!!! for 15 minutes. I lost count of my laps, but i was swimming breast stroke on the way up, rest for 30 sec then freestyle on the way back down. I even figured out how to breathe to the side (minus the ONE choking incident whoops). And, the best part was..i ENJOYED it.

The even better part was...I walked away so so so proud of myself. And i havent felt that in a very long time.

Today, was my lifting day. It was a great workout. I really enjoy lifting heavy (more than i thought!) its a different kind of animal, but i like it a lot.

Tomorrow...is swim day again! I was told to attempt 30 minutes, and to push each lap as hard as i can, with 10 seconds of rest (yes, he is crazy). I'm going to give it my best shot!

Food has been 100% on track, i'm about to take my Natural Calm (magnesium supp) and 5-htp and hopefully fall asleep.

Good night sweet friends!
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