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Working out, Street Harassment, & Racial Slurs

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping for the first time in two weeks! I don't a car, so I have to catch the shuttle. It's a tiring ordeal in itself to have to carry all your groceries home. But it's even more tiring when people yell at you that you're f*cking disgusting for no reason..... This has been my experience in Wooster, Ohio when I'm walking the streets. Be it the evil glares I receive from people I try to say hi to, being catcalls by white boys who would never speak up about racism, people crossing the street or clutching their purse, or being told to go home by white me. I'm not free from racism or sexism, even when I'm just trying to work out. Going on walks is one of the things I enjoy doing the mot since visiting China in 2012. But since moving from Flint, MI to Wooster, OH- the thing I love has almost become dreadful. Everyone's eyes here is glued on me when I walk down the street, and not in a positive way. (& trust me, even when it's in a positive way, it's annoying). So what does a black woman do who just wants to walk to enjoy the day, or to improve her fitness? Headphones don't allow me to escape seeing nonverbal communication. Furthermore this shouldn't have to be my experience in the first place. I want people to love black women just as much as they love our cooking, our hairstyles, our fashion, our slang, our music, our bodies, our existence. That's what I want. To be loved.
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