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Those Other People ...

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I've spent my entire life dieting, but exercise really wasn't my thing.

When I was a teen:
I gotta find a way to get out of PE today.
When I was a young adult:
Exercise is for Other People.
A few years later:
Not now, my show is on.
In my early 30s:
I don't have time to exercise.
In my late 30s:
I don't have the energy to exercise.
Early 40s:
I'm not healthy enough to exercise.

You can see a general pattern here. Earlier this year I broke the pattern by working out and looking forward to it - mostly.

With a life long pattern of not wanting to exercise and viewing it as a form of torture, you can see why I surprised myself today by truly wanting to do a workout.

I'm doing the Athlean X program, by Jeff Cavaliere, and there are prescribed workouts for each day of the week (there are rest days, too). There is a bonus add-on called 6 Pack Promise, or 6PP. This is an ab training application that comes with the program, and using it along with the program is optional. I took "optional" to mean that I can ignore it all together, forever. A thing that involves exercise and is labeled "optional" is a thing that doesn't apply to me. It's for Other People.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I decided I'd give it a go. I wanted to see what Other People were doing. I figured I could try it once, then go right back to ignoring it. So, I tried it. Ignored it a few more days. Tried it again. Found that I kinda liked it. Started ignoring it less. Suddenly I turned up the difficulty on it, going from Basic to Next Level, because I wanted to see what Those Other People were doing.

Now this bring us up to today. Today I was doing a particularly challenging conditioning workout. It was hard. No, that's putting it lightly. It was hard like OMG What-Made-Me-Think-I-Could-Do-
This hard. It was hard like This-Is-Crazy-to-Even-Try hard. It was hard like Hearing-Trump's-Voice hard.

You know what I told myself? "Come on Michael, you can do this, just 40 more burpees and you get to do a Next Level 6PP workout! Just get through this and then you can go do the fun stuff, okay?"


I actually stopped mid-burpee, I actually heard the needle scratch across the record in my brain and it got quiet for a moment, when I realized what I had just told myself. I was so stunned that I was stuck in plank position and not even the crickets were chirping. Slowly I managed to regain bodily function and was able to hop back up.

Yep, I actually looked forward to strenuous core training as "the fun part," the reward for finishing the conditioning exercises. I wanted to do a 6PP workout so much that the idea of it is what pulled me through another workout.

OMG, I'm turning into one of Those Other People!
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