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Monday, August 08, 2016

So, I'm one of those people you could call an anti-hoarder. I don't store up a bunch of stuff I MIGHT use one day if only. Nope, not me. I have no user's manuals anywhere; I download them so I always have the latest. I have no receipts or magazine articles lying around - I scan them. So when I say that I don't keep stuff just for the heck of it, you can believe me.

Still, I try to do my part in looking at what I already have or have used in different ways, seeing if I can use it for something else.

Such is the case with the ribs I ordered last night and enjoyed from TGIF.

Remember how they came delivered on that long black plate? Well, I had put the one outside for the birds and I had the second one that I was about to toss. And then, I had an idea.

I love to soak my feet. I really do. It's just a pleasure but it can take time and I can't always conveniently do it with my feet under my desk with cords and all.

But this little black plate was long enough and shallow enough for a pretty effective quick soak of the most important part of the foot...the bottom!

I put some warm water and a little Epsom salt and while the water didn't stay warm long because there was so little, it was just enough water and almost no cleanup. A quick pumice and I was done. If I'd used both I could have done both feet at the same time, but honestly, think about how much water a basin or an electric foot tub uses. Sure, we deserve it, just like a good bubble bath every now and again, but I like the idea of using a fraction of the water and less to clean up and slosh to the tub or sink afterward.

This was the other plate outside yesterday with water in it for the birds.

And this is the second one that I used earlier this evening for the footsies,

How's that for clever? Hit or miss?
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