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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Riffe Lake Campground

This is where my wife and I went for our anniversary.
It was beautiful, peaceful, active, and fun.

My workout plan has had me do a bajillion reps of rowing: upright rowing, inverted rowing, rowing rowing rowing.
Well, on our trip to Riffe Lake, we actually rented a row boat and went across the lake. We went to two islands in the lake and I ended up rowing for a couple of hours. It was easy, too. I didn't even feel like I was doing any real work. All that rowing at home translated into being able to row a boat, even against a current, as if it was nothing. It's so much easier to row an aluminum row boat through a lake than it is to row your body weight while under a bar in the gym.

I love seeing my workouts really pay off in real life.

We had a lovely couple of days at the camp ground, then we went zip lining at High Life Adventures in Warrenton, Oregon. We did an amazing 8 line tour, concluding with the 1200 foot Zwing, the Extreme Zip Line Swing.
The grounds and buildings there are examples of some beautiful, creative, artistic wood work. Everything from the zip tower to the bathrooms are works of art.
The land there is really breath taking: woods, trees, lakes and ponds, trails, all just amazing.
The Zwing is just too extreme to describe. It was a real adventure.

The staff was fantastic. It was well worth the drive and the bucks.

During the trip, I did a lot of driving, hiking, walking, hill climbing, zip lining, rowing, some wood chopping - all things that would have been difficult, painful, or impossible just a handful of months ago. My workouts have definitely changed my life. They are already enabling me to do things I couldn't have done before, and this is just the beginning.

Happy First Anniversary to my gorgeous and adventuresome wife!
We are just getting started.
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