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Finding my kind of exercise!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Hi you all,
I hope everybody is having a great Friday afternoon/night.

I wanted to share a few things with you.

As you know, I am back on my goal and somewhat motivated to lose this annoying weight I've been carrying around with me everywhere. How I wish I could just take it off like a backpack and abandon it forever! But we all know that it's not as easy as that, and a quick fix wouldn't do us good anyway.

About three weeks ago I was house and dog sitting for a family I've been working for for many years. The first couple of days I mostly hung out in front of the TV, finishing all kinds of food they had left me behind. I took the dog on daily little walks and usually to a dog park once a day. But just after a few days I felt guilty towards the dog. Not only didn't I share my food with him, but I wasn't really taking him out as I could have. Now please don't think of me as a terrible animal person, I love the dog as if it were mine, and he was in great hands and had enough walks and running time.
However, I felt that I could do way more, and use the dog as an excuse to start going on some longer walks and hikes. I totally got inspired and started walking right away! I found dog friendly paths in beautiful nature and just started walking! At first it was quite a task. Each day I passed fit walkers and runners easing up the mountains, I became more and more motivated! Each day I pushed myself to walk a little bit longer and even started running down mountains a little bit. I felt great! Not only did I feel that I was doing a much better job with the dog, but I was outside, moving my body, and getting kissed by sunlight.
All the way until the owners came back, I did one long walk/hike/"down the mountain run", plus several smaller walks each day. I was quite surprised how little it took for me, to change from the couch to the hiking paths.
When I went back to my own home, I was worried that my new motivation and excuse would fade without the sad puppy eyes asking me to go outside. So I made a plan to go on a walk the very first day without the dog, to not interrupt my new habit.
I've been walking for about 3 weeks now, I would love to jog or run a little, but so far I am not able to run more than a minute at a time, unless it is downhill. My goal is still the same, to walk every day, at least 30 min if time is hard to find. Otherwise to walk for at least 60 min. I run a couple of seconds whenever I feel I can, and hope over time I will be able to last longer and longer.
I know for many this is not much, but I am so proud to have left the couch, and already feel mentally much much better!

Sometimes it doesn't take much to change something that makes you better!

Best luck to all of you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    great job! Are you still keeping up with your walking?? Dogs really are a great motivator to get up and be active.

    I have worked in outpatient physical therapy for about 5 years now, and all of the therapist will say the same thing about running while very obese... don't do it. It may take you a little longer to burn the same amount of calories while walking, but running is very hard on your knees (running down hill is actually even worse on your knees than going uphill) and can cause permanent damage. Just keep on walking :-) If you want to step up your workouts, just walk up hills or speed up :-)
    1207 days ago
    Thank you for the information RAMONA!! I really appreciate it! And you are absolutely right. It's just so hard to run up or even just on the flat ;/
    1215 days ago
    You are doing really awesome, and I wanted to make sure you avoided injury... but I just cannot find the MDA article that explained better than I will.

    The main point was that hills are one of the BEST landscapes for encouraging optimal fitness, however it is important to RUN UP and WALK DOWN in order to preserve the integrity of your knees and avoid injury. Unless you're uberfit (and even then), you shouldn't run down hills (or mountains, LOL).

    Just think about it!

    1215 days ago
    Thank you guys so much!! @_RAMONA, @WWINFC and @LBEEKMA
    1216 days ago
    You are doing awesome!!!

    Keep up the great work!
    1216 days ago
    Awesome - I hope you are able to build on your fantastic start. I am looking forward to a dog sitting job in about 10 days - thanks for the inspiration. Good luck with the next steps!
    1216 days ago
    Thanks for the motivating post!
    1216 days ago
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