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Walking at Work

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Hello SparkBuddies! Thought I'd post a quick vlog I shot at work. If I look slightly tired and disheveled, it's because I am. (lol) Randy and I have had an intense couple of weeks, dealing with crises, putting out fires, etc. Plus, I'm taking the entire week off next week, so I needed to cram two weeks of work into this week, so I can waltz off guilt-free. You know how it is. But here it is Friday and we've survived! Huzzah!!

At any rate, this is how I beat the heat and cold sometimes, by walking at work. I even took Bubba up there last night, so he could get some exercise without passing out. It's nice to have a place to do laps, even if they're modest ones. Oh, I mention in the vlog that I'm teaching/preaching this week. If you're interested in hearing how that turns out, you can visit this link later Sunday afternoon and look for the podcast: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. No pressure, just in case you're interested in what I was practicing on all those laps around the worship area. :) Here's the link, if you want to check it out late Sunday afternoon:

Part of what I absolutely had to do this week was clean my desk. I did and now I have to show you my lil row of buddies in front of my monitor because when you clean your desk, you need to show someone before it gets messy again.

My motivational team

Another thing I mentioned in the vlog is the hoop reboot that JODI404 and I are going to do in August. I'm so excited about it because my hoops have been lying dormant too long. In fact, I don't want to wait until August. Next week while I'm on staycation, I'm going to try to learn a new hoop routine I found online. It's very challenging, so we shall see, but I think it'll be fun to try. At any rate, this hoop reboot sounds like a lot of fun. An online hoop instructor will be sending out routines on a weekly or daily (don't know which yet) basis and everyone gets to play around with it. If you're a hooper (or wanna be) and you want to jump in, it's free. Here's the link:

Join the reboot and she'll send you an email with a little bit more info and an invite to the private Facebook group. Come play with us! Be sure you have an adult-sized hoop if you're gonna join in. I've posted several vlogs about the importance of getting the right hoop. Y'all don't want to be trying those itty bitty ones you find at the toy store. If you want to get a hoop, there are bunches of shops online and on etsy and they'll get you set up. Holler at me if you're stuck.

These hoops are ready for action. It even makes Bubba sad to see them leaning against the wall and gathering dust.

Well, I have two and a half more days of work, before I can take it easy, so I should log off and get on it. But I've made some staycation goals: Hoop for fun. Play the harmonica (haven't had a chance to start on those lessons yet). Play Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. (The geek is strong with this one.) Go see a movie. Get a haircut, so I'll be less disheveled. Play. REST. Don't work. These are goals, people.

Speaking of play, I saw these the other day and feel like I need them for something I haven't thought of yet. Found them in bulk on Amazon Prime...

Before I dash off, I'll leave you with another Googly Kraken I left in a restaurant bathroom yesterday. Think I'll just start leaving a trail of these behind on bathroom hooks everywhere.

Seriously. The cuteness.

Okay, I'm off to go do things that need to be done. Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!!!
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