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It's Never Too Late To Recreate!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

emoticon Disclaimer: If you are one of those people who tells me not to look at the past and just look forward, click the X now. I don't think you will fully understand what I am saying or where I'm coming from, so it's better if you just leave now. emoticon

emoticon Okay good, now that it's just US, I can proceed. emoticon Some of the best things that come up happen when I'm chatting with Lynn. We have both decided to look at what is going on NOW, and not all the regain that has happened to each of us. We have forgiven ourselves for the past, the slip ups, and the defeat, and we have dusted ourselves off and moved forward. With that she showed me a photo of her where she looked amazing. That is where she wants to be again. But I thought we agreed not to look back on the past?

The way I see it there is dwelling on the past, beating yourself up for the past, or obsessing about the past. Those are not healthy things and I understand why they can hinder us on this journey. But I do believe that you can draw on inspiration from the past. At one point I had lost 90 pounds... while that may sound like I'm harping about my glory days and trying to relive the past I assure you that is not the case. Let me explain. If I managed to lose 90 pounds, that means that there are a lot of good things from that journey that may work for me again. There are a lot of tools, a lot of things that can inspire me to do better. When I look at my old pictures and how skinny I looked (at least how skinny *I* thought I looked LOL), it typically makes me happy and inspired. Now if I am feeling low, it can be an even lower blow. If I look at that picture and think "how did you let this get away from you?" I click off the photo immediately. But if I look at it, feel inspired and think "this is where you once were and this is where you WILL get again", I end up feeling truly motivated.

So as my friend showed me the amazing photo of her, I said I don't know if you have those same clothes, but I would LOVE to see you recreate that photo in the future. Then it got me to thinking what photo could I recreate. Disneyland of course! ;)

My past Birthday I did a blog of reverse Before & After, where I showed from my B-day 2015 to Bday 2016 and the changes because of all the weight I had gained. It truly was not to torture myself or to beat myself up, but it was to show me the physical changes that came with this weight gain. It was also to show me that despite the weight gain, I still had a cheesy grin and a very blessed, happy and active day! It was to show me how many things could change in just one year, even if those changes weren't good. But it inspires me see what could change for the better in that same years time.

So as I looked through, my favorite picture ever was Sulley & I in January 2015... Sadly Sulley isn't out in Disneyland anymore these days, so that picture really can't be recreated.

But I have two photos that can be recreated, and the icing on the cake is that I have the same photo again with the weight gain. So I can have a Before, After, After cycle going. I can show the full circle of the weight loss, to the weight gain, to the loss again.

These pictures are almost EXACTLY one year apart. Would I love to be back in the 180's come this January/February to recreate the photo? Sure, but that might not be realistic. I don't care how long it takes me, but I'd be happy to recreate these photos one more time!

My current weight is 232, so a little higher than the February photos sadly, but all I can do is continue the downward trend.

I look forward to recreating those photos, no matter how long it might take!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    1792 days ago
  • WALNUTT1961
    Great blog! I need to lose this regained weight. Great idea! emoticon
    1793 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    You can do it!
    1795 days ago
    You'll get there before. You'll get there again. emoticon
    1795 days ago
    You can do it!!
    1795 days ago
    Good idea. You can do it !!
    1796 days ago
    Onward and upward! It's easy to forget that "recreation" is really "re-creation"
    1797 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    You can and will do it, stay strong and don't listen to any doubters! emoticon emoticon
    1797 days ago
    1798 days ago
    1798 days ago
    Absolutely, there are 2 ways of looking at the past. Use it for motivation!
    1798 days ago
    I love those "proof I can do it" photos. When I begin to doubt myself I remember - I won before. I can win again.

    Hold those thoughts you darling girl. Recreate those photos.
    1798 days ago
    You certainly look happy in ALL your Disney photos! And beautiful too!
    1798 days ago
    I like this strategy! Good luck.
    1799 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    I agree with you Steph! I have been revisiting my SP past in an effort to find that first spark that lit me on fire the first go round! But I try not to dwell on all the mistakes except in an effort not to repeat them!
    1799 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1799 days ago
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    I love your pictures and admire your ability to put them all together for a time capsule. Looking forward to sharing more Disneyland birthdays and regular days alike. It is a Happy place for happy people and that is you and that is me.
    1799 days ago
    Well said! You certainly can learn from the past, and use it as a REFERENCE. I do it a lot. I try not to let it get me down but use it as fuel or as reference.
    1799 days ago
    How absolutely wonderful! You are so right!! You can learn a lot from the past and that is HEALTHY. I too love the idea of re-creating a photo. Awesome way to see progress.

    1799 days ago
    We can always learn from our past mistakes!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1799 days ago
  • SHEP231
    Love the idea to recreate a picture. Drawing inspiration from the past - love this idea too. Great blog.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1799 days ago
    I know it's hard, but emoticon !!! emoticon !!!
    1799 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Thank you for sharing.
    1799 days ago
    just keep at it you will do it
    1799 days ago
    I love this idea! I can't wait to see your new photos! =)
    1799 days ago
    emoticon IDEA!! emoticon
    1799 days ago
    Great idea to recreate! Will be looking into that myself now. emoticon
    1799 days ago
    emoticon Great blog! I think you got it- It is important not to beat yourself up over the past, but letting the past teach us lessons is a good thing! March on! emoticon
    1799 days ago
    I can't wait to see the pictures! I really like that saying "Don't get stuck in your past, use it to fuel your future"!

    1799 days ago
    This is a GREAT blog, and exactly what I needed to read today I am at that point, decided that today is the day I take my life back. I am sick and tired of this regained weight and I need to do something about it a little more productive than whining. Thank you, Steph, for sharing your struggle and your insights Again, great blog. --Pam
    1799 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12525212
    i love this idea! I may just have to copy you on it :)
    1799 days ago
    I love the idea of recreating photos. Wish I had done it. Would like to do it in the future. Hmmmm.
    1799 days ago
    #disclaimer: Amen! Preach it, sister :)

    "But I do believe that you can draw on inspiration from the past."
    * A very healthy perspective #imho. Plus, heck, no coach has ever started a half time pep-talk where his/her team was down due to poor playing with, "OK, let's not acknowledge that THAT just happened, just move on"

    ". Then it got me to thinking what photo could I recreate. Disneyland of course! ;) "
    * That's an awesome idea!

    "It was to show me how many things could change in just one year, even if those changes weren't good. But it inspires me see what could change for the better in that same years time. "
    * Again, Amen!!

    "Sure, but that might not be realistic. I don't care how long it takes me, but I'd be happy to recreate these photos one more time! "
    * You can do this. I say this not as a platitude. If you averaged 1 pound a week that's about 25 pounds if my math is right. A pound and a half on average will get you very close

    Then there's what I call in my life the "203 pound paradox". I will blog about it this week (started writing it up here but it became verbose). Suffice it to say when I've been exercising a lot and have dropped from 215/220, I look really good at 203 pounds. When I've gained from 196 and haven't exercised regularly, not so much.

    Best of fortune to you either way. Good blog. Thanks for posting :) emoticon emoticon
    1799 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    This journey is definitely not easy, but nothing in life really is. All we can do is keep on trying, working hard to reach our goals and do our best each day. Some days are going to be awesome, some days are going to suck! It is was we do after the day is sucks that is going to either make us or break us. I see you making it! Keep on fighting to be the best that you can be. You are worth it!
    1799 days ago
    Cannot wait for you to recreate those photo ops at your happy place. Reflection is a key aspect in learning. Embrace the spirit, the drive, the spark that helped you reach 180. Let this help you find your way, from this point forward may it be about learning the habits and making changes that can last a lifetime. I know you can do this, cheering you on hard!
    1799 days ago
    Great blog. You can learn from the past and use your positive tools to get to that weight again.

    You look so happy in all of your pictures!!!
    1799 days ago
    You have traveled my path with me through this blog...the details may not be the same but our ideas of re-creating are spot on...In 3.5 weeks will be my 1 year after photo with birthdays for last & this year....I'm working toward seeing the visual difference between the 2...even MORE important than that is how some skorts fit me....my measurements are KEY in this re-creation...You are right...looking back can be inspiring...It goes to show you the CAN DO spirit & to this I know WE CAN!!!!!
    1799 days ago
    I look at the past to determine what worked an what didn't. While we do change...metabolism changes, habits change, health changes, environment and situations/relationships change, there are some things we can identify that will work and help me today. As ONEKIDSMOM says, we are all an experiment of 1 and need to figure out what motivates us and what doesn't. AS you have demonstrated, what motivated you once might not work this time. There's nothing wrong with looking back for the reasons you are expressing. I can't wait to see your future after comparisons!!
    1799 days ago
    I like that idea. I'm going to dig through my photos and find the best of the worst!
    1799 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154

    Here is a poem that I wrote on 13 Aug 1989, that I believe can give you even more strength.


    There have been times, when I have
    Felt like my growth had been stunted.
    There have been times, when I felt
    Like my growth had been put on hold.
    There have even been times, when I
    Was so low, that I felt like I had
    No way of ever growing again.

    I heard a song. A song that I felt
    Deep within the inner bowels of my
    Being. I would cry each time the
    Words came out, as they would pierce
    My heart. Each time my heart was
    Pierced it would break, until the
    Entirety of my heart lay in a mound
    Of broken pieces, along with my spirit

    One day, my Lord put the growth gently
    Back into my soul, as He picked up the
    Broken pieces of my heart. The song
    That use to pierce and break my heart
    Is now a comforting testimony, for my
    Lord showed me that sometimes we have
    To go back to grow.


    - Nancy Jean -
    1799 days ago
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