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Bridesmaids Dresses & Fun With Spark Friends...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Let's start with the fun one and then we can end with the not so fun. So the fun, I love watching Dawn's (DAWNSUCCESS) vlogs. I used to tease her that if she made a 20 minute vlog I could easily watch it, and I have. She is just so up beat and I love the way she just chats with all of us. It is always a treat when I see there is a new video to watch. I took note of the length, 21 minutes. I knew without a doubt in my mind, I would be watching this video. Normally I'm just watching and enjoying it while sitting on my couch. I thought hmmmm, what would Dawn prefer you were doing? Maybe riding on your recumbent bike? Yes I thought this might please Dawn.

So pedal I did as I watched her chat about all the exciting things in her life. Here's Dawn in all her glory:

Then I got silly taking a selfie....

And then I thought what could be the funniest selfie ever? This one!!

Yes I am pretty proud of myself for that one! But I do have to say thanks Dawn because I completed almost 24 minutes that I wouldn't have done otherwise if it weren't for the video:

Now on to the not so good stuff... my Bridesmaid dress barely fits. Now let's walk through this... I have no boobs, seriously, and for a fat girl I REALLY have no boobs. When I bought the dress it fit, snuggly but fit. But of course that was in March and I was sure I'd lose some weight. WRONG. The thing is I wanted to go up a size, but even with a padded bra I am just barely pulling this off, and the larger size was going to add an additional 3 inches to the bust area. I really didn't want to fuss with having it taken in. Zoom forward to July and I wish I had done that and just taken in the bust. I can get into it, with Spanx on but if I had to sit down I would die. I told my friend and I told her half jokingly what my mom said... You might need to bring clothes to change into. My friend so cool as a cucumber and said she really doesn't care if I want to change after the ceremony and photos are all done. It is so embarrassing, but it's like I can stand and walk but that's about it. The wedding isn't for 70 more days, and I do have time to at least lose some. The most annoying part is it is my bottom stomach roll that is the issue. That thing is out of control and that is where it is so darn snug. What scares me is that while I can lose weight, I can't control where it comes from. I need it to come off my stomach for this particular issue but that isn't how this works.

I will say after talking to her about it, I am a little relieved. I'm going to find some dressy black pants and a nice top to bring just in case. To be honest, even if the dress fit well I'm really not that comfortable in dresses as a whole, so that might be the better route regardless so we can have fun without me worrying about what I look like in that dress (spoiler alert, I look like a sausage)! The good part is of course this is not my day, no one will be paying attention to me, and I am just there to see her get married and I am excited for that! But hopefully I can lose some weight so that it's less painful, literally LOL! ;)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I completely agree with bringing a comfortable change of clothes for after the photos. It's no fun hitting the dance floor if you're uncomfortable.

    Chicken dance in a tight dress? No way!

    How low can you go during Shout if you're constricted? Not very.

    How can you slide during the Electric Slide if you can't move? You can't!

    Have a great time at the wedding and be as comfortable as possible.

    Who knows what's going to happen in the next 10 weeks. Stay on track and you might lose a few lbs and feel better in the dress. But I'd definitely bring slacks. :)

    1799 days ago
    You have time to drop a few--just keep moving!!
    1799 days ago
    Great job on the exercise ! I hope you feel comfortable no matter what you wear. Concentrate on the healthy habits and hopefully the weight will go down where you need it to.
    1799 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    I love the idea of doing some kind of exercise well reading or watching TV emoticon Wish you the best in losing those few pounds emoticon
    1802 days ago
    I looked pretty awful at my daughter's wedding and I still cringe at the photos, so do yourself a favour and knock off some of that roll - every inch will help you breathe more easily, hun! Hugs!
    1802 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    Steph - You have gotten lots of good advice so I'm just going to say this - I am SO uncomfortable in dresses that I didn't even wear one to my daughter's wedding - of course neither did SHE because she likes them just as much as I do.... which is not at all!! As far as boobs go.... girl I have some huge ones and I would gladly give you half if I could!! Bring the extra clothes whether you drop the weight or stay the same....and be comfy!
    1802 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Ten weeks to the wedding? You can work on you healthy lifestyle and see if that dress will fit better. At a friend's wedding everyone dressed up for the wedding and then changed to more comfortable clothes for the reception. Yes, everyone including the bride! It's not unheard of.
    1802 days ago
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    Great attitude about the dress and wonderful support of the Bride! A lot can happen in 70 days, but I totally understand that all styles are not meant for all people. Plenty of time to find a cute outfit to relax and enjoy the rest of the party in. How fun! I love weddings. Went to a lovely outdoor wedding yesterday and couldn't wear my heels due to the soft ground, and no, no one was interested in what I was wearing because it IS all about the Bride and Groom!
    1802 days ago
    You can do this! emoticon
    1803 days ago
    Oh, how I understand the little boobs problem when fitting clothes! Still, the wedding is a great opportunity to set a specific goal. Losing some weight by then so that you're more comfortable in the dress (while you have to wear it) would increase your enjoyment at your friend's celebration. Even a little helps.
    1803 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/17/2016 8:40:46 PM
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1803 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    YES emoticon
    1803 days ago
    You still have 70 days, you can drop some inches. But great idea on the change of clothes!
    1803 days ago
    Great idea to have the extra clothes on hand. You do have 70 days yet, so you do have time yet. emoticon emoticon
    1803 days ago
    That is wonderful that your friend is such a compassionate bride. You can do this. good you have options for after the ceremony and pictures.
    1803 days ago
    You have 70 days! That is great- 10 weeks at 1.5 lbs per week=15 lbs minimum.. Just buckle down sweetie. Keep pedaling when doing the blogs and watching carefully. You got this!!

    Love the idea of a change of clothes- Wish I had thought of that!
    1804 days ago
    I remember I stood up for a friend once. I knew I had to lose weight. I was so careful with what I ate and I exercised. Well, I only lost 5 lbs but I did lose lots of inches during that 6 months. Good luck Stephanie, maybe you will do the same. In any case you will do well!

    1804 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12525212
    dresses are out of my comfort zone and I have to wear one next June for my sisters wedding. I am seriously hoping I can drop a decent amount of weight before then.
    1804 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    Super great, Steph, that you pedaled as you watched! That's what I try to do too. And as far as the dress, wear it for the ceremony and switch into something more comfy. A good idea to change after the wedding party photos. You'll look just beautiful and I love your smile and your wonderful personality! Enjoy it tothe fullest!!
    1804 days ago
    LOVE the selfies!!
    I'd be so scared and focused not to gain an ounce!! I wouldn't try to lose to much either and need to have it alerted last minute. I don't feel comfortable in dresses either, even though I only wear skirts. Hope you share a pic of you in the dress!
    1804 days ago
    emoticon 70 days is plenty of time to take a few pounds off the middle...please stick to it. The alternative might be a bit more gain and then where will you be. Choose to lose 10...I am signing up with you.

    Together emoticon
    1804 days ago
    1804 days ago
  • RODRIGUEZ41508
    You "CAN" fit into that bridesmaid dress Steph!!! You Got This!!! You have lost weight & know exactly what it takes to do it....Get It Girl!!! Own It!!! You "CAN" Do It Steph!!!!!!
    1804 days ago
    You can do this! One day at a time, one choice at a time!
    1804 days ago
    way to go biking while watching TV you have seventy days just keep at it & you CAN do it
    1804 days ago
    good job on working out while watching Dawn's vlog! I sat on my butt and watched it, haha.

    You have 70 days. You can buckle down and get it to fit better, if not perfectly! Don't be discouraged, I know you can do it. emoticon
    1804 days ago
    You definitely have time to work on it! Keep moving forward and doing your best! Your "backup" plan is great too! :)
    1804 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1804 days ago
    Yeah, Dawn is definitely awesome. Don't tell I said so though ;);)

    I didn't realize you were the stalker she was talking about when I first started checking out her vlogs.

    Really sorry to hear about the dress. That sucks. 2 months is a good amount of time though.

    I know, though, it's still frustrating. emoticon emoticon
    1804 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/16/2016 9:41:33 AM
    *debvne, not debate
    1804 days ago
    I agree with Whytebrown, debate, and dawnsuccess. I've got nothing but support- you can do it! As well as I, too, have outgrown outfits in less than 70 days. Be careful. You can do this. Make a plan. One day at a time. :)
    1804 days ago
    Steph this may be just the motivation that you need to be more focused with your eating. Maybe get a picture of you in the dress now or a picture of just the dress and have it on your phone and everytime that you're going to eat ANYTHING look long and hard at it and maybe let that help to guide your decision. I know that if you stay focused over these next 70 days emoticon
    1804 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3802882
    I have always had the same problem. I have wide shoulders, low bust, long torso, huge butt and thighs and a bit of a paunch in the tummy area. The last time I was in a wedding, I wore Spanx too. I lost about 5-10 pounds right before the wedding (stress) and the Spanx weren't tight enough. It was just enough to make my dress look smooth but did nothing for my butt and hips. I was thankful that I wasn't dying from lack of oxygen but at my initial fitting I was. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I was the only one who cared. The rest of the wedding party just wanted me to have fun with them. Once I let go, I did. lOL
    1804 days ago
    Seventy days, plenty of time. Do not hit the panic button. Hit the reset one. In 70 days you could have a completely different mindset and loads of healthy habits. Pick one thing to focus on today, my first is always water. Guzzle it, enough to float a boat. Fills you up, and keeps you moving...you know why! Annnnd today or tomorrow, try Jessica Smith's 5 minute standing abs routine on YouTube. I love this one, it has been a total game changer.

    A lot of belief in you and get 'er done attitude...and you will wear that dress, it won't be wearing you! Get it girl...
    1804 days ago
    You are my Bestie Stalker again! And oh my gosh that selfie with the two of us is SO FUNNY!

    70 days. You got time. I read the other comments here that are telling you "you can do it" so I'm going to take a different tact.

    70 days is also enough time to grow right out of that dress. I know we don't want to hear that, but girlfriend I've DONE IT. So let's stay serious. Because right now it's all good, but with enough bad choices it's not going to be. Sooooo...let's stay close. Yeh?
    1804 days ago
    You can do this...This is a great goal and a wonderful caring friend!
    1804 days ago
    Wow. You have one fantastic friend. No wonder you're in her wedding.

    Now girlfriend - just go add some good things to your plate and some fun things to your day and forget about the sausage casing. I promise you - if you begin to pile up delicious healthy food you will peel off some of the tummy roll. Promise.

    Hey - glad you liked TheBrains car. They bought it off some chick named Barbie.
    1804 days ago
    Always good to have a back up plan.
    1804 days ago
    You can do a lot in 70 days! Go for it!
    1804 days ago
    Photos have been my biggest motivators to change. Somehow I never see in the mirror what that $#!!@ camera sees. But the camera doesn't lie, so I keep moving. My goal is to fit in my old wedding dress for my next "round" anniversary (ending in 0). emoticon
    1804 days ago
    I love your attitude! 70 days is a lot of time to keep moving every! I used to watch my favorite shows while on the elliptical every night after dinner. Some times slow and easy, sometimes I pumped up the speed and intensity.

    I love Color-Blue's comment about keeping your abs pulled in. After I tweaked my back at the gym, a trainer there told me to always keep my abs pulled like I'm bracing for a punch in the gut, that will protect my back. Since I got in that habit, I can feel my abs working ALL THE TIME, when I walk, run, do a kickboxing workout, getting up and down from my chair at work etc.

    I love the idea of changing after photos! I hope you have a great time!

    1804 days ago
    You now have a timed goal - not just a "sometime" goal. I find when I think, "I need to lose 20 pounds ..." I don't accomplish much. A timed goal, tho, keeps me on my toes. Godd luck!
    1804 days ago
    1804 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154

    Girl, my stomach and abdomen were so HUGE at one time I had NO LAP!!! Seriously, I had no lap, and as God started me on my journey and me doing things here and there, to find out what I would like and dislike with my EXERCISING (at that time a dirty word) I found what worked the best for me, as far as having that area, really my entire front side, shrink, was walking. Yes, it sounds so simple, but it was not just leisurely walking, but POWER walking! When I wasn't able to be outside to do this, I had Leslie Sansone, she's literally know as the Walking Queen, DVDs in my home, and that's what I used.

    One day, when I was working out to one of her DVDs, I heard her say, are your abs engaged, and I told her, yes, I do speak to the TV, that they were indeed engaged. However, I was so wrong. She gave just one simple comment, that changed everything! She said to suck your belly button back toward your spine, which will automatically pull your shoulders up and back, where they are suppose to be, and you will find yourself in perfect alignment with your body, as your shoulders will be right above your hips and pulled back, just a smidgen. When I sucked my belly button back toward my spine, I was so surprised, as there were muscles that I never new I had and you can really feel it too. Was I sore, for a few days, until I got used to it. So, I then worked out with her, with my belly button sucked back, and when I went outside and powerwalked I was mindful of the same thing, and my BIG OLE FAT BELLY, went away. I was on a mission, so I constantly walked it and sucked the belly button back all the time. I've become very lax with it now, and my belly, though not near as big as before, is back, because I'm not allowed to do anything that will put a strain on me, until after surgery and after I heal.

    Now, I know here in SP Land, we are not suppose to compare ourselves to anybody else and we know that what works for one, may not work for another. However, I'm telling you the truth, that everybody I've told about this, has had no problem and none of them are here in SP Land. So what do you have to lose, except your belly, so why not give it a try?


    - Nancy Jean -

    1804 days ago
    70 days is a lot of time. The goal setting and the being relaxed about food articles of SP helped me a lot! emoticon
    1804 days ago
    It is great you pedaled while watching the vlog : )
    I used to do that too when I stationary biked, watched 100+ episodes of my favorite series, like ER, Desperate Housewives and so on, plus a fan in front of me. Otherwise I would have died of boredom.

    Good luck to the Dress, it is a good idea to change after the photos.
    1804 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11519434
    1804 days ago
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