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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Not that long ago I said I was bothered by some of the very fun but pointless blogs Spark chooses to feature in the Spark Mail. I think I was partially misunderstood, but the incessant morning cups of solitude, the dogs ;) (seriously, winky face in the title!) in the Spark Mail really upset me. It wasn't that these blogs weren't fun and bringing smiles to people's faces, but I felt it was Spark's way of saying NO ONE in the entire Spark-Verse had written anything worth sharing. That is why I was so mad.

I came across the blog featured in yesterday's Spark Mail, and I was beyond ecstatic, THAT is what I was talking about when I was complaining before.

This woman is the epitome of strong, successful and inspirational!


If you haven't seen it, you MUST read it.

This incredible woman has lost 214 pounds on her own, without weight loss surgery over the past year.

As excited as I was to have her featured in the Spark Mail so that I could find her myself, I was slightly annoyed at Spark for not featuring her sooner. I thought maybe she wasn't much of a blogger, but as I read blog after awesome blog of hers, I realized Spark should have featured her so much sooner. There were so many blogs that were inspiring, and instead of featuring a blog of "dogs ;)" they could have featured something that would change many lives instead.

But better late than never, this woman is a true inspiration and a true Spark Super Hero. Whoever makes the daily emails needs to TRY HARDER and dig a little deeper, because the dog pictures are not the most epic thing happening on Spark these days. There are hard working people, losing weight and getting healthy and blogging their hearts out and those deserve the coveted spot in the Spark Mail. Try a little harder Spark, and you will uncover these gems such as this amazing woman.

I have to say her blog put a lot into perspective for me, and I can't thank her enough for just being her. The timing of her blog was amazing. She has lost 214 pounds, and I am sitting here, literally moping about the fact I have to lose 50 to get back to where I was. Maybe even 70-80 to get to a goal weight I MIGHT want to hit. While I have been moping, talking the talking but refusing to do anything about it, this woman has WALKED THE WALKED and dropped an amazing amount of weight in one year's time.

One thing that stuck out in her blog was saying she was celebrating by driving for the first time in 20 years. That brought a tear to my eye. While I am so beyond ecstatic that she is getting to do that, it reminded me that I take so much for granted. I take daily activities, my mobility, my freedom for granted. I can sit here and complain about having to re-lose 50 pounds or I can join her in her amazingness, her strength and determination and I can do what I need to do instead of just crying about it.

So thank you WAXXIEKAXXIE for just being your amazing self, and sharing just a little bit of yourself with all of us! emoticon
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