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Moving on to exercise...eventuall

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A few years back a coworker and I were talking about how much we both wanted a kayak. There's just something so peaceful about paddling around a quiet little pond, with camera or pair of binoculars, watching the waterworld wildlife, the waves lapping at the shore or just looking up at the clouds passing by. When I came home and told my husband I really wanted a kayak, he got really quite and made it fairly obvious that he was less than enthused with the idea. Having heard a few canoe mishap stories from him I wasn't totally surprised, but I let it go. It wasn't until a few months later that I found out what was going in his head. Although I had this peaceful solitude image in my head, what he thought of was large groups of people, paddling down rivers, pulling up on a beach and having a beer soaked orgiastic party. What can I say, he has one hell of an imagination. We laughed it off, got busy with life, and other than a passing mild desire for a kayak as I pass a lake on my early morning commute and see a guy out there in his kayak, surrounded by mist and the calling of the loons, it has pretty much been forgotten.
Last year, at my husbands urging, I took the Rider safety course with the state and got my motorcycle endorsement (which, by the way I wanted to do 10 years earlier, but he had talked me out of it....another story entirely) I spent the summer hauling my 60 lb overweight body on a little Suzuki GZ250 for the summer as I worked on my riding skills. This year I'm 50 lbs thinner and adjusting to a much bigger and heavier Suzuki Bouldevard C50. I'm gaining some confidence and starting to move further and further out from home. On Saturday, while Bob was working, I took it to the grocery store 7 miles through fairly heavy weekend traffic, and then took a longer back road route home.
When Bob got home from work and had settled in, I asked him if he remembered his response to my wanting a Kayak and how he thought I was off to live the river
side party life. He snickered and said yes. So I said to him, "perhaps you want to rethink the motorcycle thing." He asked me why. I said, "well last year, overweight, little bike, the most anyone said to me was "a little cold to be out riding, isn't it?" Bob said, "yeah, so?" i said "well now, smaller lady, bigger bike-- i'm in the parking lot putting my jacket in the saddlebag, when a guy driving by says hey, baby how about a ride?" Bob said "what did you say?" i said "hey, take a number" and laughed.
A few minutes later I asked Bob if he knew what would make my life complete. He didn't know, so I told him I still needed that Kayak. He laughed and told me that when I figured out how to carry it around on the motorcycle, he'd get me one. Hmmmmmm.
So, on to movement. Simple little fact of life. An imbalance in one body hormone guarantees an imbalance in all of the others. If thyroid levels are off, it is pretty much a given that the sex hormones and adrenal hormones won't be right either...It's a perfect storm. I'm past the point in life where estrogen/progesterone levels are swinging and wrecking havoc on my life. But the time had come when my lifestyle and food choices were taking a heavy toll on my adrenal glands. Years of being over nicotined, over caffinated, over sugared, along with high stress levels and sleep issues and a time where I was exercising for hours every day, finally took their toll. My symptoms were never officially diagnosed, the look on my providers face when I asked for a 24 hour cortisol saliva test were priceless (she was, however, happy to order every diabetes test know to mankind, with no symptoms and no abnormal glucose tests, but thats a subject for another rant,....i mean blog), but the self tests were positive. And the reaction to eliminating sugars and caffeine....well, the symptoms were much improved even after the first week.
But one of the things that are recommended are to limit intense exercise, which just places more stress on already stressed out glands. So for the past 9 months I've been keeping it simple and functional. Longer walks with the dog. Hauling in my firewood over the winter. Breaking up yard work into smaller sections and picking away at it daily. And it was amazing. For the first time in years I was moving and feeling the benefits of moving. I felt physically stronger every time I hauled in fire wood, I could start to feel muscles moving and getting stronger, where for the past few years, I swear I would go for a walk and felt...worse than nothing it was almost like muscles were fading away even as I moved.
But now the time has come to start adding in a little more focused activity. I don't want to over do it, but I need some basic toning, I could use some work on core strengthening, flexibility and balance, and I need to start getting out more regularly for some longer walks. It's time to seriously start building on the improvements I've already noticed.
At one point a few years back I was running 2-3 miles, 3 x a week. I miss it. I'm not sure if I'll ever get back to that, but hiking, snow shoeing, those are all within range of what I want to do in order to live my life the way I want to live it.
Time is a major factor, now more than ever. So I'm looking for quick, simple exercises that I could do in the mornings, upper body one day, lower the next. I need to lengthen those dog walks a little more after work. I'd like to hike some of the local trails and build up...perhaps hit a favorite mountain or two later this summer. That's what I'm thinking of so far.
Food progress so far this week? Blew it Sunday when I took the hubby out for fathers day and had one of those "I'm gonna eat what I want" moments. The past two days have been right on target, but a little light and I'm struggling with hunger in the late afternoons. Thank heavens tomorrow is grocery night!
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    Sounds like communication is better between you and DH. I'm impressed with the how you're taking control of your health and diet. I've had some small victories, a crushing defeat, and I'm suffering a general lack of direction. I can't tell you how glad I am that you're back. You're a real inspiration to me.
    1445 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    So my step dad has a set of wheels to tow a kayak behind his bike. Not sure about lights and wiring and towing but he does it. Nice thing to play on google for if you want. I want an inflatable kayak to put in my trunk. I have a compressor that plugs into the outlet so blowing up is no problem.
    1445 days ago
    I'll be interested in learning more about this adrenal failure and how you recover from it. My situation isn't as bad but with changing hormones, menopause and life changes definitely my body is different and it affects all parts of my life - sex, tolerance and patience, energy, exercise and eating.

    And yes I want a kayak too!!
    1445 days ago
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